Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If PBS doesn't interview me, who will?

The 15 Minutes of Fame Tour skids into public television tonight, as I'm set to be on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, probably around 6:40 Eastern (UPDATE: Check your local listings, as I'm reminded that in the NY/NJ area, the NewsHour airs from 7 to 8), but I've been warned my timeslot might get moved around.


Unknown said...


You're reviews have been a blast to read.

I'm going with this theory after reading all the emails and articles:

This is from Chase's interview in the Ledger with Alan regarding a sequel, the quotes are Chase's:

Over the last season, Chase killed so many key characters. He's toyed with the idea of "going back to a day in 2006 that you didn't see, but then (Tony's children) would be older than they were then and you would know that Tony doesn't get killed. It's got problems."

So, I think that with that quote, he definitely leaves the possibility in your mind that in fact Tony WAS killed but, content at that moment even though life still had to be lived and difficulties faced. Grand Juries are part of life, we'll deal with it. Let's get some onion rings.

Watch how Tony reaches out to AJ in a special way and grabs his arm in a way that says I am glad you're here, you're doing good, things are getting better, you're my boy.

So either

a. All is well and he sees Meadow walk in, feels happy and he eats with his family.


b. All is well and he sees Meadow walk in, feels happy and then he gets a bullet in the side of the head (Just like Phil got it) from the "bathroom, Members only guy" thus cutting the music and going to black for several seconds before the credits rolled, just like Bacala said it would be.

The pause before the credits puts you in Tony's death, nothingness . Is that all there is? You go from life to death, from everything to nothing in a second.

Nobody else in the restaurant was eyeballing Tony like the Members Only guy who then goes into the mens room like Michael Corleone in The Solozzo murder scene. He collects himself, pulls out the gun and amidst the crescendo of the Journey music much like the subway roar in the Godfather scene, slowly comes out blasting away in a family restaurant where everyone minds there own business like Clemenza said in the Godfather.

In todays NY Post the actor who played Agent Harris claimed that the unedited version had the guy walking directly at Tony and then it cut to the credits thus making the more obvious suggestion that he was killed. The Post also mentions that Paulie was shot and killed in the Bing but they didn't use that scene.

Yesterday I thought he was alive, today I think he got whacked. I'm right.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Chris, the "Tony doesn't get killed" line has been misread by enough people that I wish I had put this parenthetical at the end of it: "Tony doesn't get killed (in the movie)"

Anonymous said...

Nice job on PBS. I always find it interesting to watch (or meet) folks I read often in the vitual world we share here.

My mother and I have taken to calling you just "Alan" (as in Alan says blah, blah, blah) like we know you personally. And in some ways we feel we do. Take that as a compliment on your writing and the fact that your personality and sense of humor come through.

I really do enjoy your reviews and articles. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Yo ALan/others

put up some screen caps of 'members only guy " and that last shot,,,we can all go over it now like the zapruder film...I think tony got wacked


Anonymous said...

You know, I've been reading your column for years -- long before you had the blog -- and it was only through your Olbermann appearances that I learned how to pronounce your last name. Thank you, David Chase.


Unknown said...