Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sepinwall on TV: 'House' gets a creative shot in the arm

Blog as column incubator, part 936: today's column is mostly a rehash of last week's blog entry about the final four "House" fellowship candidates, though I talk a little more about why I feel the search has reinvigorated the show.


Anonymous said...

Ha, "Rhymes-With-Witch." I guess that's the difference between a family newspaper and the Internet.

I absolutely agree that House's "antagonists of the season" were humorless and annoying. (Especially now that we've seen how entertaining Chi McBride can be needling the main characters on "Pushing Daisies.")

Of course, the original authority figure sent in to foil House's schemes was Cuddy -- but I their interplay turned out to be too comedic (in a good way) to provide a lot of conflict.

Anonymous said...

House and Cuddy's interlay has become a little too comedic. Dr. Cuddy is in danger of becoming a caricature.

Anonymous said...

This season has been a huge disappointment. I don't watch Big Brother, Survivor or any of those other ridiculous reality-TV shows, so I'm not amused or impressed by the writers using that conceit here.

As far as House goes, I've found he's gotten boring. And I agree that Cuddy has become a caricature.

Cuddy should've fired House last season. That way, Cuddy and House could be in a battle of "who'll blink first" over the job. They could've brought in a new diagnostician (Mark Harmon) who is not only a real threat to House (he's brilliant and he's by-the-book), but who can create some much-needed sexual tension between Cuddy, the new doctor, and House. And of course, Wilson, the cottages and the patients will be caught in between the friendly fire.