Thursday, April 24, 2008


Big night of TV coming up, with the return of the ABC line-up ("Ugly Betty"/"Grey's Anatomy"/"Lost") going up against the rejiggered NBC line-up ("Earl"/"Scrubs"/"Office"/"30 Rock"/"ER"), plus new episodes on CBS ("Survivor"/"CSI"/"Without a Trace"). So, simple question: what are you going to watch, and in what order?


j said...

Watch: Ugly Betty, Grey's;
Tape and watch after: scrubs, office, 30 rock;
entirely ignore: survivor, CSI, without a trace

Anonymous said...

I'll watch the NBC line-up (but will likely have gone to bed before ER starts). I will tape ABC (I'd probably watch Lost live if I could, but my spouse goes to bed early, and will want to watch it with me on Friday night).

As for CBS, I have never sat through a full episode of Survivor, CSI or Without A Trace.

David J. Loehr said...

I'm stress-free, at least about tv. I've got a tech rehearsal tonight, so I won't be home, but I only watch three shows on Thursday nights anyway.

30 Rock I'll watch tonight when I get home and unwind. The Office I'll watch as soon as I've watched the last one, still on the TiVo. And Scrubs I'll watch when I've caught up; I still have one pre-strike episode waiting, let alone anything beyond that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about Smallville/Supernatural! That's not a choice? I know that's what my entire household is watching live, along with friends who come over for dinner on Supernatural Thursdays. We'll top off the evening with Lost, and DVR Earl, Scrubs and CSI for later...

Alan Sepinwall said...

Hey, what about Smallville/Supernatural! That's not a choice?

Oh, it's a choice. Everything's a choice. Just not shows I've discussed around here much, if at all.

Anonymous said...

I'll watch NBC live (except for Earl, God, I do hate Earl).

I'll catch Grey's online sometime in the coming days. Shonda lost me live after last season's mess.

Anonymous said...

tough decision, but I'm gonna go Smallville, Grey's, Lost. I'll save the NBC comedies for the weekend.

Nicole said...

Watch Survivor (need to see the post-Ozzy fall out), tape Ugly Betty and then flip over to The Office and 30 Rock. Don't care about the rest.

Smallville airs one day early for me, and it's not worth watching this week. (Although last week was pretty stellar).

Anonymous said...

Live: Survivor, Office, Lost (since I can stay up late tonight; otherwise, Lost gets DVR'd).

DVR and watch after Survivor: Scrubs (unless I get an Ugly Betty jones, in which case, Office is DVR'd and put off until later)

DVR/Taping schedule for Fri-Sun viewing: Smallville, Earl, Betty, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Without a Trace, ER.

I watch way too much TV on Thursdays :-) At least I'm not into Grey's, CSI, or Supernatural, so that saves me a little time-shifting :-D

Anonymous said...

I've got this stuff down to a science. I start with Ugly Betty, which may have the longest teaser in prime time. Once the commercial starts, I hop onto the DVR and start MNIE. Once I catch up to the commercials in that one, Ugly Betty has been on long enough that I can make it to the end without sitting through the commercials. Once it is done, I cruise through the rest of the NBC comedy line up, which usually winds up taking me to about 15 minutes into Lost.

Seriously: How did we live as long as we did without DVRs and Tivo?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to watch Scrubs, Office, and 30 Rock. I will then watch Lost. I might watch the CSI episode on the CBS website tomorrow if the episode turned out to be any good.

Anonymous said...

Watch: Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy
Tape: Scrubs

Unknown said...

I'm going to watch scrubs, the office, then 30 rock, then LOST. Should be one of the best full nights of tv in a long time. Then NBA.

Anonymous said...

Night after night of nothing, and then the night I have a mandatory meeting . . . The only thing I HAVE to watch tonight is LOST. Hopefully I'll get 30 Rock in before that. Earl and The Office on DVR Friday. Ugly Betty at sometime in the next week. And Grey's Anatomy -- never!

Linda said...

I have to throw in with Holli, in that the full episode player is actually non-annoying enough that that's how I catch up with Ugly Betty. I'll probably tape Earl and Scrubs, though I don't know if/when I'll get to them. Watch Survivor, Office/30 Rock, Lost. Maybe tape Grey's, maybe don't bother.

Joe said...

In order of priority:
30 Rock

Thank goodness for two-shows-at-a-time DVRs.
I'm happy there's no Thursday Idol (like Give Back Week). I'd have an angry 11 year old who would lose out.

thedalyn said...

