Monday, April 30, 2007

Heroes: Days of future past

"Heroes" spoilers coming up just as soon as I grow a soul patch...

Wow, wow, wow, wow. I think "Company Man" just got replaced as the best "Heroes" has to offer.

Of course, it's easier to pull out all the stops when you're doing the Alternate Dystopian Future storyline. On "Deep Space Nine," Sisko was never as interesting as when we saw him in the Mirror, Mirror universe and Avery Brooks got to smile. One of the few highlights of X-Men comics in the early '90s was the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline that liberated every title from the shackles of 30 years of continuity. By presenting different versions of our characters, the writers got to ignore what was weakest about many of them. Parkman's wife and son were in hiding and he seemed genuinely dangerous. Mohinder and Peter were too tired and bitter to be their usual pretentious selves. Nikki actually intereacted with other characters. (I think this is the first time she and Peter had a scene together.) DL and Micah were just plain dead.

But just because this type of episode is easier to make exciting than your average arc-bridging show doesn't in any way diminish the work done by writer Joe Pokaski, director Paul Edwards and the rest of the cast and crew. This one had the necessary epic feel. It looked bigger and was edited differently than the series usually is. This show has never gotten my pulse racing the way it did during the cross-cutting between Nathan/Sylar's speech, Hiro and Peter kicking ass in the lobby, Mohinder readying the syringe and Parkman and the SWAT team preparing to blow holy hell out of whoever came out of the elevator. Just a killer sequence.

Just as heart-pounding: the revelation that Nathan was really Sylar. I'm usually three steps ahead of these kinds of twists, and I didn't remotely see it coming, at least not until "Nathan" said that line about Candice (which I guess is the shapeshifting woman's name) helping him become president. I raised an eyebrow at that, and when "Nathan" suddenly froze Claire with telekinesis and her head began to bleed, I unleased a string of profanity the likes of which my TV room hasn't heard since Uncle Junior gutshot Tony Soprano.

And where last week's episode was uncomfortably close to the plot of "Watchmen" (Linderman's plan to unite the world through fear is a direct rip of Ozymandias's scheme, down to Manhattan as the target), this one borrowed the basic template of "Days of Future Past" (the great-granddaddy of superhero Alternate Dystopian Future stories), without swiping many of the details. (The lobby scene was more of a "Matrix" imitation than anything else was copying stuff that Wolverine and Storm did in that old story.)

The "Heroes" creative team has no doubt had to use certain characters' powers sparingly for budget reasons, but they've become very good at making a brief power demonstration seem much more impressive with the right set-up. Peter's rescue of Future Hiro and Ando from Parkman's clutches took less than a minute, I think, but because of the stakes, the surprise of Peter's arrival and the ease with which he used all his acquired powers, it felt wicked awesome. Ditto his showdown with Sylar, which took place almost entirely on the other side of a closed door, with only light flashes hinting that something really f'ed up was happening out in the hall.

Really, my only major complaint about the episode was the terrible actor they cast as Claire's fiance, and we only had to endure a couple of scenes with him before Parkman showed up to take her for her brain removal, so I don't care that much.

You guys are welcome to analyze the implications of everything the characters said to each other about what's happened in the last five years. I'm not going to wind myself up about it too much, if only because I believe so many of the details to change now that Hiro has come back. Again, following the "Days of Future Past" model, I don't expect Hiro's going to be able to make everything hunky-dory for his fellow, um, ability-havers, but things aren't going to go in exactly that direction, because then the writers would be locked into years worth of stories that the audience already knows the endings to, and that way lies the "Star Wars" prequels.

But a few other random thoughts:
  • People keep asking if Ando is going to turn out to have a power. I prefer the idea that his "power" is helping to keep Hiro his familiar ebullient self, just like HRG's "power" is explaining how other character's abilities work.
  • Just sticking with the whole time-travel thing, if Peter caused the explosion, then will Hiro killing Sylar stop anything? Isaac sure seemed to think so when he drew those pages he gave to the bike messenger last week.
  • FX technology has come a long way when it comes to doubling up an actor in a scene. When Michael J. Fox played four or five different parts in "Back to the Future II," I remember being really conscious of every bit where he passed something to himself, but here Hiro and Future Hiro were crossing each other in the frame like Masi Oka had a secret twin they brought in for the occasion, Linda Hamilton-style. (Or, if you prefer, Jill Hennessy-style.)
  • Bluetooth Girl! I had forgotten about her.
  • Who knew Goldfrapp would still be big five years from now? Then again, most strip clubs play music that's years out of date. (Or so I've heard. You know. From other people.)
What did everybody else think?


