Friday, November 14, 2008

Grey's Anatomy, "These Ties That Bind": Of course, I'm an excellent surgeon. Yeah.

Spoilers for last night's "Grey's Anatomy" coming up just as soon as I take out my own appendix...

Sigh... they were doing so well this season, and then they had to go and give us an episode that was like a concentrated 44-minute burst of everything I hate about "Grey's Anatomy."

Where to begin? Maybe we start with the usually sublime Mary McDonnell doing her best Rain Man impression as the heart surgeon with Asperger's. I'll admit to some personal sensitivity on this issue as I have a lot of personal experience with people in my life who are on one point or another of the autistic spectrum, but all of McDonnell's scenes were played so broadly (and with the hateful cutesie-pooh, "You're supposed to laugh now!" music underscoring them) that my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head that I can't actually see the computer monitor right now. (Thank goodness for that touch-typing class I took in 10th grade.) It was like watching an episode of "Boston Legal," where even the characters who don't have Asperger's act like they do to suit David E. Kelley's bizarre comic sensibilities. And for her diagnosis to come as a complete surprise to Bailey? Really? I want to hold out some hope for the later episodes of this arc, but this was an awful start.

Or maybe I should start with the introduction of Melissa George as Meredith's old friend Sadie. Ooooh, she's damaged! And sexy! She takes off her top and then eagerly cuts herself for the other interns! That's hot! George tends to inspire a lot of hatred, stemming largely from her time on "Alias" (one of the worst-conceived characters in the history of anything), and while she was one of the weaker links on "In Treatment" (where she was also playing a surgical intern), the format of that show allowed the writers and George to go in-depth about her character's demons in a way that "Grey's" just can't. Eye-roll number two, and that's not even counting the whole secret cutting society the interns have created, which really makes all our resident characters (and the Chief, and everyone else in authority) look bad for not even trying to teach these poor boobs.

Or I could have led with Callie's breakdown in the OR, which was meant as a big emotional moment in showing her dealing with the abrupt departure of Hahn (apparently imposed on the show by outside forces), but just seemed silly. There's a line between letting characters work out their personal problems in the course of their work and just turning the medical stuff into an opportunity for the characters to cry in unusual situations, and this was the latter. Eye roll number three.

But, really, where else could one begin in complaining about this episode then the moment where Izzie reaches out to touch Denny's ghost and he's real? No matter where this story is going (and no discussing rumors you've heard or read about it, because they're out there, and we don't do spoilers here), it's stupid. It's beyond stupid. I'm not even sure I have eyeballs anymore after seeing that stuff.

This was the kind of episode that makes me reluctant to buy into any future episodes that I like, because I'm always going to fear that one like this will turn up soon after to sucker punch me. Blech.

What did everybody else think?


Anonymous said...

I stopped watching Heroes earlier this season. This is probably the episode that causes me to stop watching Grey's.

Anonymous said...

I hate to use this word, but "ditto."

Here I was, feeling okay about watching Grey's again, and Denny Duquette happens. *Sigh*

Is it sweeps or something?

joy said...

I quit GA last year in the wake of the strike. But. Kevin McKidd made me come back, and is the only one keeping me.

I do, however, heart JDM and Denny. I know the Denny storyline was pretty silly, but I loved that guy. I wish he'd stayed on (with a better storyline, natch). But not like this. HE'S DEAD. He could show up in this form as Papa Winchester on Supernatural, but this is GA.

GMAFB, Shonda. This makes NO sense.

Anonymous said...

I hate the new girl -

And I'm so sad for Alex - Just when Izzie promised him she wouldn't go crazy

Anonymous said...

i have a theory that jeffrey dean morgan has scandalous photos of either shonda and is blackmailing her into continuously putting him in the show.. i mean, what other possible reason could there be for this ghost-ish storyline?. its just so inane. id like to hear at least one rational reason why this is good for the show. Shonda has some 'splainin to do.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's 30 Rock mentioned jumping the shark. This whole Denny the Friendly Ghost storyline is getting real close to shark time. Maybe we'll get a good old fashioned ghost love making scene. It is the holiday season maybe we'll be visited by three ghosts. Oohhhh.

