Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Life open thread

I'm jammed at work today with a couple of column assignments, one of which is reviewing tomorrow night's episode of "Life," which doesn't give me much time to write about last night's Zen-tastic episode. So for those who want to talk about horses, wild parties, martial arts and novelty t-shirts, talk amongst yourselves, and I'll try to kibbitz in the comments if/when I have time.


Anonymous said...

Zen-tastic is right. It was a great episode, but Crews got so heavy on the moon-child verbal tics that at certain points you had to fear for his mental health.

He also was a more of a jerk than usual. Not just buying his ex-wife a horse for their anniversary, but mentioning Reese's alcoholism in front of a suspect for no particular reason.

Speaking of Reese, even if she hates her father, could she and Crews continue to be partners if her dad turned out to be the one who set him up? If he turns out to have been part of the conspiracy, it was probably unwittingly.

What's going on with lawyer Constance? In the course of what seems like a few months, she got Crews out of jail, confessed that she was in love with him but knew he "isn't ready," quit her practice, moved to New York, left her husband, moved back, joined the DA's office, and now is apparently dating someone else. Not to mention the fact that she slept with both a high-school football player and his older brother in Dillon, Texas. Seems like she could use a little Zen herself.

Oh, and Reese kissed a girl. Good times.

Jenn said...

Good times is right. What a great episode. When the guy from 24 started spouting Zenisms at Crews, I thought Crews had gone to nirvana and Dani was going to lose it. And when I saw Silas (Titus Welliver) was the killer, I gasped. It's going to be a great showdown between DL and TW. I cannot wait.

So many quotable things in this episode, from the "15 lbs of bunny" to "pimping and pandering" to "I thought I heard you say you bought your wife a horse" - the laugh quotient was definitely up in the episode.

How'd it do in the ratings? Did it beat Journeyman's numbers?

Anonymous said...

That WAS Titus Welliver?! I paused the TiVO, but still wasn't sure. Giggling with glee now. Cause, you know, W. Earl Brown would have been too obvious a choice.

I was sorry to see Charlie quite this aggressively quirky again.

Unknown said...

I loved the moment when Crews said he wanted to come back as a giant Flemish bunny. Laughed and laughed.

Yeah, the pony thing wasn't quite as cute as they were going for. Ditto the alcohol-dropping bit.

That said, I like when Crews actually mentions his ugly back history in public (even if it's to a random corpse), so I enjoyed those acknowledgments. For a guy who's got to have a whole lot of knowledge of his dark place, you sure don't see it much beyond the sunshine and fruit.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what they were doing ten years ago?


afoglia said...

After missing all but the first two, I saw last week's and yesterday's episodes. Yesterday's was definitely the better of the two, and it seems to have improved but I'm still not getting it. I'm not a fan of procedurals, and this hasn't transcended its genre and made me a fan.

I'll catch tomorrow's, and this might make background chatter position, but it probably won't make my regular rotation.