Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sepinwall on TV: 'Sons of Anarchy' review

Second (and considerably longer) of today's two columns: I review FX's new biker drama "Sons of Anarchy," which has some interesting ideas but hasn't quite come together in the two episodes I've seen. As with "Bones," feel free to use this post to comment on the premiere tonight. I'll likely work it into the regular blogging rotation (for at least a little while, depending on whether it grows on me), but I won't have a chance to do a separate episode entry tonight.


Anonymous said...

I honestly can't think of a less appealing sounding show than this. Not sure what FX was thinking.

dez said...

I'll at least give it one view because I like Hunnam, plus I'm a sucker for Shakespeare allusions.

Bobman said...

I honestly can't think of a less appealing sounding show than this. Not sure what FX was thinking.

That anonymous message board posters aren't their target demo? :)

I think it sounds pretty intriguing; FX has really put out some good (maybe not great, but entertaining at least) shows in the past years and I'll at least give it a watch.

chris w said...

Are the Niners a real gang in LA or is Kurt Sutter borrowing them from The Shield?

Dan Coyle said...

I wouldn't say I liked it. The Hamlet allusions were really labored, pun intended. And Ryan Hurst and Sprague Grayden (who looks ever more like the Mini Me of Jennifer Morrison- serious, girl be SHORT) were so interesting in their short scenes that I wished the show was about them.

However, Hunnam's a surprisingly good lead (never liked him before this) and the show has a fine cast, so I'll stick with it for a while.

Anthony Foglia said...

I was too busy to catch this, and the DVR was busy with other stuff, so I'll tape it on Sunday night, but

[Hunnam's] much less successful at the American accent, unfortunately, possibly achieving less consistency with it than any imported leading man of the post-Hugh Laurie era.

Really? Worse that Jack Davenport in Swingtown?

cgeye said...


Worse than Michele Ryan in The Bionic Woman


Alan Sepinwall said...

Worse than Michele Ryan in The Bionic Woman

With Ryan, it wasn't the quality of the accent that was the problem. It was the fact that doing the accent seemed to suck all the personality out of her. She sounded reasonably authentic when she was playing American; she was just boring.

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued with the previews and also because Hunnam was in it (Green Street Hooligans is one of my favorite movies).

I guess I expect the first few episodes to be slightly slow, only because we need to try and figure out the characters. I am really interested in learning more about why Tara and Gemma are at odds... also the relationship between Clay and Jax (there was one line that made me think that he's actually Jax's father).

I look forward to following the series.

Anonymous said...

This show is great period. I'm a biker and just thought I'd check it out for realism. Real it's not but I got hooked on the story. Katy Sagal is fantastic as the real power behind the club. She also is the sexiest 50+ woman on TV. Hard to believe isn't it? Watch it before you dismiss the sexy remark.