Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heroes: Same as it ever was

Spoilers for the "Heroes" season premiere coming up just as soon as I change the toner cartridges...

Due to all the DVD screeners I got in advance, "Heroes" was the only Monday show that I care about that I had to wait to watch live. After that much-discussed dud of a first season finale, I wasn't exactly counting the seconds until it began, but I thought Kring and company did a solid job of reintroducing the characters and setting the table for season two. I'm not sure I'm ever again going to have the blind faith in the series that existed before the finale, but as long as I'm willing to accept that "Heroes" is mostly flash without substance (save the Claire/HRG relationship) and that a lot more thought will go into the journey than the destination, I can still enjoy it.

Lots of stuff to deal with, so much so that Nikki and Sylar only appeared in the preview for upcoming episodes. Parkman is divorced (woo-hoo!) and starring in a "My Two Dads '07" remake with Mohinder and Molly. Mohinder is trying to go undercover with The Company, using Ned Ryerson (now with alchemical powers!) to do it. Claire and HRG (I refuse to call him Noah, sorry) are trying to lay low in their new identities, and yet HRG is still in some segment of the paper business, and Claire is still interested in cheeerleading. (Though didn't the "Six Months Earlier" episode establish that she never really liked it and only joined for peer pressure reasons?) Hiro's engaged in some kind of feudal Japanese version of "Back to the Future" (I eagerly await him showing Kensei a wallet-sized photo of the Nakamura clan, with his sister gradually disappearing from it.) And in the present, Papa Nakamura faced a death threat from one of the original Company members and got thrown off a building seconds before faithful Ando could bring him a sword. We've got our fugitive newbies Maya and Alejandro (and as a "Sopranos" die-hard, it was hard to look at Maya without immediately breaking into an AJ-style crying jag about Blanca) and, oh yeah, Nathan and Peter ain't dead! And Nathan has a beard! And Peter a completely bang-free buzz cut!

Okay, so it's a little hard to get worked up about the survival of the brothers Petrelli, since we all suspected they'd be coming back long before Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia (and, for that matter, Zachary Quinto) kept making promotional appearances with the rest of the cast. I'm not sure whether the survival of these three characters makes me even more annoyed with the finale -- since it negates much of the drama about Hiro killing a man and the Petrellis sacrificing their lives to save the world -- or I'm glad to have so much of that episode quickly reversed. But I'm genuinely intrigued by Amnesia Peter, as he has the potential to be a lot less mopey and pretentious than original recipe Emo Peter.

As for the rest of it, my favorite characters remain Hiro and HRG, and I was pleased with both of their storylines. Hiro's increasing disillusionment at English poseur mercenary Kensei was a lot of fun, as was his dismay at turning Marty McFly ("Oh, no. I broke history!"), but the episode's highlight had to be HRG laying down the law to his new boss.

A few other thoughts:
  • Can someone who's more anal about series continuity remind me how much, if anything, Mrs. Bennet and Claire's brother remember about her powers, Radioactive Ted burning down their house, their reasons for being fugitives, etc.? They've all had their minds wiped so many times -- well, everyone but Mr. Muggles -- that it's hard to keep track.
  • RIP, Papa Nakamura. I really liked the scene where he explained to Ando why he continued to wait every day for Hiro's return at the spot of his disappearance, and I'm hopeful the writers find a way for George Takei to still appear on occasion. Given that this season's theme is going to be the origins of the Company and its original group of super types, the occasional Takei flashback doesn't seem unreasonable, does it?
  • Claire and Micah suggest that, while super parents produce super kids, the powers themselves aren't passed down. So I'm assuming that Claire's flying new love interest is no relation to Nathan. It's already creepy enough that so many fans were predicting a Claire/Peter 'ship after their first meeting; I don't need more potential incest speculation.
  • Because it bears repeating: Parkman's wife is gone! Yes! And by starting to apply his powers professionally, he's already much less of a lox than he was last season. I like Greg Grunberg and want to like Parkman; this is all a step in the right direction.
  • They kept Mohinder's narration. Grr. Argh.
What did everybody else think?


