Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What are your favorite memories of 'The Shield'?

Don't worry: I'll have a separate review post up tonight around 11 for the penultimate episode of "The Shield," but as I work overtime on various stories related to the end of the series, I wanted to poll you guys about your favorite scenes, storylines, or even small moments from the run of the series. Does any one image immediately jump out at you when you think of the show?


Anonymous said...

The entire sequence of Vic confronting Armadillo and then frying his face ranks up there for me. The look on Vic's face after he walks out.

Anonymous said...

The last minute of the very first episode. Up until that point, I thought "this show is pretty good". But the last minute made it an all-time classic.

dark tyler said...

Dutch Versus the Cat, Kavanaugh's outbreak ("Vic Mackey... kills cops"), the Johnny Cash montage in season 6's opening. First three that come to mind, but really, you know... This show, man...

Jeremiah said...

The breakup of the Strike Team at the end of season 3....Dutch takes down that serial killer (Michael Kelly) in season 1 and breaks down crying in his car shortly after...and the music on this show has always been top notch. "Overcome" at the end of season 2, "Reach for the Sky" at the beginning of season 7 (the lyrics mirror Shane and Mara's situation even more now, with a reference to Bonnie and Clyde), even that Flogging Molly rendition of "Amazing Grace" in the second or third episode of season 4 have all stuck out.

Anonymous said...

The normal, heavy stuff, like Vic shooting Terry, Lem's death, Vic's destruction of his kitchen and breakdown at the end of season 1...all great. But the moment that always stands out to me is the end of season 2, standing around the money train cash. The joy on Vic's face, seeing it all. And the blood drained from everyone else's face, Shane looks like he's been crying!, and the slow realization of what, exactly, they've done. Fantastic.

BF said...

The Shane/Tavon fight. B R U T A L !

Malcolm said...

Kavanaugh trying to "even the score" with Vic by showing up at Corrine's place

Anonymous said...

Vic's freak-out in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Season 3, when they find the guy they tried to send out of town dead, without his feet. On the spur of the moment Vic knew they had to make him disappear, so they burnt him,his friend and the couch. Dunno why but that has stayed with me.

Anonymous said...

Favorite musical moments:

The final montage of a Season 1 episode to the tune of "All My Little Words" by Magnetic Fields.

The use of Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm" when Lem says goodbye to the Strike Team and lams it, and we already know Lem's doomed...

I also still love the Season One episode ending with Dutch breaking into tears alone in his car after breaking his first big serial case. That was the moment I knew this wasn't going to be your usual "I'm so cool" cop show....

The first few episodes of Season Six were pretty great too when we see it slowly dawn on Shane how wrong he was about Lem, and all the ways his guilt manifests itself.

Too many more moments to count... I'm gonna miss this show.

Anonymous said...

Yea Vic's freakout in the hospital after Cervantes(sp) dies was really just an amazing scene. Something about that scene, maybe the way it was shot with Corinne not able to hear what Vic is saying, just gets me with goosebumps every time.

Also loved Kavanaugh arresting Lem after he catches him and Vic watching his convo with his ex wife in the interrogation room.

And the previously mentioned S2 ending montage scene with "Overcome". I have watched it countless times on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Antwon Mitchell to Shane "when I say [expletive], you say 'can I [expletive]', daddy?"

Paul Allor said...

Seeing Dutch coax a confession out of a serial killer in a grueling interrogation, finally get the respect he craves from his colleagues, and then breaking down crying in his car.

Anonymous said...

Several others have hit Dutch's S1 serial killer, so I'm going to go with Julien's boyfriend explaining that this act means you're gay, and this other act means you're really gay.

Anonymous said...

1) Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm" when the team says goodbye to lep (ht AER above)
2)Flogging Molly's "If I Ever Leave this World Alive" used in the montage in the aftermath of the Amadillo disaster.
3) Vic stopping by to visit Glen Close after she takes her fall.
4) Forrest Whitaker destroying the room with the wiretap, showing his rage and instability.
5) The episode from Kavanaugh's perspective - "Kavanaugh"
...too many more to list....