I'm afraid my commitment to Grey's died when Denny did. I've got The Office, 30 Rock, and Lost planned for the DVR. I'll watch Survivor and CSI on On Demand. And, I'll watch the shows I taped from earlier this week while I do that.

Anonymous said...

I might tape Ugly Betty, but if I haven't watched it by next week, I think we're over. The Office, 30 Rock and Without A Trace are my must sees

Anonymous said...

I'll "tivo" everything that I watch... Ugly Betty, Lost, Earl, Scrubs, Office, and 30 Rock... gotta be able to FF thru those commericals right? Especially in Lost, which I'll watch tonight with probably Earl and maybe the Office. I'll watch the rest tomorrow or over the weekend.

K J Gillenwater said...

First - My Name Is Earl
Second - The Office
Third - Supernatural
Fourth - Lost

Save the rest to watch on Friday - 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, Scrubs. The rest is ignored.

My order is determined by the fact I want to watch TV from around 8:30 to 11. If I could choose any order it would be Lost, Supernatural, The Office, My Name is Earl as must sees tonight.

Anonymous said...

I record Office, 30 Rock, and Lost with a single-tuner DVR. I only realized now, when I probably won't be home until after 10, that both ABC and NBC might play shenanigans with the start times that would prevent my vintage-2003 ReplayTV from recording both 30 Rock and Lost.

Kenrick said...

the plan is to watch office, 30 rock, and lost

the alternative is i lose the remote to my roommate, in which case i'll be watching nothing as he watches grey's

dark tyler said...

Well, if I was watching TV shows on TV, I would definitely go for 'Survivor' and 'Lost' live because they're the kind of shows that get kinda pointless the more you delay the viewing.

My viewing order goes like:
1. Survivor
2. Lost
3. 30 Rock
4. The Office
with Grey's on while I'm blogging about the previous four. Then, some CSI goodness to cap it all off.

Elwood said...

Earl, 30 Rock, Office, Scrubs, then switch over to Lost.

DVR and watch later, in no particular order:
Smallville, Grey's, CSI, and ER.

Don't watch:
Ugly Betty, Survivor, and Without a Trace.

Anonymous said...

Alan, saw your quote in the NY Times article about Lost- really looking forward to these last few episodes to close out this strong season.

My lineup (I'll start watching on DVR delay around 9:30)
Leading off will be Office. Very reliable to get on base and get things rolling for the night. Survivor will be next- not expecting a lot from them in the 2 hole, just move the runner over and keep things moving. Batting third is 30 Rock- a lock for lots of laugh out loud moments and at least double off the wall to drive a run home. Batting clean-up is the rejuvenated Lost which can be a bit hit-or-miss but has been on a hot streak of late and can hopefully can hit a homer to close things out.

Anonymous said...

My TV night:

30 Rock
Lil' Bush (hilariously offensive)
Daily Show

Only watch CBS comedy Monday and 60 Minutes, don't watch anything on ABC

bill said...

30 Rock

Bobman said...

Bah, I'm playing tennis tonight so won't get home in time to watch much of anything. Will probably end up watching Lost though just because I don't want to be spoiled by someone mentioning something tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Tuesday's episode of Reaper, which is still saved on the DVR. And possibly an episode of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles from 1993 that I have of DVD from Total Access.

You asked...

Anonymous said...

Tonight: NBC comedies, possibly Lost

Later: CSI

Anonymous said...

Alan, saw your quote in the NY Times article about Lost

What did it say?

Alan Sepinwall said...

What did it say?

Just quoting something from my positive review of the season premiere, as evidence that this season had won back even the most hostile and skeptical critics.

Anonymous said...

DVRing it all; watching "The Spy Who Loved Me" at the Ziegfeld.

Probably will watch LOST when I get home around 1030p.... might even be able to catch up and watch the last minute or two live.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for multiple DVRs in the house...
Watching Ugly Betty with my daughter (she's 11), then Office with her and my husband. She's off to bed and we'll watch 30 Rock and Without a Trace. I'll check in with the Yankee game during commercials. And I'll be recording Survivor and Grey's, and I'll watch them tomorrow when I'm waiting for furniture to be delivered. I haven't watched ER in years, but I do love the promo guy (Tonight...and ER to cherish/to remember/you'll never forget...LOL).

Anonymous said...

I'll watch Ugly Betty if I get home in time for it.

In the 9:00 hour, The Office and 30Rock. And then Lost as a night-cap.

I'm not a Grey's person and thankfully so since we don't have a DVR.

Anonymous said...

Watch live:

Ugly Betty
The Office
30 Rock


I watch more shows on Thursday than the rest of the week combined.

