Friday, October 14, 2005

What's 'What's Alan Watching?' take two

I'll be away from the computer until Monday night or Tuesday, but wanted to get some old business (if a blog I started a week ago can have anything that qualifies as "old") out of the way.

The name. Most of the other TV critics who've seen it got the reference right away, as they should, since the original 'What's Alan Watching?' was a busted pilot that aired on CBS in 1989, back in the days when networks still aired failed pilots to get their money's worth. This one was produced by Eddie Murphy (before he chose a lucrative but soul-deadening career as a children's entertainer) and starred Corin Nemec (before he out-Ferris-Buellered the kid from "18 Again" on "Parker Lewis Can't Lose") as a boy named Alan whose every waking minute was spent either watching TV or daydreaming about TV. (The most memorable bit: Eddie in a cameo yelling "Free James Brown!")

As a boy named Alan myself whose every waking minute was spent either watching TV or daydreaming about TV, this show spoke to me; even though it only aired once (allegedly because it was too expensive to go to series), I always intended to use the title somewhere. This, apparently, is that somewhere.

("What's Alan Watching?" trivia: It won an award from the Television Critics Association for Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials. Eddie did not show up to accept.)


Cleon said...

No comment yet?....Oh,come on!! To whoever can and will read this. I am SO looking for that ill-fated show that Eddie Murphy produced,called "What's Alan Watching". One of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life!...I can't find anyone yet who has knowledge of finding one to purchase. (DVD,VHS format) Does anyone have ANY idea on how to find and get this show?...Hope to hear from SOMEONE!!

ReConciling Acts said...

I had a pristine VHS copy. My ex-husband packed my things in the divorce, and I'm afraid it's lost forever. I can recite whole huge sections. "Get on your horse!" "Act free! Free James Brown!" The Mr. Ed parody is one of my favorites. I'd pay top dollar for a copy as well, and periodically pray that my ex will "find" my VHS. Blessings on your search. You can contact me if you are willing to share when you do.