Thursday, April 27, 2006

Veronica Mars: "Look Who's Stalking"

This post will be about "Veronica Mars" and nothing but "Veronica Mars." If I've done this right, then all my actual discussion of the episode will be on a separate page, which I'm trying out due to the weird air schedule this week. Given that everyone watches TV on a different schedule, let me know in the comments whether you'd like me to do this with all the posts about current TV. Anyway, once more unto the breach, with spoiler protection:

So, I don't know that I owe Rob an apology, but I definitely feel better about The Gutte's role in the grand scheme of things after watching this episode. By making Woody's potential guilt such an in-your-face part of the hour, Rob and company have done one of two things: either Woody is yet another red herring or he is the bad guy and they're not going for some cheap, contrived "Gotcha!" in episode 22. If Woody really did it, I'm okay with that, because at least it won't feel like the writers are deluding themselves about pulling one over on the audience.

I'm leaning towards red herring myself, though. My current theory: Woody has a history of molesting boys, including Beaver and Lucky, and Lucky was stalking the Goodman kids as revenge for that, not for the bus crash. But I could be way, waaaaayyy off. We'll see. And even if I'm right, I have no idea how or if that would tie into the crash. Will we wind up looping back to Aaron as the big bad for two seasons in a row? I have a sinking feeling that he's going to somehow go free altogether, even on the attempted murder of Veronica and Keith, and we could have one of those "The Wire" situations where season three is devoted to finally putting away the villain of season one. Hmmm....

I haven't looked at any message boards yet, but I'm guessing the bulk of the fans are a lot more interested in the events of Alterna-Prom than they are in any clues about the crash. Again, I'm not a 'shipper, but when Bell and Dohring play a scene together like that almost-kiss, even I was on the verge of screaming, "Kiss him, you fool!" On the other hand, wasn't crazy about the scene at the door the next morning, not because I don't buy Logan wouldn't call Kendall over for a drunken quickie, but because that whole set-up (half-naked guy blocking the doorway as his love interest proclaims her devotion, followed by the awkward reveal) is such a movie and TV cliche that the only way the scene would have worked was if Veronica made a snarky comment about how embarrassing it is to go through such a scene.

(Also, my favorite Alterna-Prom moment may have been Veronica finally getting the bitchy upper hand with Madison. I hope that girl suffers far worse before the season ends.)

So, two episodes to go, a murder trial to be staged and a mass murder still to be solved. I know this season has meandered a lot, but now I'm very psyched about the conclusion, whatever it turns out to be.


Anonymous said...

It. Was. AWESOME. I know that ending scene was a total cliche, it worked for me because Bell and Dohring sold it with their acting. They are so great together, even if you don't want their characters to end up together you can't help but love to watch them interact.

I think this episode was especially interesting because I feel like everything that happened was a clue towards unraveling all of this season's mysteries. Even Veronica's chlamydia is a clue to something, I just can't figure out what yet. And how awesome that they gave their heroine an STD but didn't really comment on it beyond that? Every other show would have handled that completely differently, and I thought that was great.

I agree that Aaron is totally going to be acquitted of all charges. O.J., anyone? Also, he is up to something with hiring his cellmate to steal Cliff's briefcase with Logan's trial papers in them. Could he be behind both season's mysteries? I don't know, but at this point I am not ruling anyone out. Even Jackie -- something's not right there, either.

Anonymous said...

LOVED this episode -- lots to think about here. Between Veronica's chlamydia and Mr. Manning posting Lucky's bail, I suspect there's something left for us to learn about Meg and the icky Manning clan. The theory that Woody has been molesting boys fits with a lot of what we've seen, including Lucky's obsession with the Goodmans and Woody's creepy scene with Logan a few weeks back. So did Woody send the bus over the cliff to get rid of potential witnesses? Or did he warn Gia off the bus because he'd been receiving threats?

Can't wait for next week. I'm not convinced Aaron will be found "not guilty," but how awesomely twisted would it be if he came back as a recurring character in Season 3?

Anonymous said...

I really loved this ep. My theory is that Woody is the real father of Meg's baby and Lucky is Mr. Mannings' instrument of revenge, which is why he bailed him out. That would put Woody behind the bus crash because he was getting rid of the "evidence."

Also agree about the acting selling that last clich├ęd scene, though I was hoping it was Madison in there with Logan, not Kendall. And Aaron better be found guilty of something. I would much rather Jake Kane come back as the big bad for next season than Aaron, but that's just because I love Kyle Secor and don't think "Commander-in-Chief" will get a second season. Although I could be wrong.

dark tyler said...

Woody has a history of molesting boys, including Beaver and Lucky, and Lucky was stalking the Goodman kids as revenge for that, not for the bus crash.
I have no idea how or if that would tie into the crash.

The gay student (don't remember his name) was on the bus. The one who was preparing the "outing of all outings". Three guesses what the Outing was supposed to be...

Anonymous said...

"Even Veronica's chlamydia is a clue to something, I just can't figure out what yet."

That Duncan had sex with Kendall. Say, Logan might want to get a checkup...

velvetcannibal said...

I agree that the ending was a cliche that was sold by the acting. At the same time... it would have disproved the entire EPIC speech if disappointment weren't waiting behind that door.

I won't deny that it took a while for me to get over the deep, visceral heartbreak I felt along with Veronica. Because... God. At the same time, I felt for Logan. He opened up to her, made that whole speech, and she walked away without any comment except, "I have to go." He looked crushed.

I was confused about why Kendall was there again. She must have had a deeper purpose, because no way am I buying that Logan is that spectacular in bed. Why did she hook up with him again? Does she need something else for the deal with Aaron?

With that said, last year at Ep. 20 with M.A.D., we were left believing Logan could be the rapist. Clearly, Rob will do something to keep this dance going.

I don't care much for Lucky, but I'm interested to see the reveal (assumed pedophilia) about Woody. I was thrown by the chlamydia, of course. Still, I can't wait to see how the rest of the season goes.

And there are no words in the English language that can express how much I hate the Nets right now. LOSE!

K J Gillenwater said...

I am going to say Jackie is somehow involved with the crash. That bedroom scene with Wallace tells me that he may end up splitting with Veronica over 'the truth' of the bus crash. He will want to believe Jackie is innocent, and Veronica will have to work her way back into his good graces next year.

Jackie got rid of her father's love interest and gained the attention from him she so desperately wanted all in one fell swoop. The explosive was in the warehouse, which she has access to. And to have Veronica's new 'pal' actually turn out to be an evil manipulator--another punch to the gut for her.

I totally think Meg gave Duncan the STD...I am sure there is some sordid tale in there somewhere. I like the idea of the baby not being Duncan's, but since he is not supposed to be coming back next season, making the baby his would give him an excuse to disappear forever.

I CANNOT wait for the last 2 episodes!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I admit that I watched this episode at 4 a.m. this morning because my son was up sick, but I totally missed any reference to Veronica having chlamydia - what scene was that in?