Anonymous said...

Hiro may not have known that it was Peter, not Sylar, who blew up NY. In whatever timline FutureHiro came from, he assumed that Sylar survived, or was made unkillable, by harvesting Claire's powers. So he asked Peter to save Claire, freeing his past self or someone else to kill Sylar...

...or so he thought.

Because saving Claire didn't change anything, it just gave Claire a few more years.

Is Sylar even the trigger that gets Peter and Sprague together and go supernova?

Anonymous said...

How good was the reveal of Nathan being Sylar? It was Buffy good, that's how good.

Nicole said...

Wow. I think I'm still trying to process the Nathan/Sylar revelation. I just figured that he became bitter in the same manner as Parkman.

Did they have to make future Jessica a stripper though? I know fanboys think she's hot and all, but this really does not add to Ali Larter's appeal for the non fanboys, and she could just as easily not be there and this episode would have been just as great.

Question: If present Hiro manages to stop Sylar, and Ando from dying, will he ever have the motivation to learn to control his powers as Future Hiro did?

Heather K said...

Although, the novel online still (I think because with this show who knows) seems to allude to Sylar blowing things up.

There was profanity in my living room too (as well as shrieking because there were three girls watching it, and even if we are grown-ups now, that sort of crazy incites screaming in girls of any age)!

That show was great, great. Loved it, can't think about it too much. Makes my head hurt to gnaw over some of the implications.

Unknown said...

The Nathan/Sylar reveal was HAWESOME! And how hardcore was Peter? He went from annoying, Skywalker-whiny to Omar from the Wire in one swell foop. I loved the scenes between Ando. I also liked the way they artlessly plowed through the clunky expository dialogue. Normally, I don't like that, but this show does it so it can get to the GOOD STUFF!
I do wonder if they're going to catch grief for the 9/11 imagery and intentional or not Bush allegory.

Kim Cosmopolitan said...

Along the lines of Nicole's comment, I am assuming that Ando has to die sometime in the next three episodes. Otherwise Hiro doesn't become futureHiro, Peter Petrelli doesn't save Claire, and so forth. The past essentially proves the future -- or at least one aspect of it.

Anonymous said...

Mmm. My guess is that they'll use some mumbo jumbo about a paradox where future Hiro was able to exist and do what he needed to do to change the future so that, in fact, Future Hiro never really exists. (See, e.g., the Thursday Next "explanation" of the effect of time travel.)

Michael said...

Also notice that FutureHiro never went back in time now. He identified the moment that he had to go to, but never made it.

Incidentally, I think it was finally made clear tonight that Candice isn't Chameleon Boy in this Legion of Super-Heroes, she's Princess Projectra. They made a reference to her illusions.

joshjs said...

First off: I agree, this was the most entertaining episode so far.

But: I'm pondering two questions:

1. Why couldn't Parkman read Sylar's mind (and thus find out he was Sylar and not Nathan)? Would it simply not occur to him?

2. If you were Sylar posing as Nathan, and you were aware of Parkman and the Haitian, wouldn't you try to nab their powers at some point?

Anonymous said...

I thought FutureHiro had already gone back to talk to Peter. He just wasn't aware Claire was alive. Which doesn't make much sense, you'd think he'd check - but I guess when he saw New York hadn't been saved, he might not have bothered. But then, if he did change the timeline, why didn't he jump forward 5 years and go through all this? (Aaahhh, it was cool, they don't need to explain it.)

I know he was now invincible, but didn't Sylar blow his cover as Nathan awfully quick afterwards? And how did Parkman not, um, sniff him out?

I agree the Sylar reveal was excellent, and someone over at Zap2it pointed out that it was foreshadowed in the painting last week. But putting Claire back in the diner as a waitress just made me miss Charlie all over again.

Oooh! Casting suggestion for future seasons - Ellen Page would be awesome on this show, especially as a similar-age nemesis for Claire. (Oddly, what made me think of that wasn't the "Days of Future Past", which featured Kitty Pryde, but Alan's Goldfrapp comment, because that reminds me of "Hard Candy".)

Mac said...

