Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sit Down, Shut Up: Thoughts?

I had my say about "Sit Down, Shut Up" in Friday's column, but what did you all think about the premiere?


Roger said...

I wasn't as disappointed as I thought it would be. I am getting a bit tired of meta humor though.

drat said...

be better as live action. all that archness needs more physical expression. plus so much talent wasted. need to rewatch but pacing seemed off. plus like the idea of live backdrops but kind of made the unspectacular animation seem moreso.

jcpbmg said...

I agree this would be funnier as live action. Bateman and Arnett were as awesome as expected-- and there were some nice Gob-esque moments/lines for Arnett's character.

I love meta jokes however I only caught one (Bateman's line about needing to win the game bc it was the pilot). I was actually waiting for an AD reference but I didn't catch one

alynch said...

I suppose I was affected by the lowered expectations, because I found it mildly amusing. If they manage to put seven or eight funny lines in every episode ("That doesn't even sound like laughter!") like they did in this one, that'll probably be enough for me to keep it on after The Simpsons ends.

Savvy Veteran said...

I guess my expectations had been effectively lowered as well, because I came out of it pleasantly surprised and with a few laughs. I think I'll continue to sample it for a few weeks as it actually made me laugh more than The Simpsons episode that aired before it, which is somewhat of an accomplishment.

Brandon said...

Agreed on lowered expectations and that it would be better as live-action, especially with this cast.

Other meta moments (which I enjoyed): The bi teacher saying he won't test well, and all the stuff about not airing even a censored version of that flashback.

Tyroc said...

It's a mess, and as you say in your review feels like it belongs on Comedy Central or Adult Swim. But at least it's a sorta funny mess.

Made me laugh out loud a few times, which I can't say about a lot of comedies. And always a fan of Will Forte. No season pass just yet, but I will be back next week.

Steve Wirzba said...

I dunno guys, I thought it was pretty good! It was quick, and had some genuinely clever parts. I particularly enjoyed "Salmon rush D".

Thants said...

Hmm, I though it was actually very good. I'm really surprised what bad reviews it seems to be getting.

fgmerchant said...

I could see this being funny as a live-action show. For the most part, I was bored out of my mind. The only reason I watched all the way through was because of the cast. I will not be watching this show again, that is for sure.

There was only one funny moment, when the principal said "Can't fire the guy who keeps kids away from porn!"

Also, the notoriety of the cast was pretty detrimental because I couldn't get away from the knowledge that I knew who all the voice actors were in relation to their characters. Plus, I am so over having Kenan Thompson cross dressing for a joke. That does not work well in real life, and it definitely doesn't work in a cartoon.

Rich C said...

Well, the only time I (nearly) laughed was seeing a poster in the hallway that said "It won't be a GREAT TIME, when you end up on DATELINE!" It was in the background right after the camera had zoomed in close on the sign reading "Don't tempt a teacher! It could cost them their job!" (as close to subtle as this show got).

I wouldn't have been as disappointed in this show if I hadn't read the interviews with Mitch where he says that, since it was animated, he got to refine the scripts at every stage of production. (I am truly afraid that I will make myself watch this crap every week, hoping that it will get "better".)

Anonymous said...

It was a bit boring. A few funny jokes.

I'll watch a few more episodes and then decide. Usually I find Pilot episodes boring, with all that character introductions and what not.

I did notice some of the music sounded like it was from AD. Did anyone notice one of the production companies of the show is Tantamount? (The studio in AD)

Jeff L said...

Turned it off half way through.

I found the animation on top of actual photography really, really distracting.

I thought all the jokes fell flat. David (2nd comment) has it right -- this kind of humor needs more physical expression than we get with this very simple animation.

OTOH, pilots are often the worst example of what a show will be, so I'll give it another shot next week. But hopes are not high!

jasonsargo said...

Ok. I can't understand so many negative comments, here and on other sites. If it's not your thing, fine, but the jokes were a good mix of subtle and not, and they were paced at several per minute. They were all laugh-out-loud funny, or at least worth a chuckle, in my household.

Seriously, am I the only one who caught the In Case Of Choking poster with the sly graphics?
1- Relocate victim off of school property.
2- Hail taxi for victim.
3- Return to school and resume normal duties.

And who else besides Big Bang Theory could throw in a Schroedinger's cat reference?

For me, admittedly a HUGE Arrested Development fan, this show mirrored with perfect, similar humor- smart and frequently adult lines delivered by an excellent cast that demanded Tivo's replay button because I was laughing too hard and missed the next one, and so many subtle sight gags that demanded Tivo's replay button so I could catch every one and read every poster.

Yes, it's a pilot, and of course the dossiers and catchphrases so many hated had to establish each character in three lines. But I wonder, contrary to several comments here and in other reviews, if the bar wasn't set TOO high. Generating posters for the hallways weekly may get tedious, and you can't stretch the subtle sight gags from scene to scene and week to week in a cartoon, like they could in AD with live action (the prescription bottles, Tobias' handprints showing up weeks later in inappropriate places, every sign in every location, ever).

As hit or miss as the jokes have always been in Family Guy (which so badly deserves the missing flashback reference/slam- I hope Mitch is declaring his show is not going to be a one-trick-pony), as hit or miss as overall episodes of The Simpsons can be, and as devoid of any humor as SNL usually is, I welcome some new blood on the network scene. Keep the quality coming, Mitch and crew, and let this one grow on us, Fox.

One final thought- how rare is it to see the holy trinity of comedy- callback, sight gag and funny lines, all in one scene, and it works (I'm looking at you, Family Guy)? I keep replaying the scene of the ASSistant coach (Will Forte) being asked how his testicles feel. He responds, over a montage of "Ow, my balls!" moments, "You know, they really don't. I got a little bit of a tickle when that mono-browed librarian planted a garden shovel in my yam-sack, so, I guess the mint jelly's doing it's job".

Anonymous said...

it is brutal

Pamela Jaye said...

In order to get any attention to this show in my house, the headline has to include Kristin Chenoweth's name.
I discovered it halfway thru the first ep, in my upcoming list on my DVR. Saw her name, for some reason had to beat DVR to make it record

then found out it was half over

then found out it was animated

if it's animated, you pretty much have to have Scott Bakula (or Josh Groban* - *singing*) to make me watch.

*Donny Osmond, singing would also work.

I'm just not into animated stuff (last animated movies I saw featured Donny singing, or Scott (acting & singing)

so I have not watched it. Guess I should therefore, read the review (or wait till it's canceled and dump it)

no time today. I need to do Chuck things

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have believed that a cartoon with this cast would not only not make for continued viewing, but would also be so unwatchable as to be turned off mid-episode. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Loved it - loved it. That's my catchphrase

Anonymous said...

I liked it at first viewing and really liked it at second viewing.

Especially since the one person who constantly used his/her catchphrase was the Will Forte character, who didn't actually have a catchphrase.