Anonymous said...

Jim Profit looks all wrong with that beard.

I turned off the episode halfway through, and have decided I don't need this one anymore. As soon as they started showing the little girl's pictures, it was like, "Oh, she's Isaac this year." And oh, Evil Corporation is back. I liked the character of Kensei -- for some reason, I kept thinking of Hiro's plotline in terms of My Favorite Year (must be all the sake) -- but that's really not enough to keep me going.

I think it's nice that Aurora and Northstar (or Jan and Zana) have the superability to read in the dark.

If I hear it's getting radically awesome, or that Parkman and Mohinder are metaphorically gettin' it on, or something, maybe I'll check it out on DVD. But I'm checking out. Some of it was that, after Chuck, I think I finally had to acknowledge how heavy-handed Heroes is.

I prefer my superheroes Whedonriffic.

memphish said...

All in all it could have used a few more commercial breaks because it was mostly boring me between them.

First the "arty" shots of Mohinder with the shadows all over his face and then all atilt when meeting with the Primatech guy were as annoying as his narration. I was glad to see he's working with HRG because otherwise he needed to have "Sucker" tattooed to his forehead. So is the virus real, or a ruse to draw out Primatech?

The Parkman story appears to have the opportunity to be much improved, but the way they swept away how you survive those gunshots, recover from them, get a divorce, leave your unborn (and I would guess "special") child, and get custody of a girl you aren't related to is a peeve. This is another case of Kring trying to sell me a bill of goods along with Nathan's ability not to be melted by an atomic Peter and I'm getting tired of accepting this crap. Lack of real consequences makes me not care.

The most interesting part was Sulu and Lady Macbeth, but we didn't get enough of them.

Hiro and a fake English samurai makes me wish that Sark could put us all out of our misery.

Here's hoping the next couple of week's will narrow and focus. Oh and what was Maya's power? The shots were so dark I couldn't tell what she'd done to those people and I have HD.

Anonymous said...

So Matt really is divorced? I thought maybe it was just part of his new "cover" identity as Molly's father? Wasn't there something last year about how he was going to have to leave his wife and unborn child to keep them safe?

KaveDweller said...

I liked the premiere but was a little confused about all the exposition that about stuff that happened in the four months. Parkman got divorced? Why? He was all about saving his wife last year. Nathan and Peter survived? And everyone knows Nathan did? So, shouldn't he be Senator? And why are they copying Lost with the "hero grows beard and drinks too much? I guess we will find out how, but still.

I feel like Kensai is just Sark with a really good cover.

Anonymous said...

I generally agree with your comments (I glad I'm not the only one that was hoping for an extra commercial break every now and then). The only way I can justify Nathan not getting all melty from Peter is that I think he flew Peter up, then dropped him and sped away. That would also explain why he seemed to look so guilty when catching Peter's image in the mirror looking back at him (a great shot, I thought).

Anonymous said...

I was pretty disappointed -- especially in the acting and the writing.

(The appearance of Commissioner Jarry in Cairo, however, was welcomed. I think his mental-gold alchemy trick would have gone over quite well in Yankton).

The most dispiriting moment had to be the demise of Papa Nakamura. You go to all the trouble to cast the inimitable George Takei, imply that he has boss powers and that he may be part of a global conspiracy of aged heroes. Then, inexplicably, you kill him off with a roof prat fall.

So what was his power? Super-Lame-Deathiness?

Or will it be "BringBackToLifeDuringSweeps-O-Vison"?

Unknown said...

This is a bit off-topic, but i find the Nissan product placement to be a bit heavy handed in "Heroes". All I could think about when HRG gives Claire the car is "was the director instructed to keep the Nissan logo in the shot and in focus?" After a season of Hiro referring to the rental car by it's full name "Nissan Versa", I'd rather not listen to the Bennett family prattle on about the roomy and stylish new Nissan Rogue. I suppose it's no less subtle than Apple getting their laptops and logo into every shot on other shows.