One quibble... I don't think DL was dead -- HRG had put him in hiding. He was one of the group Future Hiro planned to use in the break-in.

Anonymous said...

If Peter Petrelli is impervious to injury like Claire, how come he has the scar?

SJ said...

I've been on the fence about Heroes ever since it started. It has been good, but nothing must see.

But WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW, what a GREAT episode! Future Hiro, the different revelations, everything was great...

Just the fact that Peter was the one who blew up NY, and the fact that Sylar had killed Nathan...then Ando dying and Hiro changing forver because of it...great stuff. Too bad we all know that all of this is going to be "corrected".

I find future Hiro's accent a bit too convenient. He rarely spoke English at the beginning and now he 's speaking in an American accent in just 5 years? Not a big deal of course but still...

Anonymous said...

Because he's the kind of overdramatic twit that would leave it as a visible reminder of his failure.

SJ said...

If Peter Petrelli is impervious to injury like Claire, how come he has the scar?

I don't think he has that power...he has never come into contact with Claire "in the future" as far as we know...remember he never "saved the cheerleader".

But now Sylar's got Claire's power in the future...but I guess the future doesn't really matter now does it?

Kenrick said...

Great episode, very exciting. I was wondering why Nathan seemed so ruthless, and it was bugging me all episode, so as soon as he mentioned Candice I knew he had to be Sylar. It was hard to watch Parkman as such a bad guy. Yeah, why does Peter still have that scar?

The problem I have with time travel is the paradox: if I go back in time to change the past to prevent something from happening, then if that event no longer happens, then there's no reason for me to ever go back in time in the first place. Time travel usually only makes sense to me if it results in parallel timelines. Although, I thought the time traveling in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was handled well.

Kenrick said...

I was under the impression that Peter saving Claire was reflected in the future that present Hiro and present Ando jumped to.

Anonymous said...

Obviously very enjoyable. My only complaint was all the time wasted with Claire/Pretty Boy and Nikki/Peter's relationship. Since no one involved with the show can write even passable dialogue, both scenes were unbearable, especially since there would obviously be no real payoff.

Possible super-great second season plot: Scar Peter coming back from the future! He's probably too powerful for the writers to bring back, but that would be sweet.

Anonymous said...

Was DL dead in the future? I thought they talked about recruiting him to rescue Past-Hiro? I assumed "gone" meant "out of Nikki's life after Micah died."

All the time-travel stuff gives me a headache. Hey, did you guys notice that HRG was no longer wearing HRGs?

Did we ever see "Nathan" and Parkman in the same room when the Haitian wasn't present? Keeping the Haitian close would explain why he kept Parkman around. Guess even Sylar figured out that he couldn't be everywhere at once.

If blowing up NYC is what it takes to make Peter somewhat less annoying, I think it's worth the sacrifice. Loved his "costume" as he was tossing around the goons.

The only thing I didn't buy as Parkman turning evil. Not just pragmatic, but evil. They'd have to give us a lot more than "I miss my son" to pull that off. Plus, Grunberg's just too likable.

Ted Frank said...

I get the sense that FutureHiro is more than five years older. Don't forget the several months he spent in Texas trying to rescue Charlie, and there must have been trips back in time to train with the sword.

The scar made Peter less annoying. But it does make no sense, though it was foreshadowed by SubwayFutureHiro's "I didn't recognize you without your scar" (though that contradicts FutureHiro's injunction against telling Ando about his future, though perhaps that was just a convenient lie).

Sylar's success makes no sense with the Haitian around: wouldn't the Haitian block the shapeshifting? Or is the Haitian so loyal to Peter that he'd never even consider blocking Peter's powers? (That's a heck of a blocking power if it can be used so selectively.)

Ted Frank said...

Responding to Treacher: Well, if the wife and son's lives are threatened, that blackmail might pull Parkman around.

Plus Parkman's not that bright. Petrelli/Sylar could convince him that he needs to join the "good guys" to prevent future "terrorist" acts just as Petrelli/Sylar snowed everyone post-Peter bombing. Abu Ghraib metaphors and all that.

Anonymous said...

I still prefer "Company Man," but this was cool. My question: Does this episode mean that everything will in fact change in the next few episodes, and if so, does that mean that the Heros theory of time travel is inconsistent? Before, it seemed to be that there was an element of fate. Isaac could see the future and paint it, and although sometimes the paintings were open to interpretation, they were always right. Hiro time traveled, but he always brought about that which was supposed to happen. He never changed anything. This episode seems to suggest that Isaac's paintings can be wrong and that Hiro can change things (not just use time travel to influence that which is already fated to happen). What's the deal?