Anonymous said...

id like to hear at least one rational reason why this is good for the show. Shonda has some 'splainin to do.

Ratings. The "minivan majority" love Denny, although after reading comments on the IMDB boards last night, even they are getting exasperated with Rhimes' silly games.

Anonymous said...

I love Mary McDonnell, but this charracter was terrible. i have friends with Asberger's and they don't behave like that. it was trite. I can only think that she didn't have much to work with in the script or something. Too bad.

Yeah, the entire episode was crap. Except I do like the Yang/Hunt chemistry. Hot.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Denny.

you've actually done something as a ghost that no one in the television world, real or otherwise, has ever been accomplished. you actually, in your metaphysical form, put a whole show on your back and made it jump the shark; for the SECOND time.

way to go, Duchette.

the first time Grey's took that motorcycle ride over the tank was when Meredith drowned. and died. and then resuscitated. and then was blamed for giving up and wanting to drown. but i stuck with the show, becoming more interested in other characters and their story arcs, like Dr. Hahn. (thanks for that kick in the crotch, ABC. i would bawl in the OR as well, Callie...not because i was sad, but because ABC was so gutless and cowardly to not write her out in a classy fashion.)

but let's get back to the insanity, literally and figuratively, that is the Izzie story line.

Denny, you seem to have good intentions but when you kept telling Izzie to touch you, you crossed from friendly remembrance, to creepy-like-a-circus-clown episode from Tales From the Crypt. your condescending and omnipotent attitude was more than annoying, it was the fuel you used to launch that motorcycle over the tank and land with distance to spare. get over yourself. i hope you don't kill yourself (again) when you fall off your high horse.

and thanks for now making Izzie look like a total whack job. at first we thought Iz was a sensitive soul whose judgement was cloudy by her empathy. she would have to keep that in check as the chief pointed out if she was to be a good doctor. you have catapulted her, by making her touch you, into a M. Night Shamalaldingdong movie.

i don't see dead people. i see a lame, pathetic show that's been taken over by the PC writers club of America.

but don't feel bad, Denny. you can be forever proud of your accomplishment. after all, you did it all by your immortal self.

like Dr. Hahn, i am outta here......

Anonymous said...

I haven't really been watching Grey's this year. I tried last night--I was curious about the Kevin McKidd character. The episode was heinous. I've deleted the previous eps that I haven't gotten around to viewing and taken the program off my DVR. Some of this reaction is also my disgust at ABC's shoddy treatment of the actress playing the Dr. Hahn character.

And Mary McDonnell deserves better. Wait...WE deserve better.

Susan said...

Man, did that suck. I was okay with Izzy seeing Denny everywhere, especially after the reminder of him last week with the guy who didn't get the heart. I was okay with Izzy having to say goodbye and let go, especially if it enabled her to move on with Alex. I was even okay with her following listening to some native american spirtual guru and burning Denny's sweater as a symbol. But Izzy actually touching Denny? Izzy actually being crazy? Sorry, can't hang in with that.

And seriously - I know Meredith has to learn how to be in a relationship, but should someone really need to tell her that it is NOT okay to have your best friend - no, two best friends - climb into bed in the morning with you and your boyfriend?

And while we're on the subject of stupidity, are the interns really SO poorly taught that they can spend all day hiding out and stitching each other? No one has taught them *anything*, ever?!

And I have nothing against Melissa George - never watched Alias or seen her anywhere else, so I don't come into this with prejudice. But I already hate her, and hate the inevitable Cristina-is-jealous, Cristina-runs-to-cute-new-doctor storyling going on here.

Chaddogg said...

