Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Boys, "The Transitioning": Alright, alright, alright!

Spoilers for the "My Boys" season premiere coming up just as soon as I put my integrity up for sale...

I talked a bit about the premiere in today's column -- specifically, that I'm forever grateful that they dropped the sports metaphors from the narration, and that the stuff at Crowley's was a lot more entertaining than the stuff in Italy -- so I'll just hit a few points I couldn't in the paper, either for space or spoiler reasons.

First, we have Bobby as P.J.'s mystery date, which was probably the best option, all things considered. I didn't care about any of her three potential boyfriends -- and didn't want the Cubs/Brewers pitcher back under any circumstances, because that relationship made P.J. look like a complete idiot -- and the show has spent enough time dancing around the idea that P.J. might have feelings for one of her buddies (or vice versa) that they needed to come right out and deal with it sooner or later. They already dismissed a P.J./Brendan coupling at the start of last season, and even though it's been implied that Kenny has a crush on her, I just can't see her with him or Mike, and so that leaves Bobby, whom she almost slept with back in the series premiere. So, good choice, and I think there's real potential in terms of how P.J. tries to deal with her desire to take things to the next level with one of her friends without destroying the dynamic among all of her friends. As Mike puts it, "That (sex among two group members) changes everything. This is sacred."

And speaking of Mike, I'm not sure what was funnier: his lame McConnaughey impression, or the fact that the Crowley's waitress fell for it. (And is McConnaughey now the go-to impression for men under a certain age? I'm surprised by how many guys I know, myself included, who'll launch into a bit of MCConnaughey-as-Wooderson bit under the right circumstances.) Really, I enjoyed all of the shenanigans at Crowley's: Andy getting a little too into his new merchant-of-death gig, Brendan despairing at the thought of having to play adult contemporary, Kenny convincing himself that Bobby was in danger, and everybody else telling Kenny to leave it alone.

Glad to have the show back. And if next week -- also free of both sports metaphors and scenes of P.J. doing her job -- is any indication, the producers actually recognized their weakest points and tried to eliminate them.

What did everybody else think?


Erin said...

Agreed. I thought it was a great episode - didn't expect Bobby to be the guy on the plane. I forgot about him being so rich and when the flight attendant told PJ a guy had upgraded her to 1st class I thought it must be the baseball player. I liked that it was Bobby though - I think maybe he does have feelings for her but doesn't realize that's where she's at too.

I do wish they had rerun the last few episodes of last season before tonight's season premier - I can't remember how the whole Brendan thing was resolved.

Gaffigan was fantastic as always (though nothing tops last season's Ferris Bueller's Day Off parody) & and I thought Mike, Kenny & Stephanie had great storylines as well. Why is this show on TBS though? Not enough people are watching it! Then again, I guess not enough people watch a lot of the good shows - even if they're on non-cable network.

Anonymous said...

I thought PJ and Bobby did sleep together - in Pittsburgh? Some baseball trip?

I really liked the episode and I'm glad it's back. I thought PJ was harsh about Bobby in front of the other boys though, like a much younger girl's reaction.

Alan Sepinwall said...

I thought PJ and Bobby did sleep together - in Pittsburgh? Some baseball trip?

Did they? I remember them almost doing it back in the pilot, and Bobby backing off because P.J. was being too agressive and guy-like for his tastes, but I don't recall them actually having sex at a later point.

Toby O'B said...

That scene near the end when most of the boys picked up PJ and Stephanie just tied it all up perfectly - it gave them all a chance to catch up (on both sides - the Mike story & the Bobby story); they were in Andy's new ride, and as the clincher, listening to Brendon on the radio. I love that in sitcom writing!

I guess we saw the beginning of one new plot thread with Stephanie having tossed off writing a book in no time. Maybe a little professional jealousy from PJ if it gets sold (let alone successful)?

And I hope we get more into Brendon's new gig and Andy's "merchant of death gig". (love that phrase!)

Marc Mason said...

Yep- PJ and Bobby did indeed sleep together on a trip to Pittsburgh during the first few episodes of the series.

Marc Mason
Comics Waiting Room

Anonymous said...

PJ and Bobby slept together in episode 7 titled Free Agent.

It's the episode with the Decathlon. PJ can't participate in the games because of the road trip to Pittsburgh with Bobby to cover the cubs.

At the time, she was dating Hank, and Bobby was still dating Claire.

Nicole said...

I didn't expect Bobby either, but I like PJ with Bobby than with Brendan. I never bought those two as a couple.

Amy said...

To the commenter wishing for re-runs, check and see if you have TBS on demand. Last week I was able to catch up on most of last season because I couldn't remember much of the end either.

This is the show I root for most on tv. I agree with Allen and everyone who thinks it is the likability of the characters that keeps me coming back despite recycled story lines and sometimes weak writing. I was really happy Bobby was on the plane but also ok with her messing it up (at end at poker table was so bad) because I think that is realistic. As a grown up tomboy myself I know the reality of PJ is that she would be terrible at dating.

Dirk Digler said...

Combine the low-rent crazy people (I use that term loosely) of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with the charm of How I Met Your Mother...and then kick it down 5 notches: that is My Boys. Really? Really? This was better than that Jim Belushi show, but not worthy of your time Alan.

Anonymous said...

1) Everytime I watch this show it feels like I'm watching a syndicated repeat of a show that aired 20 years ago. Not bad, just old and predictable. It's sweet but old. Is it my imagination or do they actually hold for studio audience laughs even though there's no studio audience?

2) Gaffigan is great.

Matt said...

I'm with Alan--the Italy stuff was generally pretty lame and laugh-free (particularly the cliched "Stephanie's boyfriend dumps her as soon as they get there" plot point), but necessary to resolve the cliffhanger and to set up character arcs for P.J./Bobby, and (I assume) Stephanie with the book.

The stuff at Crowley's, on the other hand, was great from end to end. And any question that Andy's eventually going to get fired from his high-powered new job?

Anonymous said...

I finally got a chance to watch My Boys this weekend. Thanks for the recap and the preview column, too, Alan. I was so excited when I read that you liked the premiere becasue I have really been waiting for this show to some back... I know not every episode has been great, but the characters and their banter keep bringing me back.