Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick links

Today's All TV column is mostly a farewell to "Everwood," with some thoughts on two new improvised sitcoms: Lifetime's "Lovespring" (better than you'd think, given the channel) and Comedy Central's "Dog Bites Man" (not nearly as good as you'd hope, given the channel).

Also, shortly after "The Sopranos" finale ended, I did a live, typo-riddled chat that the kind folks at have mostly cleaned up for the transcript.

UPDATE: Don't forget about "Deadweek" over at Matt's blog, and in perhaps the best news of the week, HBO and David Milch have agreed to wrap up "Deadwood" with two two-hour movies. It's not a fourth season, but it's something.


Anonymous said...

The link to the chat transcript is broken.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Fixed. Thanks.

Matt said...

It is completely, totally, and utterly inexcusable that the CW did not pick up Everwood, as that episode? Brilliant. Moronic move of the week? The constant CW promos during the show, reminding viewers that they picked up a wide variety of utter crud while leaving Everwood out in the dust

Laura Holt said...

Matt, I could not agree more. That episode was beautiful. If the show had to end (and, it didn't!) that was the way to do it. Everything I ever loved about Everwood made an appearance (except Irv), and all the characters ended up right where they should (again, except Irv).

Anonymous said...

From your Sopranos transcript:

>>Alan Sepinwall: When the show was being developed at Fox, the exec there wanted Chase to have the Sopranos fight terrorists on occasion so they wouldn't seem all bad<<

Really? I mean, I knew those guys at Fox could be dumb mofos, but jeez! Thank God they have Jack Bauer in "24" for the terrorist clean-up!