At this point, the only barrier left for Grey's Anatomy to cross is to bring in the werewolf surgeon....

But I'll keep watching, because I have a massive crush on Lexie.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that these Denny visions are a sign of a terminal brain tumor for Izzy and they're planning to get rid of the character (and the actress can be free to take Hollywood by storm)? That's the only good thing I can see coming out of this storyline.

Pamela Jaye said...

first, I appreciate the lack of spoilers. thank you.

Second, I didn't have a problem with Callie. I ignored the metaphor, if any, and her breakdown felt somehow okay to me - and I liked that Mark of all people, comforted her.

That said - in a show that we all know is my favorite. A show where Interns sleep with attendings and people cut LVAD wires without getting the medical licenses revoked - let me, the uber Grey's fan, say

Denny? Still? and touchable? (and just as Izzie has let go and Alex is really trying)

Shark jumped.

I'll still watch, cause I can't not (and there's a lot to love, and unlike a lot of people, I love Mer - though her sudden friend makes no sense to me) but Shonda has gone and lost my trust again.

I place all the blame on her, and not her minion writers, whose blog I didn't want to read at 1am when I should be sleeping. They can't reign her in (I've read at least one tale of such a thing, back when Mer slept with George), even the best of them, when she gets something in her head. I kinda feel bad for them. But I guess they earn enough money to make it less of a problem.

Some other parts of the ep felt as if Shonda asked McPherson for that extra 10 minutes and didn't get it.
Aside from the Denny fiasco, and Mer's unexplained friend (I need better captions) and autistic doc (that was too much to be aspergers, Sheldon, I believe, gee I hope we don't fight about this..)
the ep was okay, but not the awesomeness it's been lately.

But at least maybe the fans who fight about the lack of Mer/Der scenes will be happy. And I did like Mer being protective of "Little Grey" (though I'm not sure how Lex would react if she knew)

Enough Denny. Ratings stunt. Lately studying LBJ - credibility gap.

Hunt was good. :-)

Pamela Jaye said...

also, I fell in love with that last song, and had to find it (and sing it three times) before I could go on to ER). Perhaps it helped clear my palate for a world where the dead at least come back to life in a believable manner)

Cree said...

Worst-Episode-Ever. And to think that this one was so bad that it actually made me not enjoy Mary McDonnell.

Shonda has killed this show and her murder weapon is a blonde woman. Izzie's story lines have never been that good, but to bring Denny back after she botched that whole situation the first time is just a slap in the face. It's like Shonda can't accept that she ruined this character.

I also agree that Callie's break down in the operating room was a terrible choice. Can we at least pretend that this is a real hospital and real doctors once in a while?

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the negative comments. Between Hahn's awkward exit, Melissa George's even more awkward entry, Callie crying in front of a whole operating room, and Izzy's sequel to sixth sense - all in one episode!! - it's all a little too much to take. It makes desperate housewives seem like a reasonable family drama. I hear next week they are actually going to have Henry Winkler come into the ER to be treated for a water skiing accident.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I think clevelle is onto something. After all, why have such a really bad story line with Denny-you-can-touch unless it's Izzy goint nuts/brain tumor. Ultimately McDreamy operates on her, she dies on the table, Meredith and McDreamy break up, and when Izzy's career doesn't take off, she can be a ghost to who knows who? (Karev? McDreamy? Grey? George?) The only redeeming factor on the show this year is ER doc facing his demons (if only he had Titus Pullo to help him through it).

Anonymous said...

Crud like this really makes me miss 'Rome'

Anonymous said...

Can we at least pretend that this is a real hospital and real doctors once in a while?

Not when the Chief of Surgery walks into the OR with a patient cut open stem to stern without wearing a face-mask, no.

Anonymous said...

M*A*S*H was a more believable hospital potrayal

Jon88 said...

I wondered about that, too, la. And why was he so coy about the McDonnell character's Asberger's? She's "odd"? Why not, "She has Asberger's. Thought you should know"?

