Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Friday Night Lights: Hi, Mrs. Coach

Not a whole lot to say about the latest "Friday Night Lights," save that Minka Kelly's line delivery drives me nuts, and that Kyle Chandler is comedy gold in his disgusted reactions to Julie and Matt. (Who told they could get a blanket? How dare they?)

Any guesses on what Waverly was really doing when she was allegedly in Africa? The obvious answer is that she was sent away to have a baby someplace discreet, but I'll leave the floor open for other options.


Anonymous said...

I continue to love how easy and natural the relationship between Coach Taylor and Tami is; the Julie and Matt situation has given Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler a lot of great material, and they're knocking it out of the park. I died when Coach Taylor corrected Matt's grammar before Matt had a chance to give his big speech ("Julie and me. It's a common mistake.")

Despite the limitations of some of the actors (I agree about Minka Kelly, and you've talked about Taylor Kitsch in the past) I think FNL gets a lot of credit for the fact that I'm still interested in the characters, and have a lot of sympathy for them. I do think the actors are growing into their roles somewhat, and hope that continues.

I can only assume that Waverly was pregnant, because it would either be that or substance abuse, and that seems less likely.

K J Gillenwater said...

What I'm looking forward to is Coach finding out HIS daughter is the aggressor here...not Matt. He's shy, nervous, and freaked out by the dad, but Little Miss Innocent daughter is the one that keeps finding ways to spend time with Matt. Matt tried to apologize for kissing her on the field at the game, and then she launches one on him. Matt is seriously misunderstood by Coach Taylor. He might be a high school kid, but he is respectful of Julie and has no clue right now how to act on his hormones.

As far as Waverly's suspect past, I am wondering if substance abuse wouldn't make more sense with the new relationship between her and Smash. He also is a substance abuser and who better to figure out that he is using than a former user? And who better to confront him about it then someone who's already been there?

Vance said...

Can we please hand Kyle Chandler an Emmy? Who could deliver those funny bits while still seeming so natural and straight faced? Love the whole family dynamics. I thought Once and Again felt real but the Taylors are great.

Anonymous said...

"I'm gonna have a 'Matt Chat'"!

Hilarious. I love Coach Taylor and Tammy. The way Kyle Chandler delivered the line about the blanket was awesome, as was Tammy calling him an idiot.

Kyle Chandler was great in last nights ep, but I died when I saw Riggins in pigtails! That was funny as heck

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that in last week's comment section, I predicted an easy win for the Dillon Panthers.

Maybe I am swayed by other things, but Minka Kelly doesn't bother me. Like everyone else, I'm enjoying the Taylors light moments too, I just hope they don't go to that well too often -- it'll lose its charm.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure on how this works in hollywood, but does anyone else get a little skittish when they see Zach Gilford "Matt Saracen" kiss Aimee Teegarden "Julie Taylor". hes pushing 25 and shes something like 16 17? oh well i guess that would make her legal in texas.

not the best ep ever but still better then 90% of television right now.

Blankity-Blank said...

Kristin said...
Matt is seriously misunderstood by Coach Taylor.

I know it seems that way, but I think he's more just blinded by his position as the father of the girl. He seemed to understand Saracen fine before this whole thing started.

And I don't think there's anything wrong with any of the acting on this show. Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch might have some of the more melodramatic dialogue, which maybe stands out as odd among the other stuff, but it's more a fault of their storyline than their acting I would imagine. Although, Taylor Kitsch was terrible in The Covenant.

Anonymous said...

Great comments. I definitely agree with tom g's feelings on Lyla.

Also, I think Smash's mom should get her own spinoff. She's had some of the best lines of the season in very limited airtime.