Anyone else find it distracting or irritating?

BF said...

I think we're going to get the answers to kavedweller's questions in "Four Months Ago", Episode #2.8 according to Wikipedia. Which seems like a bit of a cheat, but whatever. As long as the HRG beatdowns and Petrelli-in-a-Box! moments continue.

Also nice to see that Darth Charlie has joined the cast as Sulu's killer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I figured that Matt wasn't really divorced, just trying to keep his family safe. But maybe they really were trying to get rid of the dead weight?

I like both Peter AND Mohinder's newly short haircuts. Much, much, much better!

Is Maya's power the ability to control the Black Oil from X-files?
P.S. For anyone else out there that has kids (and thus watches kids shows), didn't you expect Maya's brother to be named Miguel. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised by the negative feedback. I thought the show was pretty solid.

I think Nathan can't assume his role as congressman because he is so distraught over Peter being dead. From what Mama P said, if Nathan hadn't flown Peter into the sky he would not be "dead" right now. And maybe another reason would be that because he stopped the bomb, the company is not too pleased with him right now.

What was up with Nathan seeing his face all scarred in the mirror? And it looks like Peter has acquired at least one new power since he has exploded. Too bad about those Ipods though.

Anonymous said...

I hope Parkman's wife is gone for good ... nothing against the actress who played her but the character was total dead weight. My guess is that in Episode 2.8 we'll find out that the baby isn't his and/or that she wants a divorce because she can't deal with his telepathy.

I actually didn't realize the car was a product placement until the commercial breaks -- I was just really confused about why Claire was so excited since I'd never heard of a car called the "Rogue." Don't most teenagers want Mustangs or Jeeps or convertibles? (Actually, come to think of it, I was just thrilled to have any car, even my very-used Honda Civic.)

All in all a solid setup to the new season. I was disappointed in the finale as well, but I think it had the effect of moderating my expectations. "Heroes" is an entertaining hour of TV that occasionally achieves awesomeness, but it's not especially smart.

Matt said...

It's interesting to contrast the heavy-handed product placement in Heroes with the smarter touch HIMYM showed with the same exact problem. (I assume they ahd a requirement to mention Cadillac, which was sponsoring the whole night, and did so with a "Cadillac of breakups" joke that was mildly funny.)

Robin said...

"Is Maya's power the ability to control the Black Oil from X-files?"

Haha! Maybe Mulder can come investigate.

Overall, I enjoyed the premiere. My biggest complaint is Molly, who I think has the great potential to be REALLY annoying. I loved Micah last year, but this one seems to be more of a typical TV kid. Hopefully my first impressions will be reversed soon, or I will have yet ANOTHER reason to dislike the Parkman story lines.

Loved that Mohinder is working with HRG...it's nice to see that he hasn't reverted to complete cluelessness. Still love the Claire/HRG relationship.

Alan-from my memories of S1, I believe that Mrs. Bennett and Claire's brother remember the house exploding. And I don't think Bennett wiped Mrs. B's memory since then. If Claire is in high school under an assumed name, it would only make sense that her brother would be as well, and the whole family would need to know why.

Claire's new friend is CREEPY.

Finally, did they re-cast the brother role? He looked different.

Alan Sepinwall said...

One point I forgot to make earlier: while Sendhil Ramamurthy continues to do a convincing accent, the guys playing the Irish hijackers (including, I think, Holt McCallany) all sounded atrocious with their brogues. Heldenfels compared it to a Lucky Charms ad, and I don't think he was far off.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Alan-from my memories of S1, I believe that Mrs. Bennett and Claire's brother remember the house exploding. And I don't think Bennett wiped Mrs. B's memory since then.

Thanks. Also, what happened to the storyline about her brain turning to mush from all the memory wipes?

Taleena said...