Unknown said...

just saying -- denny ghost is almost exactly a lift from a plot line from general hospital a few months ago. i think someone has said it here before that shonda rhimes owes a lot of her plot lines to that show...i guess i'll see where this goes, but right now it sure seems like that's the case.

Unknown said...

Agree ... just about worst episode ever. I'm giving them one more week to shape up. If things don't improve, it's over for me.

Jennifer Boudinot said...

I stopped watching Grey's earlier this season and just checked this post to see if you were going to say, "This episode was AWESOME! As good as season 1!" Glad I made the right choice!

George C said...

It's a shame...the show was going so well up until the point.

But honestly, did they just decide to let it suck again?

Heigl has the right idea: get out now.

Anonymous said...

Werewolf Surgeon -- great one.

Mo Ryan said...

Bad bad bad bad bad for all the reasons Alan and everyone mentioned. The only two characters who don't make my eyes bleed are Owen Hunt and ... well, I'm sure I'll think of someone else.

Really sad that they saddled Mary McD with such a completely stupid and borderline offensive depiction of Aspergers. Only one of many sins they committed. Think I'm done with this show. Uggh. If this is par for the course, I'm out.

Pamela Jaye said...

At this point, the only barrier left for Grey's Anatomy to cross is to bring in the werewolf surgeon....

Seth Green has already been on...

Pamela Jaye said...

Heigl has the right idea: get out now.

Perhaps she didn't know how good she had it when they *weren't* writing "good storylines" for her.

Seriously, *Any Other Episode* this season would have been a better place for someone to try watching again.

I honestly believed that Izzie getting through to Alex was her "good storyline" but I forgot:

Shonda works for Disney. It's probably appropriate that she writes fairy tales rather than reality.

(in fact, were it not impossible, I'd love to sell all the hospital shows swap writers for one ep. House/Grey's/ER (Scrubs is really done, right?) It mght be amusing.

and yes, LA, it's sweeps (time for all the crap to come out of Grey's and ER to bow up Chicago again)

oh well, I'm off to read Stacey's excuse

KVV said...

At this point, the only barrier left for Grey's Anatomy to cross is to bring in the werewolf surgeon....

Am I the only one who thought that Hunt was going to briefly turn into a werewolf when Christina ran up behind him and she grabbed his arm? He spun around like he was going to maul her, then grunted a few times and threw her up against the wall. It was like I'd stumbled into some Buffy fan fiction or something.

Poor Kate Heigl. She's so much better than this embarrassment. I can't decide if this episode would have been better, or worse, if she'd been haunted by the mechanical deer she saved at the start of last season. Let's call it a push.

Unknown said...

I liked Melissa George well enough on Thieves (the one with Stamos)....

Anonymous said...

The episode ended, and I felt...Well I just felt uncomfortable. Nothing in this episode made sense. And George was nowhere to be found!

Bix said...

Stacy McKee implies in her blog post that the Denny stuff may go unexplained.

I really, really, REALLY hope that she's just misdirecting us.

Stef said...

Is this Denny storyline Shonda's revenge on Katherine Heigl? "Here, you wanted better material, I'm gonna make your character a laughingstock as she goes crazy and fans will hate Izzie even more." That could still lead in to the Izzie-gets-a-brain-tumor idea. I really can't see any other reason for this. Grey's has done a lot that's wacky, ridiculous, and even stupid, but this is beyond anything. A ghost story? You've got to be kidding us, Shonda.

Agreed, overall, this ep sucked. And I still carry lingering Alias George-hate. Would much rather have Hahn than this Sadie character.

Pamela Jaye said...

Am I the only one who thought that Hunt was going to briefly turn into a werewolf when Christina ran up behind him and she grabbed his arm? He spun around like he was going to maul her, then grunted a few times and threw her up against the wall. It was like I'd stumbled into some Buffy fan fiction or something.