Anonymous said...

The first episode - without a doubt. At one moment you are watching a regular cop show and then it all changes. Vic goes in and forces the information from the child molester ("Good cop and bad cop left for the day. I am a different kind of cop.") but what made it different was that is was with Aceveda, Claudette and Dutch all watching (and watch their reactions as they watch Vic do his dirty work). And while you are still trying to figure out in your head if the ends justified the means (they did save the girl after all) Vic and Shane, from out of left field, go and kill Crowley. That single episode changed it all. There was no other cop show out there like this. Wow.

Scott said...

you all named alot of my favorite moments, so i'll name my favorite shane line. it was in the season 5 finale when he called the girl's (i hope you know who i'm talking about, the one helping them with the grenade bust)son a retarded rat baby. my brother and i named our band in guitar hero that

Bix said...
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Alan Sepinwall said...

For the benefit of the timeshifters, I deleted Bix's comment, which had references to tonight's episode. Probably should have put in a warning about that, I guess. Anyway, here it is again, minus the one spoiler-y part:


I'll echo Dutch breaking down in the car and the "Disarm" scene and add:

- Dutch's deadpan "You gotta be s----ing me" after spotting Vic and Danny making out.

- Kristen Bell's guest shot as Armadillo's rape victim, which was where I first noticed how awesome she is.

- Lem, distraught, cradling the badly hemmoraging Armenian girl (stabbed by Margos) in the back of Vic's car as they try to rush to the hospital. Then she dies.

- After breaking Cleavon Gardner, Claudette collapses and falls down the stairs. Cleavon starts screaming at her, only for Kavanaugh to snap around and stares daggers at him. Cleavon shuts up as we're ever so briefly reminded that Kavanaugh is one of the good guys.

- "Your sentiment will destroy you."

- The scene where Aceveda tells his brother about the rape.

- Billings' manipulation of Dutch, Tina, and Hiatt.

Not favorite, but notable "It's so wrong" moments:

- In the pilot, Vic "offering" Cassidy to the child molester in graphic terms.

- The prelude to the child sex show in "Cherrypoppers,"

- Vic has sex with the Armenian girl whose sister was just brutally murdered by Margos.

- Aceveda gets raped.

- Aceveda steals the security tape of a rape so he can masturbate to it.

- "Your wife's ----- tastes like sweet butter" and Kavanaugh's attempted revenge.

- Dick 'n' Grannies.

Also, worst moments:

- Co-Pilot.

- The really oddly bad writing for and acting in the role of Aceveda's wife. "He...made...you...SUUUUCCCCKK????"

- Dutch kills a kitten.

- Dutch admits to (I forget who) that he had child pornography on his laptop for investigative purposes in a completely dropped plot thread.

Anonymous said...

In the history of the Shield, the moments or sequences that really stand out would be:

- The final confrontation between Shane and Lem in the season 5 finale.

- Shane confessing to Vic that he had killed Lem in season 6.

- The sequence earlier this season where Shane made his escape from the Barn after the suspect confessed Shane's involvement in the failed hit on Ronnie.

- Armadillo's grill face.

- Season 2 ending montage.

- Any scene with Jon Kavanaugh.

- A certain scene from "Possible Kill Screen."

I have to say that I think The Shield might be my favorite all-time drama on television.

With that said, nothing can be perfect, and if I were forced to pick a fault in The Shield, it would be that the later seasons seemed to drop some of the personal stories involving non Strike-Team characters. Particularly, I was always disappointed how the storyline of Julian and his sexuality and his home life seemed to completely evaporate after some point in season 3. I always thought that was a really great character arc, and at this point I have to assume it will never be addressed again. Julian in particular I felt was under-used a lot in the second half of the series. Even when he was brought aboard the Strike Team, he seemed to be relegated to the peripheral. I know in season 5 he had that whole story with Tina, but frankly I never cared for that character. Any thoughts on this, Alan?

