Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scrubs, "Our True Lies": Code of silence

Taking a day or two off to recover from press tour, but I thought last night's "Scrubs" worked well in the cheating and Drew/Denise plots, less so with Turk's story (he's been a doctor for how long and still acts like a lesbian patient is a novelty?). What did you guys think?


sad democrat in MA said...

MA election coverage pre-empted Scrubs and Ted. Have to look for it online

Anonymous said...

Awesome. This show should keep going with the new characters - but likely won't due to poor ratings. Better Off Ted was great too. Go ABC Tuesdays.

The New No. 2 said...

Although I still think Kerry Bishe is still the weakest cast member, her bundle of neuroses worked well this week. The supporting cast, especially Dave Franco, really were on fire (the flashback to him singing Nickelback was a highlight). I also like Denise coming to Turk with her issues after their agreement in "My Girl-Bro".

I really this and BoT together on Tuesdays - too bad neither is likely to make it past the spring.

Jim said...

"Use your finger, Queen Elizabeth!"

belinda said...

I usually have no 'live' tuesday shows to watch, so it's great that for the most part, they had hilarious eps for both BOT (so many great lines!) and Scrubs. At least for another what 2 weeks or so.

I didn't like Turk's immaturity regarding lesbians, but I like the growing bond between him and Cox, and the newbie characters are getting better and better, especially Franco who was a bit of a one note at the start.

Benjamin Standig said...

Another solid episode. Almost did a spit take when Denise commented on her possibly joining in with the lesbians because "everyone thinks I'm too butch anyway".

The cheating story worked as it provided a bonding moment for the students and a reminder that the show is the med school zombie season.

Agree on the Turk story. I mean, did Kelso really need to tell two experienced docs to get to know your patient?

Still, keep this show!

dez said...

Turk's continual screw-ups re: Carla in front of her friends had a nice pay-off, but the lesbian stuff was weak.

Denise & Drew are my fave characters and I will miss them when this show is gone .

chrisis said...

I wish if ABC cancels Scrubs (what I don't hope because I enjoy the current med-school episodes), that there is going to be a real spin-off with Denise and Drew. Don't ask me about the storyline for that, but I would watch it.

Anonymous said...

them including zach b killed this show this yr

Anonymous said...

Lets see, J.D.-free episode and it still was lame. I guess J.D. wasn't the only problem. I'm out. That should reduce the ratings another 10%.

fred said...

The show (or season, whatever you wanna call it...) is much better than when it started, although there's only one reason I would (let's be optimistic) really miss it, and really want another season, one character that is absolutely hilarious and I just can't have enough of her : Denise.

Maybe it's because Cox has been around for 8+ years now, so things with Denise feels new/fresh because, well, they are, but she's without a doubt the best thing on this show, love her.

Even Cox admitted to her awesomeness when she said no to him: "I'm gonna go ahead and give you a pass, because you have murder eyes." And you gotta see the look on her face then, I just love it.

If this show ends, someone needs to find another show for Denise (and Drew).

LA said...

The Todd cracked me up on this one. And Drew continues to reel me in a little more every week.

Is it just me, or have Drew and Denise become the new Dr. Cox and Jordan?

HMM2 said...

I was distracted briefly by the continuity error with Dr Cox's shirt (cobalt, then gray, then cobalt again in the patient's room), but otherwise it was perfect. The show's actually better now than it had been for the past few seasons.

Alan: A number of us switched to or added on DirecTV because of their "Friday Night Lights" arrangement. How would you suggest that we make a request to DirecTV for a similar arrangement for "Scrubs" or "Better Off Ted"?

Anonymous said...

Ratings went up this week. Is this good news or is it too late for a pickup?

Anonymous said...

I know I am in the minority here, but I actually find myself enjoying this season a good bit (minusing JD). Drew and Denise are interesting characters that fit well within the show's universe. I think the show manages to continue its brand of neurotic charm, while bringing something new to the table with the two of them.

Pamela Jaye said...

I mean, did Kelso really need to tell two experienced docs to get to know your patient?

and by googling her? doesn't anyone do an H&P or do they only do that on ER?
Over on Mercy, they had a patient with "the flu."
If they'd bothered to examine her, they might have figured out what was really wrong with her - though not soon enough. It's ridiculous. The only time I found it believable is when that patient died on Grey's cause someone forgot to check something basic. That, at least, made sense.

Anyway, I watched too many eps of Scrubs and don't remember this week's one - was it the Who Cheated? but I do like it better without Zach and I wish it wasn't going to die. It's a half hour a week. I can deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Posters on this blog (and Alan, too) are forever commenting on the plot holes in Chuck. I'm amazed that no has mentioned the plot hole of all plot holes in this episode. I teach at a college and during an exam, unless you have projectile vomiting, you are NEVER allowed to leave the room (especially all the members of the same study group!!). Too much coffee while you were studying? Better bring a bedpan or insert a catheter 'cause you are staying in the room. And having Drew admit he made a phone call - that's enough for him to get a zero on the exam.

Pamela Jaye said...

Anonymous - I was wondering about that! They don't even get that wrong on Grey's Anatomy (gee, roof might cave in, maybe I shouldn't open this (paper test???) yet)!
Who leaves a room during a test? (last time I checked - the person who wants to flunk. Or Eliza Dushku running off to save someone on Tru Calling)

There are so many other ways to cheat nowadays (I never cheated on a test. ever) and I've heard that the teachers know most of them (cell phones). The scene in Chuck were absurd as well - with everyone racing to Chuck's table to cheat off him - it was so obvious Jeff would have noticed, if he had not been one of them.

captch: tuama (what that guy from Big Bang calls that show on NBC)

Pamela Jaye said...

Is it just me, or have Drew and Denise become the new Dr. Cox and Jordan?

It's not just you. The are a little less sharp-edged but yes, they sound very familiar.

another thing - Lucy. Is she
an overachiever in over her head
A sexual tigress?

How can you be B and C at the same time?
She doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Wish she would stick to smart, insecure, and idealistic.

And what is VDoozer's fixation with female Med Students who are afraid of their own anatomy and call it by weird names? Lucy, Elliot... one, maybe, but two of them?

Tara said...

That they were allowed to go to the bathroom struck me as quite unbelievable, too.

At my uni they don't make you suffer for hours if you really need to go, but they do send a prof or a supervisor with you to the bathroom. Obviously they can't go into the cubicle with you, but they inspect the toilets before you go in, and they will certainly pick up on any paper rustling or similar things. I think they even take note of the exact time you left the room and for how long.