I enjoyed the episode even though I no longer have blind faith in Tim Kring. I knew it would be exposition heavy with little in the way of action.

Adrian Pasdar with a beard? Yes, Please. I hope he doesn't shave it when he stops drinking himself silly merely trims it up a bit.

Continued love for HRG. Methinks that he is going to have a harder time than Claire maintaining cover.

Parkman! Parkman! Parkman! Is he just drawn to protecting annoying, passive-agressive women no matter their age? They ditched the cheating wife to make him share screen time with the 8 yr old version of her.

Mohinder - shut up and look pretty. Thank You.

I always thought Hiro was Kensai and I have not been disabused of that notion yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that's not the first time George Takei has wrestled with a guy in a hoodie and gone down.

Everybody's so mean to Parkman's now-ex-wife. I appreciated her... talents.

So now they have an American playing a Brit playing a Japanese guy. I wonder how Anders' Japanese sounds to native speakers? And yes, the "Irish" guys sounded awful.

And Ebola Girl's powers activate if she gets too far away from her brother? Could not be creepier.

Anonymous said...

I get the impression that Mrs. HRG is suffering the effects of having her mind wiped a few too many times. Poor Mr. Muggles.

The good news is that this episode sucked far less than the pilot or the s1 finale. For a show that's really only had 2 good episodes to date, I don't expect all that much.

They couldn't afford to keep George Takei around more this year?

I agree with Alan that only the characters that bring the interest are Hiro and HRG. All in all, this episode didn't lose me, but I'm still very skeptical about the series.

Paul Gibney said...

Nice one, Treacher.

By the way, is it just me or did we never learn what Papa Takei's power was?

As for our soon to be illegal alien heroes, I'm guessing she's got some sort of sonic power.

Anonymous said...

Proving that left and right can come together on the important issues, I too agree with Jim on Mrs. Parkman's considerable... talents.

Okay, I had to look it up; Holt McCallany went to school for a while in Ireland, and while sure, that might be 10, 20 years ago, since he actually has first hand experience on how native Irish speak... what the hell, Mr. McCallany?

Anonymous said...

Lindy: "'Heroes' is an entertaining hour of TV that occasionally achieves awesomeness, but it's not especially smart."

Perfect! That is exactly how I feel about it. Well said!

Taleena: "Mohinder - shut up and look pretty. Thank You."

My sentiments exactly. I still enjoy Heroes, and I have enjoyed Lost all along, but I think it's all about expectations.

Andrew Dignan said...

Let me go to bat for the former Mrs. Parkman as well. She gets all my second-place votes for hottest MILF on TV (after Mrs. Coach of course).

Am I the only one already bored with Captain Jack the Samurai?

Claire was a horrible student in S1. Said she got a C- in science at one point. Don't make me go all Comic Book Guy on you Kring!

Oh, and how cute! She (maybe) is falling for a guy just like her daddy! Psycho-therapists across the globe applaud.

Lots of nagging questions but unlike some tv sci-fi obsessions this one will get around to answering them sooner as opposed to later.

Unknown said...

So now they have an American playing a Brit playing a Japanese guy. I wonder how Anders' Japanese sounds to native speakers?

Not a native speaker, but a long-time Japanese student. I knew something was up with the Japanese before he took off his mask, but other than occasional awkwardness, he speaks with a slight accent but is otherwise very fluent (the way I imagine that he should, given the character) His rhythm and pronunciation are very good.

From what my Japanese teacher told me, occasionally the Japanese spoken on the show is a little weird, in large part because Masi Oka translates the subtitles into Japanese. Masi Oka, being Japanese-American, occasionally uses Japanese that is relatively odd-sounding to a native speaker, although to me he seems to speak perfect.

Anonymous said...

I guess the producers thought we viewers would get too confused if Claire changed her first name as well as her last name.

Good thing the all-powerful Evil Corporation doesn't have the resources to check schools for a short blonde student named "Claire" who transferred in during the middle of the semester.

