Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shufflin' along

Watching Yanks-Tigers consumed a lot of me evening, so I'll get to "Smith" later this week. (Tonight's tough, with another game plus new "Jericho," "Lost" and "Kidnapped," and tomorrow has the "Survivor" vs. "Earl"/"Office" traffic jam. If I hadn't already seen this week's episodes of "The Nine" and "Ugly Betty," I'd have no time for sleep.) I had already watched the latest episode of "The Unit" on a screener and was more struck by how well Robin Weigert cleans up when she's not playing Calamity Jane than I was by the plot itself. (The military mission in particular felt like one of their more generic ones.)

In the meantime, some interesting schedule moves courtesy of my buddy Joe at Variety: CBS is flipping the timeslots of "How I Met Your Mother" and "The Class," effective immediately, while ABC is indefinitely delaying the premiere of "The Knights of Prosperity" because they don't feel they can properly promote it with so many other new shows on the schedule.

Plus, I think they realize that a 90-minute "Dancing with the Stars" will do a bigger number than 60 minutes of dancing and "Knights." Plus, it gives them more time to come up with a better title. Plus, there's the huuuuuuuge issue of Mick Jagger possibly bailing on the series and the need to find a new celebrity victim.

The original flip-flop of "HIMYM" and "Class" never made sense to me, and "HIMYM" was significantly building on its lead-in each week, so it's about time.


Anonymous said...

That's kind of a pity, because the "Prosperity" pilot wasn't unfunny, but Mick was far and away the funniest part of it ("About sixty-two degrees, that's the best temperature for a nice, fresh hat")...

I'm the only one sad about this, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about "Nip/Tuck" last night? Ryan Murphy is the king of predictable twists. First the Carver, now the organ thief. Why can't we get something that we don't see coming.

I must admit though that next week does look interesting.