Thursday, October 05, 2006

Getaway day

Lucked into a rain-out ticket to this afternoon's Yankees game from someone who couldn't go, which means I'll be spending a good chunk of the day journeying to and from the beautiful Bronx.

There are threads below for "Lost" and "The Nine" comments, and while I haven't seen "Jericho" or "Kidnapped" (which, rumor has it, will be condensed down to a 13-episode story but kept on the air until then to avoid the bitterness factor) yet, feel free to post about them (or any other notable TV from the last few days) here, and I'll rejoin the discussion later today.

This morning's column is reader mail, leading off with the familiar discussion of how funny Earl on "My Name Is Earl" should be.


Anonymous said...

Barry I. Grauman is being an equine's hindquarters.

I read Darkly Dreaming Dexter in one sitting, and I'll probably do the same with the sequel this weekend. Great stuff.

Cheesesteak said...

"Thanks for the career advice."


davesboa said...

Kidnapped is only airing 13 episodes? Are we to assume it won't be back next season?

Damn it! I just started really getting into it after the last episode, what with Mr. Cain punching the mob guy in the groin and Crazy Billy beating the snot out of some stoned guy.

Anonymous said...

I knew something wasn't right with My Name is Earl, but I couldn't put my finger on it. You're right. Earl's supposed to be this bad guy, but he's never really done anything that bad. Not on the show, at least. But I guess that's why the show's a success, people don't deal well with moral ambiguities.

Anonymous said...

Wheres the oriignal review of My Name Is Earl that the reader was responding to?