Alan Sepinwall said...

Was DL dead in the future? I thought they talked about recruiting him to rescue Past-Hiro? I assumed "gone" meant "out of Nikki's life after Micah died."

No, HRG and Future Hiro both thought that DL and Candice (and this Molly person, who appears to be the girl shown in next week's preview) are still alive and in hiding, when in fact, Sylar found them at some point, ate their brains and stole their powers. (Remember, he reaches through a locked door to grab Peter.)

Another question: If Claire is still alive in this timeline, why was Future Hiro unable to kill Sylar with his sword, as he describes it to regular Hiro? Does this mean that "Save the cheerleader, save the world" was ultimately pointless?

Alan Sepinwall said...

Also, in retrospect, the "Nathan" line about only being able to fly and therefore not being a threat was clearly foreshadowing the Sylar thing.

Anonymous said...

"(Remember, he reaches through a locked door to grab Peter.)"

D'oh! Damn, there's a lot going on in this episode. The time-travel stuff alone hurts my brain, let alone Sylar! Need to watch it a THIRD time...

K J Gillenwater said...

I would definitely rank this episode right up there with "Company Men" as one of my favorites. Wow! What a night.

Wondering if anyone is thinking the same stuff I am:

1) Jessica mentioned that Niki was gone (or was it vice versa?). Does that mean she no longer has her powers? What happened to her split personality and why? Was it linked to the death of her son???

2) Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but since when can the Haitian block people's abilities? Used to be that he could mind-wipe people...and Parkman was the only one that really couldn't use his power ON the Haitian.

3) Yes, the finace was a horrible actor...and hideous to boot.

4) Could Peter possibly have gotten his scar from blowing up NY? Also, no one mentioned the fact that Peter did not die in the explosion (like he assumes). What exactly happened to him after he went nuclear? I liked Peter so much better as his future bad-ass self. Angry. Bitter. Pissed off at the world.

Can't wait for next week!!!!!

CC said...

I think nobody was able to recognize Nathan was Sylar for two possible reasons: first, Sylar sucked up Eden's power of mind control when he killed her, or, the Haitian ran "interference" for him. Once the Haitian was killed, Sylar blew his cover.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode -- and this season as a whole that I almost want to stop watching so I don't have to bear the pain of a sophomore slump.

Anyway, y'all have pretty much nailed everything I was thinking, but did you catch the out-of-focus but in the foreground picture of a little boy, strung up on FutureHiro's timeline when Parkman was there? A zillion dollars says that was his son.

Anonymous said...

Is Parkman's son this show's Franklin Richards?

JMC said...
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Anonymous said...

It is getting harder to discern between the outright plagiarism and general reuse of classic sci-fi story lines. As far as overall tone, this episode is the closest we've seen the show get to X-Men, but it doesn't cross the line like it does in the case of Isaac's power or Linderman's masterplan. (You seem to have a rather subdued definition of "uncomfortably close"). It is good plagiarism, but then people rarely plagiarism something that isn't good in the first place. However if you gave Brian Singer the Heroes budget and told him to make an X-Men TV series, it simply wouldn't be this good. Traditional super heroes are confined too much by their histories even when they jump medians. So does that mean Heroes and The Incredibles get a pass? Seems that way to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat new to Heroes. Maybe someone could answer a question for me. I keep thinking of our Heroes as mutants because of X-men. But in their universe, is there a name for people with special powers? It seems like the show goes to great lengths not to give them a label. They seem to refer to them in long form as "people with special powers." Or "special people" as Sylar put it. Do they call themselves "Heroes"?

Blankity-Blank said...

Wow. That is one overdramatic future. And New York sure is busy for a place that got so thoroughly destroyed.

Can they please stop saying that it was a bomb that blew up? Even the people that know better are doing it.

I think it's nice that they're working ntheir way through the highlights of comic book lore. Can't wait for their "God Loves, Man Kills" homage. Of course, The 4400 has already done that much better and less obviously than this show ever could.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. Don't get me started on The 4400.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm glad I didn't delete this ep from the DVR. I definitely need to watch this again.