Anonymous said...

"Proving that left and right can come together on the important issues..."

You're on the right? Huh.

"I knew something was up with the Japanese before he took off his mask, but other than occasional awkwardness, he speaks with a slight accent but is otherwise very fluent (the way I imagine that he should, given the character)."

That's cool. I wonder if he spoke it already, or learned it for the part? I remember reading somewhere that he'd never even been to England before he started playing Sark on Alias, so obviously he's got an ear for languages.

Anonymous said...

assume they ahd a requirement to mention Cadillac, which was sponsoring the whole night, and did so with a "Cadillac of breakups" joke that was mildly funny.

And when Ted said that all I could think of was Snoop saying "He mean Lexus, but he don't know that."

K J Gillenwater said...

I think the hispanic girl's power only 'activates' when she is separated from her brother. Thus, the reason the brother and she got all upset when he got left behind in the jungle. Which could pose some interesting plot issues later on...

I thought the whole Claire and family around the table was awkward, forced, and filmed oddly. The 'humor' was heavy-handed. The scene in the copy store was just ridiculous. Of *course* the dad who used to work for the 'paper company' is now working in a copy store. I can just see the writers smiling smugly around their table thinking they were so ironic and clever. Just stupid.

The only good parts for me: Claire and this new flying boy, Peter with amnesia in the crate and a better hair cut, the dynamic brother/sister killing duo, and Sark!

I didn't really care about Mama Petrelli getting her life threatened b/c she is evil. Sulu was really not much of a character, so his death was kinda no big deal to me. Hate the two grown men raising the adorably cute girl with nightmares. Ugh.

And what was all this talk at the beginning about a 'hero' virus which we never saw in action? Was that a lie?? Is this the new mystery to solve? They didn't clearly define what in hell the season was about.

Oh, and I really miss the comic book drawings of Isaac.

Anonymous said...

"You're on the right? Huh."

No, you're thinking of YOUR right. I'm over here, on the left.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Sounds weird, but if you say so, Dan! ;)

The dinner table scene was pretty bad, yeah. They don't have anything to talk about, we get it.

Anonymous said...

Lots of nagging questions but unlike some tv sci-fi obsessions this one will get around to answering them sooner as opposed to later.

I heard an interview with HRG yesterday and he said that the season will be divided into three "stories" (Volumes?); IIRC, the first arc is 11 eps, then the other two are 7 and 6 eps (or vice versa). So we'll get lots of answers in short order.

FWIW, I liked the season premiere. I was a little confused as to who Nathan was seeing the mirror, though, himself or Peter all scarred up. It actually makes sense both ways, at least.

Hiro/Ando and HRG/Claire are my faves. I hope Hiro & Ando are reunited soon.

One thing I didn't like: the previews showing what Sylar is up to and giving away other plot developments. Leave me a little surprise for later, won't you? It's not as bad as friggin' "Beauty and the Geek" (they practically gave away the winner in their season preview), but still...sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Science Teacher: Voyage of the Beagle, not Journey, which I think is what you said.

It does seem super-obvious that Hiro is actually going to become Kensei; on another show I'd expect that to be subverted, but this isn't another show. Although, aside from casting someone familiar to the audience, I have to wonder why they put David Anders in that spot.

Of *course* the dad who used to work for the 'paper company' is now working in a copy store.

Which, to the degree that it does make sense -- in that he knows something about, uh, paper -- it doesn't make sense, because he's hiding.

Alan Sepinwall said...

In fairness, working at a copy shop is so far down the food chain even from the Primatech Paper front that I doubt the Company would think to look for him there.

On the other hand, sticking with first names and not asking Claire to alter her appearance (like her brunette look from the Days of Futures Past episode) seems a bit sloppy for our HRG.

As for Anders as Kensei, it makes sense within the feet-of-clay parameters they're creating for the character. Hiro has built him up to be this incredible Japanese legend, and not only isn't he the least bit heroic, but he's not even Japanese.

