Friday, October 21, 2005

'Blackpool' and Bobby Jon

The "Viva Blackpool" review ran this morning. I also wrote the second item of today's All TV, riffing on NBC's dueling Tina Fey/Aaron Sorkin behind-the-scenes at "SNL" shows in development.

"Survivor" was a little better than it's been of late, mainly because we had one guy go crazy and another make a drunk ass out of himself. "Survivor" has had plenty of batshit contestants in the past, but I think Bobby Jon may be the batshittiest. While the grand return of Stephenie has been a bust -- not only does she seem like just another contestant, but an unlikable one at that -- last night was some of the vintage Bobby Jon caveman routine from Palau. As for Judd (Jersey represent!), whoo boy is he a moron -- and a poor sportsmanship, too. Multiple beer + fatigue + malnourishment + overabundance of maletosterone - any real brain power = memorable Tribal Council flareup. And it looks like Amy is kicking "Goad Gary" into overdrive next week, which should be entertaining. Hogeboom seems like a nice guy, but Jon Lovitz was a more convincing liar.

Finally got around to this week's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and I sure hope the pissing and moaning about this season lets up now, because that was brilliant from start to finish. The chicken/kamikaze scene, the suicide poker game (loved Phil Rosenthal obsessing over the food in the background), the hateful Bingo lady, Larry's dad watching porn at rock concert volume -- I was gasping for breath a few times from laughing too hard.

Today's mission: get caught up on "Everybody Hates Chris," "Bodies" and whatever else I have lying around on the TiVo.

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