Steven Timberman said...

- Vic beating the holy hell out of armadillo with a law book. The symbolism... too much to handle!

- Any number of Claudette/Dutch scenes from the early seasons.

- Aceveda pulling a gun on the prostitute so he can finally retake his life after the rape.

- Lem getting some action from a gang-affiliated chick wayyy back in season one.

Anonymous said...

The last few moments of Season 1, after Corinne has run off with the kids and Vic has torn the house apart in anguish. Then he picks himself up, gets his badge and his gun and his jacket, and goes out. It was like, "That's what this show is about."

Anonymous said...

A lot of mine have been mentioned, but here are two I haven't seen mentioned yet - and both involve music.

1) The entire Season 2 finale end piece set to Live's "Overcome" .. Especially when Mackey arrives to see the Strike Team around all of the Money Train cash and at first he's smiling, but neither Shane, Lem or Ronnie seem happy about it. You can feel the weight of what they just did.

2) The Season 6 premiere opening set to Johnny Cash's "I hung my head" .. just so perfect at sucking you right back into the show.

3) Poor Dutch boy making eye contact with Hiatt as he's uh, (ahem) enjoying his time with Tina.


Anonymous said...

To me, the show at it's dramatic best has to be the showdown between Rawls, Vic and Antwon towards the end of S4. On top of flat out brilliant acting from Glenn Close and Anthony Anderson was the tension wrought by Vic's plans with Antwon slowly collapsing with every question.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Sweet Butter.

Scott Cederlund said...

The actual Money Train robbery, particularly the aftermath as the team looks at the pile of money at the construction site. The smiles on their face says "we've done it" even as you know they're thinking "what have we done?"

Unknown said...

I love all the musical montages, the magnetic fields, live, smashing pumpkins, johnny cash.

but right before that smashing pumpkins/disarm montage, there's the scene where Vic has to rain on Lem's going away party -- Kavanaugh has set Lem up to land in Antwon Mitchell's backpocket, and it's the first time in 5 seasons we've ever seen Vic really panicking and without a plan.

Also, the season four showdown between Rawlings, Vic and Aceveda. "You're not a cop...you never were."

And then one of my all-time favorite Vic-as-a-badass moments is in the season 3 ep. 'Riceburner'. they spend the entire episode chasing down a korean thug, only to finally find him cowering in a closet. when he makes a lame attempt to run, Vic decks him immediately and puts his boot on his neck, and then growls "pu--y!"

but really, there are too many moments to name. It's a truly great show.

Anonymous said...

In Season one - Shane "sleeping" with the blonde stripper in the interrogation room and Vic catching it on the monitor stands out for me aside from Shane dropping the grenade, and Glenn Close breaking down Antwon about his childhood. The show will be missed.

Lance said...

Wow, lots of great moments, most of which have jogged my memory. I'm definitely going to have to make time to go back and watch this show again from start to finish.

As for me, something a little lighter: Dutch being "Hungry like the wooooollllfffff". I laughed for days.

Anonymous said...

The team standing around that huge pile of money train cash as the magnitude of what they did sinks in was awesome. That is the most memorable moment for me. Also, the scene where Lem burns the cash in the furnace and the other guys wrestle him to the ground to save whats left of it.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite funny moments. After Shane sleeps with the stripper in season one, she convinces him that she's innocent of the assualts the Strike Team has been investigating, and he cuts a deal with her.

This flips Mackey out, because he knows she's the one behind the assaults. Lem -- who has no idea about Shane and the stripper -- comes to Vic and Shane and tells them that he's learned that "apparently she's some sort of Svengali" who can get men to do whatever she wants.

Vic, talking to Lem but looking at Shane (with contempt): "You don't say."

Anonymous said...