And, like everyone else, I'm firmly expecting Hiro to wind up performing most of Kensei's legendary deeds for him.

Susan said...

Everyone is assuming that Hiro's father is dead. I'm not so sure. We never learned his power, and it could easily be something (like Claire's) that would enable him to survive the fall from the rooftop.

Every time that narration starts, I can't help but say, "Shut up, Mohinder." Wish they'd drop it. I also think that if you're going to raise a little girl - one who is terrified of a boogeyman and had both her parents killed - maybe you want to do it in an apartment that isn't so dark and dreary? That place looked like a dungeon.

Anonymous said...

According to IMDb, Takei is back next week but isn't listed after that.

Alan Sepinwall said...

I'm not going to delete Jim's comment, because IMDb is so unreliable (especially with regards to TV guest stars) as to be useless. But please, let's not start posting potential spoilers in the comments. And news on how many more episodes Takei will be in skirts too close to spoiler territory for my liking.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I think the "hero virus" was the disease Molly was suffering from at the end of last season, the same disease that killed Mohinder's sister way back in the day. But I definitely didn't get the impression that it was a huge threat until this episode. I wonder if they're going somewhere, or if they just used it as an excuse to put Mohinder and the Company in the same room.

KaveDweller said...

Andrew Dignan in response to your comment, Claire was a bad stdudet last year...but I think her knowing about Charles Darwin was just because the "survival of the fittest" stuff is the same thing that Mohinder's narration is always about.

And Alan, Mrs. Bennet's brain storyline turning to mush was dropped with no explanation. I think her finding out he truth when Ted exploded the house was supposed to cute her or something. As in, know that she knows everything there are no side effects of previous memory wipes. It SORTA makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Takei is gone, like somebody previously said, his character isn't important enough to bring back from the(seemingly) dead. I'm sure we will see some flashbacks and whatnot.The show will lose credibility if characters keep coming back from the dead. I couldn't tell if there were 2 bodies or 1 on the ground at the end of the death scene. I'm assuming only one since the person who murdered Sulu would not likely kill himself as well. And why didn't Mamma P die on the same day as well? I thought the picture meant certain death in 24 hours.

Nathan definitely saw himself in the mirror at the bar.

Does anyone else want to smack Parkman? He reads minds! He doesn't have super strength and he can't shoot random charges of energy out of his hands. What makes him think he can beat Sylar by himself, let alone this new evil guy.

Anonymous said...

Nathan with the beard reminded me of Will Ferrell in Anchorman when Ron Burgandy gets fired and he goes all mopey & drunk.


Anonymous said...

Alright, then.

dark tyler said...

Anonymous, I was coming over here to post the exact same thing! Nathan is now lost and blaming his self and is in a generally bad place. And we know this because he has a beard. Jeez, at least with HIMYM we got the 21st President joke.

By the way, did anyone else get the impression that George Takei was the man that Hiro saved in the beginning of the episode? Man, if I'm right, he better not be playing an ancestor, because that'd be so Smallvile of them.

Anonymous said...

The child actress playing Molly was much improved from last season.

Why would the Company be fooled by Mohinder? Eric Roberts recruited him last season, which was how he first met Molly. Even if they don't realize he's still in cahoots with HRG, the Mohinder scenes all felt like this was some brand new meeting, at least from the Company's perspective. Did I miss something that showed otherwise?

Michael said...

At "Tubular" over at the Houston Chronicle, the reviewer likens Nakamura's death with that of the Comedian in "Watchmen" - old timey hero gets pushed from a window, the suspect is someone he knows from his old days as a hero, etc.

I read somewhere that David "Sark" Anders spent 4 months in Japan learning to speak fluent Japanese for his role on this show.

I totally missed the "turning a spoon into gold" trick by Stephen "Hugo Jarry" Tobolowsky.

