Friday, December 30, 2005

See ya next year

Just popping in for a minute to link to my review of ABC's "In Justice," and to wish everybody a happy and safe new year. Midseason kicks into high gear starting next week, plus I'll be weighing in on some of the flicks I saw in theaters and on DVD -- including that noted crowd-pleaser "Munic" -- while I was waiting for late-December reruns to go away.

Oh, and I can't let 2005 slip away without at least one more reference to "Lazy Sunday" (which, if it had debuted even a week earlier, I'm sure would've been somewhere on my Top 10 list): it's so popular that even the paper of record had to weigh in on it.

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Anonymous said...

For the first time in a long time, unscripted television has introduced us to two kids who don't want to use the spotlight to start their own clothing line, don't base their personalities on some moron they saw on an MTV show two seasons ago, don't make you feel apologetic for spending time with them.

Amen. Warts and all these guys are as genuine as rain.

Really, the only complaint you can make is that it took Sutherland so long to follow "The Farmer's Wife." I'm afraid to even think what reality TV is going to look like by the time he finishes his next film.

I saw "The Farmer's Wife" and there wasn't a grain of selfconsciousness to that either.
Terrific review Alan.

Ellen (NYC)