Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't tell mom the Applegate's lame

Actually, Applegate is pretty cool; it's her new show that's lame. Today's column:
Why can't someone write Christina Applegate the great comedy she deserves?

Okay, so "deserve" is maybe a strong word when discussing anything about Hollywood (like Clint said in "Unforgiven," "deserve" has got nothing to do with it), but it's frustrating to watch her spend most of her career -- including her new ABC sitcom "Samantha Who?" -- being so much funnier than the material she's given.
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Anonymous said...

quite possibly my favorite movie as a kid

i feel as though abc seriously hurt the show holding back it's premier. now people already have their tivo season passes set up and their viewing lineup locked down and especially with the lack of promos abc is running have probably forgotten about the show

dark tyler said...

Don't care about the show, just wanted to say that I loved the "Unforgiven" reference! :)

Anonymous said...

Best headline ever, Alan! :D I also would have given you points for referencing the movie Overboard in some way. But let's face it, Christina Applegate is no Goldie Hawn.

Anonymous said...

Alan - I agree she could have more work - but the long stretch of time off from tv was when she was on Broadway, no?

Matt said...

"Sweet Charity" on B'Way was a big dream project for her. Indeed, she wound up putting a lot of her own money on the line for it, if reports are to be believed. She was fairly good in it, too, though the material has dated REALLY badly. Allegedly, she turned down several substantial paychecks (including "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") to do the show.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Damn you people and your facts getting in the way of a perfectly good argument! Damn you all to h-e-double-hockey-sticks!

That said, I still wish she got more/better work.

Anonymous said...

i can't begin to express how gratifying it is to see that people (both here and at twop) love 'don't tell mom...' as much as i did (okay, do)

Alan Sepinwall said...

"Dishes are done, dude!"

Unknown said...

Actually, I strongly disagree about Christina Applegate.

I find her to be somewhat of a grating but dry-as-toast actress. She's nothing special and never has been anything special.

I feel like movies and TV have given her chance after chance after chance to have a vehicle - maybe the reason she's never broken out the way a Jennifer Aniston has on TV or Reese Witherspoon in film, is that Applegate is dull, simply not a memorable actress?

I live here in the Washington, DC area and keep seeing the Redskins owner every year spend more money than anyone else to try and "fix" the Redskins - it never happens. It's not the way to build a team.

Many better actors have accepted their lot in life as getting good, occassional supporting work on shows and films. Fred Willard has never been a star, but always a valuable role player in so many things.

Maybe that's what Applegate should soot for because she's just not very interesting.

If her show is a surprise hit tonight, she has "Dancing with the Stars" to thank. Not any discernable acting talent.

Anonymous said...


i love you and your blog but i've got to say i loved "sam who" tonight.

i'm a simple man and not all that bright, but there were many lol moments tonight. lol moments are something i rarely see on network sitcoms.

that aa meeting toward the end... come on, are there really that many funnier scenes on network sitcoms this year? aside from the one's you've fallen for and want so badly to succeed? level playing field and all?

y'all seem to want every new show to hit one out of the park from the get-go. this came very close. give it some time. a few eps. let it ferment a bit before you write it off so quickly.

eh, maybe i am too simple. but i loved it...

two thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

Also, not to be ridiculously picky, but "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead" came out in 1991, while "Married With Children" ran from 1987 to 1997. So, it wasn't a post-Married role for Applegate. "The Sweetest Thing", from 2002 (a dreadful movie) was probably her biggest post-MWC role.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Also, not to be ridiculously picky, but "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead" came out in 1991, while "Married With Children" ran from 1987 to 1997. So, it wasn't a post-Married role for Applegate.

Oh, I know that. But it was essentially the only lead role she got because of her work as Kelly Bundy. "Sweetest Thing" was so much later that you can only credit that as a working actress auditioning well and getting the job.

Anonymous said...

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