Tuesday, April 25, 2006


A so-so night for the Fox Monday thrillers. Not sure I have anything to say about "Prison Break," which needs to figuratively slap me across the face to get my attention again. It's competent wheel-spinning, but that's all it is right now.

"24" was better and I especially liked the scene where William Devane apparently committed suicide to foil Henderson's plan (I say "apparently" because you know the writers are going to be short on inspiration a few weeks from now and one of them will say "Did we show a body?"). But for me, the highlight was the realization that Paul McCrane had been hired as the leader of the latest evil cabal. Paul McCrane and Peter Weller involved in the same conspiracy? At what point will Kurtwood Smith pop up holding a machine gun? Will Nancy Allen become the new new new new head of CTU? And does the season end with Jack tossing McCrane into a toxic waste vat?

I still have a hard time warming in any way to Audrey, but at least I'm thankful that Jack's stupid decision to leave her in a room with Henderson didn't lead to another Henderson escape. At the very least, he should've double-kneecapped the guy before heading to the airport.

Gearing up for Silly Love Songs Night on "Idol," or whatever they're calling. "Veronica Mars" is again being pre-empted by a Nets game, and I won't have a copy in hand until Thursday morning, unless I can find a good download somewhere. (Not that I would ever illegally download a show. Never. Never.)


Anonymous said...

Actually, it looks like WOR-9 isn't showing Veronica Mars on Wednesday, either. So we'll have to wait until Sunday, when they're showing it at 7 pm and then again at 11 pm.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Ordinarily, I would have to wait until Sunday, too, but one of the few advantages of my job is that I can arrange for someone at the network to make a copy on Tuesday night and mail it to me on Wednesday so I get it on Thursday. If I can figure out how to put in spoiler protection between now and Thursday, I will.

Daniel said...

Driving off a cliff into a lake wouldn't kill William Devane. The guy's like Chuck Norris. Or a vampire. In order to kill William Devane you *certainly* need to stake him in the heart and you may also need to separate his head from his body.

What I'm sayin' is that I figure he'll be back this season. At least long enough for the beheading.

I actually find that I'm personally enjoying Prison Break more than 24 these days. The simple explanation is that even if I don't care about many of the characters, there are characters who interest me, as opposed to 24, where I've ceased to care about much of anything.

Love Songs Night is going to be freaking brutal.

Anonymous said...

I've come around to liking Audrey this season, which is nigh on a miracle, considering how much I hated her last season. I was glad she didn't fall for Henderson's trickery, though I wouldn't have minded it if she'd popped a cap in his thigh to get him to shut up (plus it would have paralleled what Jack did to Henderson's wife).

I enjoyed this week's Prison Break, what with all the little reveals and treachery (just what does Abruzzi have on Nick to get Nick to cooperate with him, for exampled). But I admit I'm also ready for the escape to begin because I'm dyin' to know how they are getting out now that Tweener ratted to Bellick (which I'm guessing is part of Michael's newest plan). I still want to know why Linc didn't tell Pope that someone came by the scene and took him to the junkyard. It's not like he can't fake still being delirious from his head injury so he doesn't have to identify the helper as his dad. Hmmph.

Anonymous said...

Another 24/Robocop connection: I don't know the actor or character's name, but the African-American gentleman in Kurtwood Smith's evil-but-integrated gang showed up on the first season of 24 as a Secret Service agent. It was the episode with the first assassination attempt on Palmer.

Devane zooming into the water was great. Very Chappaquiddick.