Monday, September 04, 2006

The man, they myth, the shotgun

As they did in the build-up to the "Deadwood" premiere, Matt and his sidekicks at The House Next Door are devoting an entire week to "The Wire." First up: Edward Copeland on my personal favorite character (though isn't he everyone's favorite, really?), Omar.


Anonymous said...

I like Omar, but he often takes me a little out of the show because he seems like he walked in from another genre. It seems like his back story necessitates him being insanely, implausibly lucky for years on end, where as everyone else (except maybe Brother Mouzone) seems perfectly naturalistic to me.

dark tyler said...

My personal favorite has always been Stringer. But oh man, I remember how hard I was cheering during Omar's entrance in season 3! The guy has The Cool! And I'm pretty certain that in any other TV show his character would have been a plot device dropped after season 1. Plus, he was responsible for what is, to me, one of the greatest shockers in television history. Still can't believe it happened.

The other thing I can't believe is the fact that we're less than a freakin week away from The Wire's return. :)