I was surprised by the Sylar reveal... Wow! But, why didn't Peter just freeze time and lrip off Sylar's head? Was he giving Present Hiro a chance to jump back?

I also wondered about the implication that Future Hiro thinks Sylar blew up NYC when it was really Peter... Hmm. Will killing Sylar make a difference? Perhaps, if it wasn't really Nathan in the end telling Peter to demolish NY but Sylar as Nathan.

And what happened to Linderman? I noticed that someone made reference to the Linderman Act. Did a Las Vegas crime boss become a Congressman? Or did he do something, or allegedly do something, that caused a law to be named after him? Or maybe President Petrelli put Linderman in his cabinet or hired him as an advisor, and he wrote a bill that Petrelli sent to Congress.


Anonymous said...

first, Sylar sucked up Eden's power of mind control when he killed her

I thought he couldn't because Eden shot herself? These long hiatuses between eps are killing my memory.

Awesome ep that I'm totally bummed I accidentally deleted off the DVR because now in order to rewatch it, I have to go through and their video player blows goats. The Sylar/Nathan thing caught me completely by surprise, and I didn't even realize I'd completely tensed up until the end when Hiro & Ando made it back to NYC and my body slumped in relief.

I might be the only one, but I would be happy never to see that alternate reality come to pass. It was so Genosha out there.

BF said...

I only watched the show live and didn't Zapruder it, but I think the reason that Parkman never "outed" Syler-as-Nathan was because, up until the end, they never met, having only spoken on their cell phones.

So far, Parkman's had to have been in person in order to mind-read. He can't do it over the cell phone (that we know of).

R.A. Porter said...

Alan, how could you blow such an easy opportunity for geek points with your jammin' review? "Jill Hennessy-style" shouldn't be your backup, it should be Nicholas Brendon-style.

Alan Sepinwall said...

I forgot that Brendon had a twin (and that said twin appeared in a "Buffy" episode). Besides, I've long had this theory that Hennessy frequently hires her sister to make appearances she doesn't want to (TCA parties, the "Homicide" half of the first "Law & Order" / "Homicide" crossover, season four of "Crossing Jordan"), and therefore I feel the need to frequently remind the world that there's more than one Hennessy out there, and not to be fooled by the wrong one.

And I think that's far geekier than a Xander reference.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Haitian and Sylar. The Haitian doesn't block their powers just because he is in the same room. He would need to know a power is in use or "activate" his power to block theirs.

If he didn't know that Sylar was using a power then he wouldn't know to block it.

Jessica is an adult entertainer now. Remember the internet webcam show she was doing for money. So going from a webcam show to a stripper wasn't too far fetched.

I absolutely loved the previews.

Anonymous said...

I also wondered about the implication that Future Hiro thinks Sylar blew up NYC when it was really Peter... Hmm. Will killing Sylar make a difference?

I think it's possible New York goes kablooie no matter what. Most people, myself included, have equated "saving the world" with "saving New York" but in the grand scheme of things, Sylar being president, or Nathan being president as Linderman's puppet, is a far more dire outcome for the rest of the planet. But does this mean that Sylar's in the Oval Office with Linderman's blessing? Is Mama Petrelli in league with Linderman or working against him? So many questions.

I also wonder if Bennett keeping Claire hidden is preventing her from fulfilling the destiny that FutureHiro thinks she's supposed to. One of the things I really like about this show is how people's agendas keep crisscrossing and interfering with each other.

Alan, in retrospect another sign of Sylar-as-Nathan can be found way back when Peter was in that jail cell in Texas. "Nathan" comes in, blah-blah-ing about power and it turns out to be Sylar. Peter was dreaming, of course, but his dreams appear to be nearly as accurate as Isaac's paintings.

Anonymous said...


As yet, no name has been given to the "heroes". Even five years in the future, apparently.



The Haitian has blocked Parkman from reading HRG plenty of times, and in a flashback he also blocked Eden's power. I don't think anyone has stated it out loud, but it is strongly implied that the Haitian can damp powers as well as memories. Unlike dan above, I'm not sure he needs to know what the power is -- I can't see what difference that knowledge could make -- but maybe the show will go that route.


"Days of Future Past" has been referenced before on Heroes, right in the pilot episode. Hiro uses it as an example of time travel -- I don't have a Youtube clip or anything, but Wikipedia agrees with my memory. I remember thinking it was a very specific fanboy callout, but I forgot about until the previews for this episode showed up.


