Monday, June 26, 2006


I don't know that I have a lot to say about last night's "Entourage," other than that I could have lived a million years and still not needed to see Domenick Lombardozzi's ass. Give me him busting heads as Herk on "The Wire," not as this thug who's such an obvious troublemaker that even Vince -- head in the clouds, everyone's my friend Vince -- would have paid for Dom's hooker and sent him on his way by the end of the episode. I like that the show is acknowledging that Vince's new status as the hottest movie star on the planet will have its downsides, as well as making it clear that Turtle and Drama aren't just leaches by contrasting them with Dom, but there had to be a smarter, funnier way to illustrate those points. If it wasn't for Ari's feud with the star of "Young 21 Jump Street" (a show I would pay money to see), the episode would've been a total loss.

Also, in case you checked the Leary/Tolan entry before I was able to include the link to my column, finally posted it.


Anonymous said...

this show is going downhill fast... three weak episodes. this one weak and dumb. i agree that they are trying to show the darkside of vine's life but the characters aren't strong enough. and a point i've been harping on here remains: PIVEN IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE.

And they skipped the whole part of his story that was interesting - the building of his agency from ashes. Now he's just shrill, repetitive, and dull.

Dom is maybe the worst character this show has ever introduced. Two more epiodes and if they don't turn it around I'm done.

Adam said...

I am hoping that this isn't just Richie Aprile v 2.0.