Monday, September 24, 2007

Prison breaks

Brief spoilers for the second episodes of "Prison Break" and "K-Ville" coming up just as soon as I find a crowbar...

To quote George Costanza, that's it for me! Fox sent out two episodes of each on DVD, and with the rest of the networks now back in action, I can't see myself making time for either show going forward.

In fairness, "Prison Break" had a few moments here and there that reminded me why I used to like (but never love) the show in the first season, notably Michael figuring out a way to get the water running again as a means of saving himself and Whistler. And I can't hate too hard on any show that gives Robert Wisdom regular employment. But I think with a show this ridiculous, you have to have far greater affection for the characters than I've ever had. Maybe I'll check back in on a night when "Chuck" and "HIMYM" are in repeats or something, but I didn't really miss the show after I stopped watching a third of the way into season two, and I doubt I'll miss it this time, either.

I don't even see the need to check in on "K-Ville," though it's also hard to hate too much on a show that's providing so much cash to the New Orleans area. I said last week that I thought the twist about Cobb being an escaped prisoner was ridiculous, and the treatment here didn't do anything to lessen that. I mean, I'm glad that they didn't go for some kind of false tension where it turned out that somebody in the prison recognized him (other than the crazy guy who called him a ghost), only to get killed before they could spill the beans. But it just doesn't add nearly as much as it takes away, and we're now two for two on eeeevil conspiracies to exploit the Katrina aftermath. I like Anthony Anderson, but I can't see him getting enough to do to make me want to come back anytime soon.

What did everybody else think?


Chris Littmann said...

Because neither show really deserves a comment, and you haven't made a post about it yet, I thought I'd pose a Weeds-related question after a STELLAR episode this evening.

Is this a 12- or 14-episode season? I see 14 listed on IMDB, but 12 listed on This was episode seven, and I'm loving where we're headed!

Anonymous said...

I skipped "K-Ville" because of "Heroes," but I watched "Prison Break" and...I'm still in. I like hot sweaty men, what can I say? Plus it's fun watching the tables turned on Bellick.

Chris Littmann said...
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Chris Littmann said...

I feel like I'm just along for the ride at this point with Prison Break. Anyone really doubt they'll get Sara and LJ back? I've always described this show like they fell off a tall building and they keep bouncing off cushy pillows. You don't ever really feel like they're in trouble.

With that being said, it's survived a hell of a lot longer on my DVR list than Californication, which I finally gave the ax tonight. Gag, I couldn't take it anymore.

Also, to comment on K-Ville, I bailed after Week 1, mainly because I don't have room for it on Monday nights. With football, Heroes, PB, HIMYM, Weeds and (probably) Chuck, there's just no time! I didn't think it was anything special.