It's been a long time. I should pull those Buffy DVDs off the shelf (or get someone who knows how to make mythrip work and put them on the DVR)

Anonymous said...

She's "odd"? Why not, "She has Asberger's. Thought you should know"?
Just to be the HR department - you can not ask someone what their thing is or even accomodate it, until they reveal it to themselves. You must treat all equally unless someone mentions a reason to accomodate them. So, maybe the chief did not know b/c it would not be discussed at prior meetings - or he could not say.

Regardless of real life legalities, you have to think that if the same person came into Baileys clinic, she would have diagnosed it!

I really was hoping when they panned to Lizzie taking Denny's hand, that it was really Alex who was there. This story line is awful.

And - Alan is so right that the interns are not being taught anything. No one notices that the ALL are missing?

JCM said...

The only episode that was worse was the two hour one with the pilot for Private Practice interwoven with the regular Grey's episode from 2 seasons ago. I was actually offended by that.

Anonymous said...

(in fact, were it not impossible, I'd love to sell all the hospital shows swap writers for one ep. House/Grey's/ER (Scrubs is really done, right?) It mght be amusing.

I could've sworn that the season 4 finale to HOUSE was written by the crew from GREY's - mostly thanks to the "heartbreaking" death of CTB paired with an emo-alternative soundtrack which included an acoustic cover of the theme song (TEARDROP) which would've been right at home on any of the GREY's soundtrack albums.

Anonymous said...

its pretty obv that rhimes is pretty terrible. this as private practice are bottom of the barrel. she turned 6 good episodes of a medical show about interns into big money and 2 terrible shows. congrats.

fregan said...

This show didn't jump the shark, it didn't have the nerve, so the shark had to jump the show.
In the history of TV this has never happened before. A show loved and famous for it's fine scripts, off-beat casting and extraordinary performances, suffers instantaneous brain-bloat and no-one, not the writers or the director nor the cast or any of the thousands of staff is able to recognize that they're putting on a highschool performance of
"Topper goes to Aspergers for a Transplant." Let me explain the ways.
You don't disappear a liked character and the same week bring in two hateful characters to divert the viewer from their puzzlement and disappointment. We are not sheets hanging on a clothesline. You cannot project your new faces on us and expect us to embrace them. You cannot do Denny every time Katie Heigel starts screaming for swelling background music and you cannot make us watch the same scene ("you're not real." "I'm real because I'm here for you") the same scene! four times in one episode. And you cannot make us think Denny's smile is sweet and adorable this season just because we thought so in the first. So Heigel had her best season in the first year, and got to be a movie star. Now she has leverage. Hahn had a better character than Heigel.That's why she had to go. She was hogging the center. And so someone decided to give Heigel the Loretta Young part and let her runaway with the shark. The kissing scene was like having a nail gun shoot 5 inchers up my nose. Nurse!

Pamela Jaye said...

The only episode that was worse was the two hour one with the pilot for Private Practice interwoven with the regular Grey's episode from 2 seasons ago. I was actually offended by that.

Offended? How?

I hated that ep. The usual cutting between 15 storylines was suddenly cutting between two different states and while Meredith was losing her fake mom (and her father *again*) we were continually diverted to Santa Monica - the only two good parts of which were the scenery (I was going on vacation there a week after the ep aired, so, anticipation) and that girl who played Grace on Joan of Arcadia.

I have, since, actually gone thru, on the DVR, and edited out all of the LA scenes. The ep is way shorter, and the closing voice-over is cut to ribbons.

And btw, I agree about the season finale of House, except that, as a fan of Grey's, I loved it. (even if I though waking someone to tell them they are dying was a bit...)

Lost Mythos said...

Alan... if I were you I would highly consider stopping your Grey's coverage in favor of something more well written like "Stylistas" or "Top Chef".. seriously...

tabernacle said...

