Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Better Off Ted, "The Lawyer, the Lemur and the Little Listener": I've never known you to pay money for any kind of capade

Again, I'm off this week, so most posts will be brief, particularly in the case of something like tonight's "Better Off Ted" where I reviewed it in a column last week. I thought this one was an improvement on the premiere, in that it gave us a Veridian ad and put more focus on Lem and Phil (the tail/antler conversation being a highlight), but this is two episodes in a row where the Ted plot felt like it just dragged on and on.

What did everybody else think?


Mike said...

I liked the Ted plot this week (although I agree the lie last week was cliched). But overall, I thought both episodes were really funny, with several laugh out loud moments.

Maybe it's my idiosyncrasy, but I laugh at almost anything Veronica says. And I like plots where she goads Ted into evil.

Anyway, I am new to the show, so it's still fresh for me, and maybe I am just looking for something to replace Big Bang, which has been weak this year. Community is stepping up for 30 Rock for snarky satire. I am glad Better Off is stepping up for nerdy jokes.

Rinaldo said...

I enjoyed this one a lot. The Ted story was perhaps not ideally fresh, but more so than last week's, and sprinkled in small doses throughout so that it never dragged down the pace, plus 2 welcome surprises toward the end: that a bit of "inside info" was wrongly interpreted, and that Ted was going to continue to make use of his daughter.

Lem and Phil were gold, as usual. I especially liked that Lem was gettin' some, and then the direction that went. And the tail/antler/blowhole discussion... that's the sort of unpredictable moment I love the show for.

Jake said...

"Schindler's Guy" was by far the line of the night.

Unknown said...

I laughed (embarrassingly) loud when Ted said, "I know you don't eat children but things like that and the house made of candy in the woods make people think." I don't know why that combo got to me so much. I also loved the way Jay Harrington ran after learning the truth. He's mostly a straight man on this show but he is also really funny.

Anonymous said...

Great episode with plenty of hilarious lines. I disagree with Lem though. Simply saying the word is very effective.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is Veronica getting funnier and funnier...best line of the night is when she deadpans- "oh my god. you're such a hypocrite. fake shock and disappointment."

I can't WAIT for the arrested development movie!

Q Ball said...

I know last night wasn't top tier BOT, but at this point I can count on cracking up 4-5 times per episode, even if it is week. Like 30 Rock, Better off Ted has created an environment where an episode can be funny without being particularly good.

It saddens me that the rating are microscopic (and only 6 comments on the post!). This will be the last season, but I'm looking forward to BOT finding its groove.

steph said...


Gabriel said...

"you're thinking about tails and antlers aren't you?"
"why do animals get all the good stuff?"

I've liked both eps - this show makes me laugh - great cast and characterss - veronica, linda and the geeks. And Ted is a good straight man who gets a laugh every now and then. Hope it manages to stick around. Every network show I like gets cancelled (Dollhouse, Daisies, Unusuals).