Middle of Season 6, when Vic kills Guardo, thinking him responsible for Lem's death; the way he stared at Guardo's body for moments afterward...so intense.

Anonymous said...

Everyone else has already covered most of what I would have submitted, but I would also include the moment when Acevedo's confessed to his wife that he'd been raped.

She reacted exactly as he feared she would: no sympathy, no compassion, no empathy, just emasculation and shame. It was horrifying yet hilarious to see all of his worst fears realized like that.

Anonymous said...

The scene where Rawlings "exposes" Antwon Mitchell in front of Vic.

Armadillo getting his faced grilled.

The scene where Kavanaugh arrests Lem in the Barn.

Vic going nuts and wrecking the hospital Corrine works at.

Connie getting shot. Also, the scene where Vic checks up on her kid.

Seeing Shane dance for a second. I think this was in Season five when Lem was wired.

A really quick one was in season one when Vic was chasing down a gangbanger and the guy tried to hop a fence and Vic broke through the fence and knocked the guy off.

There's been a bunch of great scenes throughout the show's run.

Kevin Michaels said...

A lot of great moments have been noted - my faves were:

- "Overcome" at the end of Season 2 after they took down the money train and the look on each of the Strike team's faces.
- Vic shooting Terry (the best indication that this was not your normal cop show).
- Vic running through a fence to get at a perp.
- Just about anything with Antwon Mitchell and Kavanaugh
- Dutch strangling the cat
- But definitely my favorite was as Ethan noted - Vic in the interrogration room with the molestor and his whole dialogue ("I'm a different kind of cop....what about my daughter Cassidy...etc.), as well as Claudette's comment to Acevada ("You know what you're doing, son?).

Man, I'm going to miss this show.

LameAim said...

Since no one has mentioned it, I will include the Season 7 opener. Shane walking into a beatdown from Vic and Ronnie while they had Mara and Jackson tied up, and the music... it was a perfect way to say "The Shield is BACK, muthafuckas!"

Anonymous said...

Here's one nobody mentioned -

At the beginning of Season Five, when we first meet Kavanaugh and we see how easily he manipulates Aceveda into giving up info, even when he makes Aceveda think he's smart (with the great gum trick he'd later use on Corrine) At least, I like to think Kavanaugh didn't actually have that much info on Vic, and he cracked Aceveda like an egg.

I remember watching that and thinking "Finally, a lawman who's smart and just a little bit ruthless is going to come after Vic. Finally, a match." Turned out Kavanaugh wasn't as good with foresight as Vic is, but still, good season.

Anonymous said...

In S3 when Glen Close as new captain starts with the asset forfeiture laws evictions and we see this family in the street, taken from their former home, because the son had paid for it with drug money. It showed that the struggle is not one of good vs evil anymore but a political assertion of interests. This continued to make for much of the sarcasm in The Shield and I remember the moment well.

When the strike team finally finds Lem and the money train cash in front of the furnace. Every character goes to great lengths to morally justify his actions, Lem failed. His ethical dilemma left him irrational, the only real hero of the show, and a failed one, at his pinnacle.

Kavanaugh and Corinne in her kitchen. Shows how ends and means are inseperable and beating the twisted with their own devices is a hail mary play.

What boggles my mind, seeing my own greatest shield moments, is the fact that the show, beyond all it's violent, well paced gangster cool, is very much about how to be a good person in a crazy world. A morality tale, so horribly failed, it makes it's points by inversion.

Anonymous said...

Along with all the other incredible moments people have listed, here's one of my favorites from the season 3 finale...

Vic and the Strike Team are pumping a reluctant Armenian for information. Vic tells one of the team to open a window (they're on a high floor).

Vic gets a pen and pad of paper and tells the thug to start writing:

"L-I-F-E S-U-X"

tears off the piece of paper and sticks it in the thug's shirt pocket.

