Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sepinwall on TV: 'My Boys' review

Today's column previews tonight's return of "My Boys," which I couldn't be more pleased about -- especially since the show has finally dropped the lame sports metaphors from P.J.'s narration. I'll be back with a spoiler post tonight, but if you want to get yourself into the mood, it's always a good time to watch the douchebag intervention.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to catch up on My Boys for ages, but the video on only works from Windows. Are there any other places to see it?

Alan Sepinwall said...

MPB, my cable company has a good chunk of the previous season available On Demand.

Anonymous said...

I want to like the show more than I do -- love the setup, the cast, the chemistry -- but it just isn't all that funny, darn it. I'd be out of here in a rabbit's heartbeat if Jordana Spiro weren't so stalker-licious.

Meanwhile, does anyone else hope P.J.'s mystery-traveling companion will turn out to be, not one of her three suitors, but gallant, over-the-top nudzh Trouty?

(And is it safe to assume we won't see too much of Trouty otherwise this season, with the wonderful Johnny Galecki locked up on The Big Bang Theory?)

Anonymous said...

I can't look at that girl without thinking "Storm Large."