Monday, April 02, 2007

Funny Dance Marathon, Day 6

I'll have an "Amazing Race" post and a column link post up a little later (and it feels strange to have actual shows to write about again, for the first time in what feels like weeks, even if it's only been since Wednesday night), but first it's time for today's dancing clip, this from the one period of "Ally McBeal" I could really tolerate (largely due to Mr. Downey Jr.): click here.

If you prefer your Biscuit/Barry White dances of a more classic variety, there's always this.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll admit it -- Ally McBeal was my second favorite show ever (after Quantum Leap). I probably also love chick flicks.
I loved RDJ (though I was sad when he was hired cause I figured I'd love him and he'd screw up and get fired, and I did and he did), but also, and even moreso, I loved Peter Mac. He's awesome (even though I won't watch 24 for him)
And, much to my surprise I actually like Calista. I thought it was just Ally, but I also love to watch (and listen to) her in Brothers & Sisters.

And of course, with a plotline very similar to Grey's Anatomy (season 2) during its seasons one and two, you could see why I liked both. (and then there's Scrubs)

thanks for the clip. I wish I could buy DVDs from the UK as it turns out my early eps on tape have terrible audio, as I try to copy them to DVD.

Pam (from Boston)

yashu said...

There's also, why Angel doesn't dance (from an otherwise mediocre ep on the first season of "Angel"):