Vic to thug: "Looks like you're going to die a bad speller," as he drags him to the window to throw him out. Thug then gives up information.

Anonymous said...

Guys, can I ask for some insight on this show? I just don't get it. I'm on board with stuff like The Wire, The West Wing, Arrested Development, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Lost, BSG, and so on. I think I have pretty good taste in TV.

But I have tried The Shield on three separate occasions and I just do not see the appeal. Everyone here RAVES about it, but I can't even get through season 1. I've watched the first 8 episodes and it just isn't very good. The plots can be interesting and a few of the characters have some depth... but it all falls apart beyond that. The majority of the characters are one-dimensional stereotypes. The acting is just awful. And the writing tends to be pretty poor. Aside from Michael Chiklis (who is consistently excellent in every scene), no one on this show can deliver a convincing line. Everyone is either overacting or wooden. There's no subtlety. The dialogue is totally overwrought. Although the plots are intriguing, there's no subtext because the characters blatantly overexplain every single development. Nothing goes unsaid, none of the actors (again, aside from Chiklis) can carry any emotional impact with their facial expressions or body language, which is a feat any good show or good actor pulls off routinely.

I see everyone listing off all these moments that were so powerful and chilling, but I just don't see anything that approaches greatness in the episodes I've seen (granted, the end of episode 1 was a cool, standout plot twist, which is what led me to watch 7 more episodes).

It just strikes me as very, very mediocre TV.

I'm really not trying to be a jerk or a troll here, I'm just trying to get some perspective. Am I missing something? Does the acting or dialogue ever get better? Are seasons 2-7 a vast improvement? Is there any reason for me to give this show a FOURTH try?

Anonymous said...

Anon, you might wanna try s3, because Glen Close gives the whole thing a different spin, adds a little gravity. But your basic argument is that we don't get to see inside the characters through subtleties in acting and filming enough, and when we do it's overdrawn. I think this overdrawing is more a camera/editing thing than an acting problem. Thing show is built around it's fast pace and usually there is just no time to explain feelings and motivations beyond having it plainly stated or emphasizing it cinematographically for a few moments. If that isn't your thing, watch The Wire again. I like The Shield to pieces and I think it works well the way it is.

Anonymous said...

I think that, if season one isn't doing it for you, then you should probably just throw in the towel.

Anonymous said...

A favorite moment of mine from way back: when Vic locked Kern and his rival in the metal container for the night. Kern rules.

Anonymous said...

Guys, can I ask for some insight on this show? I just don't get it.

Insight: It's you.

Anonymous said...

Favorite moments:
Dutch retrieving his planted evidence from the closet of his suspect.

Armadillo giving himself up so Vic can't get to him.

"Overcome" montage

Realizing that Shane was going to kill Lem.

Vic's confession (I was literally on the edge of my seat without realizing it)

pmaha said...

Any scene with Dutch and Claudette. So many times, I found myself caught up in their plots more than the Strike Team's. But my favorite line comes from "Barnstormers" in Season 2 after Shane has sex with the woman in the interview room. She blackmails him with her "yammy full of Georgia joy juice". I still laugh myself off the sofa with that.

The worst is this season's Pezuela storyline that kept being rammed down my throat episode after episode with almost identical dialogue every time he's discussed by Vic and Olivia, Vic and Shane, Vic and Ronnie, Vic and Aceveda.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of good moments recounted here, but perhaps it's a testament to how good the show is that I didn't have to think for too long to come up with another: the very end of season 4, everyone's out at the bar celebrating, the strike teams' back together, even Dutch and Claudette are there - and then in walks the cop internal affairs has assigned to surveil Vic. It's a nice bit of foreshadowing of what's to come in seasons 5 and on. The whole scene seems particularly poignant in hindsight - this is the last time everyone on the show gets to be genuinely happy.

I can't really think of any flat-out bad parts of the show. As for humorous bits, I think Shane's brief stint in the underground world of cockfighting is one of my favorites.