I agree with anonymous above: Everything Isaac paints comes true -- we have no evidence to the contrary. I think Isaac was accepting of his death because he drew a way to kill Sylar, not because he drew a way to prevent the explosion. This may or may not involve the "Molly Walker" we meet next week.


While the Peter/Sylar fight was cool, a moment's reflection reveals why they really have to get rid of one or the other of them soon. Someone who can absorb powers should be able to get out of all sorts of situations; as a poster above noted, Peter can stop time. Invincible or no, Sylar's fate should be sealed. As Peter and Sylar keep meeting more people, the "Why didn't he just do x?" game will become unavoidable. (Example: Last week, why couldn't Sylar just hear Peter's heart to locate him, since he stole super-hearing a few episodes ago.)


Nick Edwards said...

(Example: Last week, why couldn't Sylar just hear Peter's heart to locate him, since he stole super-hearing a few episodes ago.)

Just in defense of this particular thing (as I thought of it too at the time), Claude's power always seemed to do a little more than just literal invisibility. When they showed him (rather than the untrained Peter) using it before it always guaranteed that no one (other than Peter for whatever reason) wouldn't notice him. People didn't see him, hear him (even in uncrowded spaces, like his introduction to HRG), people don't notice him pushing through crowded streets or lifting purses of people. I guess I'm willing to buy into the idea that his power forces other people to renders him undetectable to human senses until proven otherwise (yeah, HRG's nightvision goggle thingies saw him, but there's enough wiggle room that I'm willing to let it slide to enjoy the story).

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the previews.

What was in the previews? My stupid DVR cut them off (does anyone have a superpower to fix that?)! :-)

One thing I noticed about PastHiro vs. FutureHiro--Masi Oka is a better actor speaking Japanese than English. Unless FutureHiro is supposed to be a little awkward and flat in his dourness?

As yet, no name has been given to the "heroes". Even five years in the future, apparently.

Sure there was. They were called "terrorists."

Kenrick said...

My friend suggested that Linderman might be the one that heals Sylar after being stabbed by Hiro, although as to why he would do that I dunno. Does Linderman want Sylar to replace Nathan? What about Candice? Anyway I just thought I'd throw that out there.

Alan Sepinwall said...

One thing I noticed about PastHiro vs. FutureHiro--Masi Oka is a better actor speaking Japanese than English. Unless FutureHiro is supposed to be a little awkward and flat in his dourness?

What I noticed is that, once Future Hiro and Present Hiro were separated, Masi stopped trying so hard to make Future Hiro's voice sound significantly deeper.

Jesse said...

As yet, no name has been given to the "heroes". Even five years in the future, apparently.

Unofficially, at least, they're referred to as "evolved humans".

Anonymous said...

"Wow. That is one overdramatic future."

I know. On a weekly drama!

"Claude's power always seemed to do a little more than just literal invisibility."

Good call. More like The Shadow's power to "cloud men's minds" than literal light-bending invisibility, I figure. Hey, whatever happened to Christopher Eccleston, anyway? He just... disappeared.

Anonymous said...

My DVR killed the previews, too. Grr. Arg. Oh well.

And I, too, don't want the alternate future to come true. It is too Genoshan. Blechy.

Hey, whatever happened to Christopher Eccleston, anyway? He just... disappeared.


Anonymous said...


I've thought of that too, but if the idea is that Claude isn't noticed until he does something really obvious -- like when he actually ran into some street vendors when he and Peter first met -- shouldn't Peter pounding on the ground with sledge hammers (which is what it must sound like to Sylar) count?

I don't really like to dwell on these questions, either; I'm just saying that as Peter and Sylar collect more powers these questions will pop up more and more.


I didn't DVR the episode; did someone use the phrase "evolved human"? I thought "terrorist" was only used to describe some of the evolved humans, like Hiro (but not, say, "Nathan").


And yeah, I miss Eccleston, too. I hope he'll be around next season. (In fairness to Treacher, it's really hard to not to make a pun when talking about his character...not being around. See?)


Anonymous said...

Is there any reason why Future Hiro didn't just go back and kill Sylar, say when he was a child? That way it'd avoid the need to save Claire and the world.

Anonymous said...

Cass said...

Is there any reason why Future Hiro didn't just go back and kill Sylar, say when he was a child? That way it'd avoid the need to save Claire and the world.

But then there wouldn't be a show! ;-D