Monday, October 30, 2006

Dynamic duo

Two columns today for the price of one. First, a look at the new "Cracker" movie and the final "Prime Suspect" story:

They look like polar opposites at first blush, they do. She's petite and classy; he's built like a polar bear and dresses like a toupee salesman. She's reserved and cold to the point of complete isolation; he sees himself as the life of every party, preferably ones to which he wasn't invited.

But Jane Tennison and Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald are two British law-enforcement lions in winter. They drink too much, rub too many important people the wrong way, and are never more comfortable than when they're on the trail of a murderer.

And within the next two weeks, we may never see them again.

To read the rest, click here. After that, there's a mailbag column in which I present opinions on "Lost," "Friday Night Lights" and "Studio 60" that will be familiar to anyone who hangs out here.


Anonymous said...

I think you are far too easy on Cracker. It took me two viewings to get through it, and I am a rabid fan of the series. The interrogation scenes are great but brief. Usually the story of the criminal is just as compelling as Fitz' personal turmoil but this guy was just one note.

I recently picked up the American Cracker DVD box set for 12.99 and am amazed at how good it was, at least judging by the first four. The opening two parter included a stunningly good performance by Studio 60's Sara Paulson. If you can find it at that price, it is well worth it. Of Course, the original is still the best.

Anonymous said...


This seems like a good opportunity to note that Jimmy McGovern, who created _Cracker_, is still plugging away on TV. His most recent work, _The Street_, has been airing on BBC America. McGovern's episodes have already aired, and even though there's no serial killer in either them, McGovern's deft characterizations reminded me of what I enjoyed most about _Cracker_.