Going to miss this show so much.

Sleepyhead said...

Yeah, TC mentioned a good one - two gang leaders go into the storage container. In the morning, Kern exits alone.

"Ain't nobody comin' outta there."

Anonymous said...

When Lem and Shane got the older Biz Lat to kill Armadillo before he could rat out Vic.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the "hung my head" opener of S6 and Dutch breaking down after closing the serial killer in S1, and Vic's confession in "Possible Kill Screen."

Others I hadn't seen mentioned yet:
• The finale of S6, "Spanish Practices," when Shane is trying to track down Zadofian, and he tries calling Vic, whose staking out Aramboles and rejects the call ... When Shane yells "God Damnit, Vic!" ... it just reeks of desperation and true emotion. Goggins not getting a supporting Emmy nod for S6 was a complete injustice.

• Also, the finale scene of that ep when Vic has Aramboles tied up and says something along the lines of, "Explain to your boss how you lost his box full of leverage" and drives off in the Benz. Then cut to "Created by Shawn Ryan." Just a great ending moment.

• In "Possible Kill Screen" when Vic says to Ronnie, "She came through, man." The way the word "man" leaves his breath, everyone's heard someone sound that way --- the sound of an impossible weight being lifted off his chest. Just incredible acting.

• The very end of the S1 finale --- after Vic shoots Terry, he stands over him and we get this great camera angle of him looking down and cocking his head to inspect his work, just like how Michael Myers does in "Halloween" after he stabs that guy to the wall.

• Also, in S5, it's terrible, but when Shane says, "Take you rat money and rat retard son ... " --- not that line but right after when Molia says, "HEY DON'T YOU TALK THAT WAY 'BOUT MY BOY!" --- that's high comedy coming after such as a gut-wrenching comment from Shane.

Anonymous said...

The last 5 minutes of the episode where Antwan kills the girl and smacks down Shane - that scene instantly turned the character from a joke into a serious menace. Also I always remember a scene with Vic and Shane interrogating a suspect who had tried to "code" his cell numbers by adding one digit to every number (I think it was one of the last episodes from the Antwan season). The dialogue from Vic/Shane, and their delivery, was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

in chronological order:

- when Connie leaves her son with Vic & Lem at the station because she's in no condition to care for him; the way the baby cries & kinda reaches his arm out for her as she walks away; also, Connie forcing Vic to beat her up in that motel room

- Gilroy shooting the witness of his hit & run

- Vic, Claudette & Aceveda trapped in that building at the end of season 1 during all those 911 ambushes

- the fire necklace scene at the very beginning of season 2

- Claudette realizing that Armadillo raped that little girl for ratting him out; the helpless look on her face

- Vic taking a shotgun to an already dead guy to gain favor with the Russians

- Tio's frantic phone call to Vic just before Armadillo kills him

- Vic roasting Armadillo's face & Armadillo returning the favor with Ronnie

- the opening scene of "Homewrecker"; the massacre at the abused women's shelter

- Connie's death

- the Strike Team handing Gilroy over to the coyote

- Corrine thinking for a brief second that Connie's kid might be Vic's

- the closing scene for season 2, standing around the money pile

- Shane & Tavon's fight

- Aceveda's rape

- Dutch strangling the cat

- Lemn burning the money

- Vic having sex with dead Armenian girl's sister

- disintegration of the Strike Team at the end of season 3

- Antwon killing Angie

- Vic finding out Antwon wanted Shane to kill him

- Vic about to kill Shane in the middle of the street before Shane comes clean about his involvement with Antwon

- Aceveda finding the 2 dead cops that had gone missing

- Rawlings' interrogation of Antwon

- Rawlings' reaction to Antwon's deal with the DEA

- IA entering the bar as the Strike Team celebrates sending Antwon to prison, wordlessly signaling the end of the team as we knew it

- the school riot

- the look on Aceveda's face when he found out Lem didn't know Vic planned the hit on Terry