I liked _Alias_, hated Melissa George's character. I loved _In Treatment_, DESPITE Melissa George--couldn't tell you if it was the writing or her acting or the person's (non-acted, permament) mannerisms. Now her arrival coincides with this clunker of a _Grey's Anatomy_ episode, and now, surely, we can safely at least blame her for her career decisions, even if I can't be sure that (1) she's a bad actress or (2) it's not as silly as my not liking her face and tics. I got nothing good out of that whole episode.

Callie's breakdown thing was embarrassing. I have little hope that anything non-embarrassing will come out of MM's character. The Denny thing--sigh. I'm surprised there aren't more Cylon or Chip!Denny jokes here. I didn't even enjoy Cristina and Hunt. I loved _Journeyman_, and _Dog Soldiers_, but I don't really like to see the actors trying to act, you know, and that kiss with Cristina was a little actorly on KM's part, IMO.

Alan's right: eps like this one make it pretty hard to allow oneself to emotionally invest in future good ones.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Seth and Amy on SNL.

REALLY!?!?! Really, Grey's Anatomy? You're bringing back Denny? Denny who you killed off years ago. He's dead! DEAD. I mean, seriously?

I stopped watching this show the first time because of this story line. It is likely to happen again. The only thing keeping me is McKidd and Sandra Oh. They were hot.

Zach said...

I remember in the Grey's writer's blog back when the season two finale aired, Shonda spent the better part of a blog post speaking in ilovedenny gibberish. I believe this is a case of a writer loving a character as much as the fans, even though she killed that character. And I believe that Shonda spent the better part of the past two years wishing she hadn't killed Denny. And then I think she decided to stop wallowing and sit down and figure out how to bring Denny back to the show. Dumb, dumb, dumb...

Writers need to be able to sever their attachment to characters they kill off. Or at least Shonda needs to. She's clearly too immature to be attached to dead characters and leave them be, dead, not touching anybody, not showing up anywhere, dead. This is pathetic. This would have been pathetic on Buffy. On a show where this awful plot twist is actually feasible, it still would have been pathetic.

Unless Izzie dies of a brain tumor. In that event, kudos, Shonda. But make sure there's no part of you that wants to keep her alive before you do it.

Pamela Jaye said...

Gotta agree with Zach. (and at least half the posters on the writers blog do as well. too bad the writers* are at last a few eps ahead of us sane people)

*okay just Shonda

Pamela Jaye said...

for those who want to remember how Shonda felt about Denny, I followed links that no longer are listed

you might want to get your vomit bags ready. unfortunately i was unable to find a promise from her like the one she made that Dylan Was Dead and Would Not Be Coming Back (I know: unless we "break the rules of television, here folks")

I could not find the FAQ she wrote. I may have to dredge hard drives.

It's very sad - I could have loved Shonda almost as much as Joss and (sorry Alan) DEK, but this fixation... (and most of season 3.5 and 4.0, and the deer...)

Pamela Jaye said...

Krista, on being opposed:

I was, for a very, very long time, WILDLY OPPOSED to Meredith and George hooking up. Like, shouting matches in the writer’s room opposed. Like, storming down the hall to my office and eating vast quantities of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate opposed.


Resistance is Futile. You Will Be Shondalated

Anonymous said...
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Alan Sepinwall said...

No talking about the previews.

Pamela Jaye said...
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Anonymous said...

Yep, worst episode ever in my book. I'm debating on not coming back because I can't handle the stupid Denny ghost story line. A BIG WTF!

Anonymous said...


Pamela Jaye said...

well, if you want to speculate (and I won't do more, as I don't want to know) you can rehearse the Grey's characters who have been treated at/admitted to SGH

let's see

The Chief - brain tumor

Cristina - ectopic pregnancy with a fallopian tube removal

(we won't count Ellis)

Alex and George self-treated for syphillis (does that count?)

Bailey gave birth (her husband had brain surgery)

Addie was treated for genital poison oak.