Why were there lit Bunsen burners in Claire's class while talking about Darwin? And if her friend has flying powers, that's the first time we've had duplication of powers on the show.

Kenrick said...

Haha, yeah I thought they were in a chemistry class... and then they started to talk about Darwin for no reason.

I find the writing in this show to be terribly awkward at times. I also do not like Mohinder's narration, because it's supposed to sound profound, but it doesn't.

I'm not as excited about this show as I was last season, but I will keep watching 'cause I'm still entertained and I've learned to let things slide (ie don't expect too much) as long as the plot keeps moving.

How do the Bennetts have such a nice house? Why would HRG even need to work then? These are the things I think about during the show, and then I *shrug* my shoulders and continue to watch.

I like the Hiro storyline, 'cause it seems to be heading towards a classic Hero-ey story, but I wonder how it will tie in to the present.

Another thought, Maya seems like the type of "Hero" that the Company might eliminate if she can't control her powers.

"Phil? Phil Connors? Phil Connors, I thought that was you!" Oh, man I love that movie.

Dani In NC said...

So many things to comment on!
--I like Adrian Pasdar better with facial hair, and I don't care why they gave it to him.
--The product placement doesn't bother me a bit. In fact, product placement makes shows seem more real to me than having the characters drive a Brand X-Mobile.
--The character of Mohinder annoys me greatly and I wish they would write him out.
--The Bennett dinner scene was weird. Claire's mother still seems a bit unhinged or in denial. I think the brother is the same actor but has gone through a growth spurt.
--I'm not looking forward to Nikki/Jessica or Sylar coming back. The people who showed up in the pilot (with the exception of Mohinder) are the only ones I am interested in following from last season. Bring us some new powers!

Anonymous said...

"I read somewhere that David 'Sark' Anders spent 4 months in Japan learning to speak fluent Japanese for his role on this show."

Knew it!

Anonymous said...

By the way, did anyone else get the impression that George Takei was the man that Hiro saved in the beginning of the episode?

Yep, I expected it to be Past Version Sulu under the mask. I wouldn't mind it so much, either.

I like Mohinder. His narration doesn't bother me the way it bothers some of you (although sometimes, I do laugh at it), and he sure is nice to look at. Uh, what was the question?

Anonymous said...

I'm just so happy to have Sark, er, David Anders back on my tv screen, I don't care how goofy his character is. It doesn't surprise me that his Japanese is actually decent, given that I thought he was British for two years before discovering he was actually from Oregon. D'oh!

barefootjim said...

I thought that it was funny that they started off with Mohinder's narration, and as the entire Heroes audience groaned, they revealed that a) it was part of a lecture and b) nobody in his lecture audience gave a damn, either.

I think that it was a combination wink and "bite me" to those of us who hate the narration.


Anonymous said...

I posted a long rant which touches on how my personal problems with Heroes relates back to my personal problems with Watchmen here

Anonymous said...

Number five - I thought the exact same thing. How can Mohinder be going undercover when 'The Company' already knows who he is? The only explanation I could think of is that the leader guy from last year was going rogue or they have different smaller 'cells' with a lot of autonomy.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Mohinder/Bennett and co. know if Sylar is dead or not.

As I'm surprised Parkman and Molly are staying at Mohinder's appartment surely Sylar would come back and get the list of superpeople.

Stef said...

Hey - New to your blog, but I'll stop back. I was also really let down by the finale last year, but thought the season premiere was fairly decent. I'm watching episode 2 now, and so far:

-I will watch Sark do anything.
-Claire's little high school romance with FlyBoy is better than her mean queen friendship with the nice closeted kid last year.
-I love when Peter Petrelli kicks a@@, even if we still don't know why he's in Ireland.
-Like many have said, Mohinder is darn pretty... but a total bore. He should just stand in the background of cooler stories.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i don't watch heroes that much but i am in love with the Irish bartender chick that peter is hanging out with. can anyone please tell me her name, mltlmt41251@hotmail.com
thank you

Anonymous said...

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