- Vic confronting Emolia when he found out she had been helping Kavanaugh for alot longer than he realized

- Kavanaugh's freakout after teh failed sting in the warehouse

- Kavanaugh making Corrine cry in the captain's office

- Claudette taking a tumble down the stairs

- the entire Kavanaugh epsiode, especially him realizing Vic was spying on him & his wife in the inerrogation room & responding by throwing Lem in the cage

- Vic leaving that gangbanger for dead during the botched heist of the police warehouse

- Lem's death

- Vic killing Guardo

- Vic's breakdown at the hospital

- Vic & Shane's showdown

- Vic's face when he sees the pictures of Aceveda's rape

- Vic & Ronnie realizing Shane tried to kill them

- Vic turning in his badge

- Vic's testimony at ICE headquarters; possibly teh best scene EVER!

Wow, that's alot

Anonymous said...

Hell, if I put them ALL in here this would be Vol 1 of 12. As it is I'll have to come back and do a condensed top 5 when the (sniffle)last episode airs.

There's some really funny lines that I hardly ever hear repeated. Like:
From 5th Season Episode "Trophy"(dialogue may not be exact, but very close) when they are setting up the illegal rx drug sting to f**k over Kavanaugh-=and find the drug Zocor...

Shane: Hey, look at this, Vic (holding up prescription bottle of Zocor). Old french Zocor.
Vic: Hey, I think I busted that guy a few years back.
Hee hee! Yes, "Old French Zocor" actually does sound like some minor drug lord from France.

Since 'Parricide' I've gotten so involved I ended up extending my hiatus from work (my own business, otherwise I'd be fired by now) a few weeks. I'm feeding our cats, paying bills, everything else that isn't crucial just went out the frackin' window. I finally just gave up on accomplishing anything constructive and non-Shield related and cleared out my whole schedule after Possible Kill Screen aired(with an extra couple days at the end to absorb the events of the finale and also probably feeling pretty sad it really is all over).

Best memories of watching,hmmmm.
The main thing I would make sure to say if I met or was ever in contact online with any actors, writers, and everyone involved in the show would be to thank them specifically for keeping me fairly sane or at least distracted when I lost my mother (she didn't watch the Shield, but we were extremely close) in February of last year, and I knew the 6th season was only a couple months away (plus those teasers, and that "promosode"). When my husband was at work I'd watch not only season 6 but ended up buying 1-5, (I owned season 4, that was it)watching them all over and finding out watching them a second time and liking them even more(then in some cases the 3rd or 4th time). The talented creators and cast of the show helped get me through some of the worst stages of losing my mother (or at least distracting me for 44 minutes) and trust me, that wasn't an easy task.

I cannot believe in less than 24 hours it will all be over, but from what I hear, there is definite closure, payoff, and one of the best series finales EVER. Glad there's a good community here! peace out...


Anonymous said...

the episode where Vic and his old partner (an awesomely down and out Carl Weathers) do private security work. They're both walking back to the car and another ex cop says that all of the "vic Mackey is a badass talk is just bulls***", then Vic knocks him out. So awesome.

Anonymous said...

one of the best moments was in season 2 when Vic locks Kern Little and a rival dealer in a cargo shipping container, telling them, no one comes out until you two can make an agreement. they begin to physically fight, vic smiles and walks away.

in the morning vic comes back, opens the container and only Kern walks out. Vic says, wheres the other one and Kern replies, "i told you he was a bitch"

Vic walks inside to find a dead body, and another crime to cover up...

Anonymous said...

The moment when Two-Man says (regarding Shane's plan to have Ronnie killed): "What if someone made you do it". and the camera cuts to Shane as he drops his head. That moment is when Shane's finally spiraling down begins and he sees no way out of his situation.

goodfold2 said...

how did nobody mention billings getting vomited on by the latino high school "kill clock" murderer kid? in s05e01