George was treated and released for a shoulder dislocation

Burke was shot, and also had surgery later to remove a hematoma on his nerve (brachial) causing a tremor.

Meredith got appendicitis. George assisted in her surgery (he had to - we have not yet had the "first solo surgery")

(we won't count George's father (his bullet to the butt - or his later issues, Mer's fake mommy, or Thatcher and his cut hand)

Mer drowned, "died," was revived

Izzie was not sick but did have a bone marrow extraction for her daughter.

Alex and Izzie do not appear to have had major injuries/illnesses, and George was never admitted.

Derek and Sloan seem to have also escaped, so far. Unless you count Sloan having to stitch his own face after Derek decked him. Also, Callie seems to have escaped the SGH plague, while 4 paramedics and a former scrub nurse did not.

who did i miss?

Anonymous said...

I only tuned in to see Denny - but they lost me again when Izzy was able to touch him. LAME!

Also, what's up with the woman in that photo? The one with her arm around Mer? She has some serious man hands/forearms. Yikes.

Pamela Jaye said...

the brother says that Sadie reminds him of Faith (on Buffy)

Michael 8-) said...

I'm with evie... I stopped watching the show earlier this season and was checking in to see if things were getting any better.

My husband is actually shocked to see me drop a TV show cold turkey, but I couldn't take it any more. The only thing actually tugging me at all is wanting to see Kevin McKidd in another television role.

*SIGH* The last episode I watched of Grey's was actually the first one he was in.

How about they just cancel Grey's and bring back Journeyman?

tabernacle said...

I wouldn't mind a third season of "Rome".

Pamela Jaye said...

Not me - I'm with Journeyman. I loved that - and I'm a Quantum Leap fan/time travel hater. (I know it's weird). It was the thing he told his wife about how he would always come home - and he did (unlike Sam, who promised to come home and then chose not to, probably without remembering he was married - uninformed consent anyone?)

I never got to see Rome, but I hear Scott Bakula liked it (not kidding - when listing the shows he liked, he mentioned it, I think it was three times. when we asked about Journeyman, it had not yet aired, but he *also* mentioned that he loved Kevin in Rome. I got the impression he liked Rome. I don't get HBO.)

Pamela Jaye said...

oh, and if Denny hadn't made himself so damn irresistable the first time around (not that it wasn't totally Shonda doing it) we wouldn't be enduring this crap cause Izzie wouldn't have fallen in love with him (which, I believe, was his stated goal)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Fins. Everywhere. The Shark. It's Jumped. Repeatedly.

Go into the frakkin light, Denny! Somebody call Jennifer Love Jewitt and ghost-whisper his ass off this show.

Geez. It's bad enough his ghost is popping up all over the place. Now Izzy is going to "touch" the ghost? At least she can't get pregnant. Right? Right? Oh god... I wouldn't put it past Shonda to impregnate Izzy with Denny's ghostly seed. She can have a demon baby and name him "Connor"...

I hate this show. I quit it before and only returned for Brooke Smith and Kevin McKidd. Now I regret ever giving it another chance. It's tripe. Never again!

Pamela Jaye said...

I've had an idea

A new TV show, like SuperNanny, where - instead of fixing families' child rearing - the lead character goes around and fixes the stupid plot corners any show's writers have gotten themselves into

(alas, copyright/trademark/etc - not to mention credibility would be an issue. and speaking of credibility, does anyone have a scene from Northern Exposure where Joel & Maurice get out of a plot corner by saying the audience would "never buy this"?)

Pamela Jaye said...


I'm watching Private Practice.
Addie's pregnant patient looks familiar.
She should.
She was Addie's pregnant patient on Grey's - Season 3, episode 7. Perhaps all the Isaiah Washington crap during that ep erased this fact from Shonda's mind.

Lando Calrissian looks good, anyway. (not to mention Alexis Denisof, playing the Daddy)