Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A new series premieres, sight unseen

Today's column looks at the premieres of "Cavemen" and "Carpoolers," but only manages to review the latter:
This is the part of the column where you should be reading a review of "Cavemen" (8 p.m., Ch. 7), the new ABC comedy in which the Cro-Magnons from the Geico commercials are used for some kind of racial allegory. One problem: ABC didn't send out a review screener because, as one publicist put it, "it isn't ready to send out for review."

In other words, it stinks.
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Chip said...

Shame about Carpoolers. Fred Goss and Bruce McColloch!

Anonymous said...

New adventures in product placement, or something like it: the opening bit in Carpoolers has them singing to "I'm All Out of Love" on the radio; the first commercial, 5 minutes later, is a Denny's ad that uses the same song.

Anonymous said...


Are you basing your review of Carpool on just the pilot or on future eps too? Because based on the pilot alone, I thought this was a funny show that has a lot of potential. Its humor was completely off the wall, mostly by Aubrey (watch him crawling on the driveway with the garbage bags or sitting in Gracen's sink and tell me you can stop yourself from laughing).

Don't get me wrong, it's no Arrested Development, but for a pilot, I thought it had enough potential to reach at least Malcom in the Middle status as a one-camera sitcom high on alternative laughs based on situation, character loopiness and physical humor.

Granted, the show has it's problems (Jerry O'Connell needs to be more consistently funny with his character, and Faith Ford needs to be more consistently absent from the show), but this show made me laugh out loud more than anything else I've seen on network TV in a while.

Matt said...

Five minutes into "Cavemen," and this is a variation on a late 90s "Friends" clone with a few jokes for the present day. I don't quite know what exactly the "Cavemen" premise has to do with any of the humor (to the extent there was any).

Undercover Black Man said...

I watched "Cavemen."

I laughed more during the Bataan Death March portion of Ken Burns's "The War."

Abbie said...

I didn't hate Carpoolers. I like the actors (Fred Goss especially) and I'll give it another try with the hope that I can see that son in his underpants again. (I'm just kidding- they did beat all the life out of that joke.) It was dumb but it's amazing how long I'll put up with dumb if it doesn't have a laugh track.

stevie said...

Alan, I have been waiting for you to weigh in on Cavemen ALL DAY! Come on! Your public is clamoring!

Anonymous said...

I actually thought Carpoolers was worse than Cavemen with ratings of "absymal" and "abysmal plus" respectively.