I just got a Nielsen diary, too.

Anonymous said...

I will watch NBC and nothing else. My partner will watch with me until 10, then switch to the smaller TV for Lost.

Anonymous said...

Survivor. I use to switch over to 30 Rock and watch it mostly live (speeding through commercials on TIVO)and then watch the end of survivor and speed through commercials on The Office and Scrubs and then watch GA. But Scrubs can wait until tomorrow as can GA. So tonight Survivor, The Office, 30 Rock and Lost! especially Lost.


Anonymous said...

Watch live:
Earl, Office, 30 Rock, Lost

DVR and watch later:
Survivor, CSI, Supernatural

Anonymous said...

Watch live at a friends house: Earl, Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs, then Lost.

VCR 1: Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, ER

VCR 2: Survivor, CSI, Without a Trace

(I know - how lame am I not to have Tivo/DVR yet?)

Anonymous said...

watch : ABC

Anonymous said...

Sometimes DVR: CSI.
Watch 1st: THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK and SURVIVOR.
Watch 2nd: MY NAME IS EARL and ER.
ABC's shows: What's this ABC thing again?

Anonymous said...

8 p.m. Watch Survivor, tape Earl and Scrubs
9 p.m. Watch The Office and 30 Rock
10 p.m. Watch Lost, tape Without a Trace

Anonymous said...

As I expressed in way too much detail yesterday, I will be gleefully watching:

Ugly Betty
The Office
30 Rock

It's like the TV gods have heard my prayer. It's the lineup I've been wishing for since these shows began. (Well, since 30 Rock and Ugly Betty began, I guess).

Sad thing is, I'll probably rewatch them all online over the weekend. Except Ugly Betty probs.

Anna said...

Grey's can suck it. The only characters on the whole show that I still like are Alex and Lexie (unless the writers have ruined them too in the past couple months, which I would not be surprised at in the slightest).

I'm watching Supernatural and Lost, and DVR'ing The Office.

Anonymous said...

Weeee, easy for me, as I have no conflicts! I could never get into Ugly Betty, stopped watching Survivor 4 seasons ago, am not into Earl anymore, hate Grey's Anatomy immensely (and I was a fan for seasons 1 and 2). Never got into CSI, and I stopped watching ER about 63 years ago. So for me its:

8:30 - 10:00: NBC Lineup
10:00- 11:00: LOST, woo!

Anonymous said...

EASY PEASY. Lost and that's it. Never saw any other, lost interest in Ugly Betty, and I like Scrubs and The Office as re-runs (Oddly Enough). Lost is my only show I watch when it's actually on.

Anonymous said...

I think the real question is: How much, over the next month, are you going to dread doing all these Thursday write-ups?

And don't go getting all fortified with optimism about it.

cpennylane said...

I'm late to the party, but I might as well add my bit to the brew.

I started with The Office, then watched Supernatural, then I watched Lost. I plan on saving 30 Rock and My Name is Earl for tomorrow, and Grey's for sometime next week, maybe i I get around to it.

Anonymous said...

Scrubs, Grey's, ER

(Grey's was best (and had medecine for a change), Scrubs was second, ER ok, don't care about Skye, good for Neela, caring about a patient


been watching to many Dr shows - I know what purple pee means....


Love voice overs! ER just ended like a montage from Ally McBeal (sans v-o)

btw - loved that Doogie moment on HIMYM recently!

off to rewatch Grey's - icky roaches notwithstanding (Derek, Mark - cigars and Scotch anyone? (doublr scotch, single malt for both)

KLE said...

Watched The Office and 30 Rock live-ish (delayed to skip commercials), fell asleep 2-3 times during ER, woke up and watched Keen Eddie on Sleuth.

Anonymous said...

Taped Supernatural and watched CSI. Then watched Supernatural, and America's Next Top Model from the night before. I usually watch or tape Without a Trace, but things got a little jammed up. Three people and only one television usually results in compromise.

Pamela Jaye said...

this reminds me of the good old days of Scrubs, House, and Veronica Mars (and only 2 tuner cards)

sorry about the typos. i was typing in the dark with one hand, and it was late

Anonymous said...

wait for Earl/Scrubs/30 Rock season DVDs;

watch TCM;

wait for Friday and DW and BG.

Anonymous said...

Just quoting something from my positive review of the season premiere, as evidence that this season had won back even the most hostile and skeptical critics

I've never seen you be hostile, let alone the most hostile. Skeptical, definitely :-)

And I wound up DVR/VCR-ing everything so I could go see Chris Rock instead. Damn, that man is funny!