Wednesday, December 03, 2008

House, "Let Them Eat Cake": The internet is for diagnostic medicine

Spoilers for last night's "House" coming up just as soon as I find out if two single doctors can share the same office without driving each other crazy...

I am, I think, a fairly even-tempered viewer, not the sort who tries to take things on his favorite shows personally. I try to give new characters a chance, even if they're getting screen time at the expense of longtime regulars who I like.


Seriously, folks, it's just staggering to me that the "House" writers continue to find Thirteen so fascinating, and so in need of getting her own storylines week after week after week after week.

This isn't even a case of me being annoyed that Cameron and Chase are so marginalized, as I never cared much about them when they were more prominent. Nor is it really that much out of frustration with how little, say, Kutner has been fleshed out, because they would need to give him a personality -- instead of a wacky C-plot that felt like something "St. Elsewhere" would have found trite by the end of its second season -- before I cared about him, too. I just don't find Thirteen that interesting, at least not remotely to the degree of the airtime she's been getting this season. And I have a feeling we're not even close to being done with All Thirteen, All the Time so long as she's enrolled in Foreman's clinical trial.

The Patient of the Week story was a good one, and I enjoyed watching House and Cuddy play out the classic pigtails-in-the-inkwell story using office furniture and space, but every time we cut away to Thirteen, my attention wandered away to go get a sandwich.

What did everybody else think?


Karen said...

Heh. As I watched this episode, all I could think of was your mounting frustration (like that rising level of red in a cartoon), everytime they showed 13 on screen.

I agree with you, however. I am still not sure why on earth I'm supposed to care about her. It's like they have it backwards--first we're supposed to care about her, THEN they're supposed to give her a storyline that makes us sad. But instead they're giving us this sad-sack storyline as if that WILL make us care about her. Sorry. Nice try.

I did like the rest of the show, even the stupid C-plot with Taub and Kutner, because it was such a beautiful sting.

House is just being an idiot with Cuddy now, though.

And I really really need more Wilson.

Mrglass said...

I don't exactly hate 13, but share your disappointment with the writers' obsession with her. Why should we really care about her disease, it is not like an incurable illness is something new on this show, and she is still a relatively new addition to the cast.

Foreman is actually the character I have come to despise, with his neverending whines on any subject. So you can imagine how much I liked this episode...

Bring Cameron and Chase back already! And hopefully 13's disease will not be the main arc of this season. Is it the first time ever we saw a FLASHBACK on House? Please make it the last.

Oh well, at least House's prank at the end was really funny.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's Jenny Riley you're talking about! I liked the actress on The Black Donnellys back whenever that was on NBC (which WAS one of my favorites before it got cancelled after like half a season), so when I saw her on House I was very excited. And yeah her character is a bit flat and boring, but nowhere near as irritating as Foreman and Chase, two sanctimonious self-righteous arrogant jerks who have each nearly independently drove me away from the show at various points. Although Foreman has improved over the last coupla seasons. I'd much rather watch 13 onscreen than either of them, any day. At least she sleeps with hot chicks and does drugs, which is more interesting than anything either of those dudes ever did. Well, Foreman did try to infect Cameron with his deadly disease at one point, that was pretty awesome. . . I don't like her much either, but I liked her better than the other ducklings.

I think that what Karen said above is a definitely problem with how her character has been written - first they should have developed her character so we cared, before dumping the deadly disease on her. Because the way it is now, her disease is her primary characteristic, which is sloppy writing.


olucy said...

Is it the first time ever we saw a FLASHBACK on House? Please make it the last.

No, the first and best flashback was the incredible second half of the fantastic Three Stories episode, which won an Emmy for writing.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people who enjoy this show can have such diverse takes on any given ep.

I'm sick of Thirteen, too, but this was the first ep where I didn't mind her as much. I kind of liked the insight that her flashback gave us and how memories of her mom are coloring her current experience. I expected her to tell us that she regretted not saying goodbye to her mom, but that doing so would have been way too painful. So her actual reasons were an unexpected surprise.

The Kutner/Taub sting was a great payoff, but I found the sheer stupidity of Kutner's online gambit and Taub's complicity to be far more annoying than House giving back the gun last week. These two doctors are far too smart to do something that stupid. At least some of us thought that the House/gun situation was a little bit in character, even if an inane choice.

And while I'm find with House and Cuddy doing this little dance, their dance steps last night were also annoying and transparent. Although I was glad to see House call out Cuddy to her face about the way she dresses. That poor woman is losing more credibility with each episode.

Anonymous said...

Alan, as someone who actually cared and still cares about Cameron and/or Chase, it's rather frustrating seeing they're marginalized and barely used week after week after week while Thirteen gets all the storylines and too much screentime. 12 writers on staff and none of them is capable of writing a better storyline for Cameron and Chase than to serve Taub or Kutner's B plot of the week. You can tell it's a miracle if one of them has a scene with House this season.

Do you know why David Shore and the writers are so infatuated by Olivia Wilde? She can't even act and yet she has co-star status after half a season.

And about House and Cuddy in last night's episode, it's nauseating watching two adults behaving like mushy teenagers in a playground. Moving Cuddy into House's office so they can play out their relationship was one of the stupidest plots ever written for the show, it makes Cuddy desperate and House sillier.

Mapeel said...

Alan, didn't you interview David Shore some season ago? Can we hope and pray he might read this blog. He can't be entirely unaware that his Thirteen gambit is just not working.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel all that strongly either way about the focus on Thirteen, but I did wonder during this episode if maybe they're focusing so much on her now because they DO plan to have her die or go away somehow. Wasn't she one of the people that they had originally not planned on keeping but did anyway? But then I think to have both Amber and Thirteen die would be a little repetitive. Then again, it's getting a little repetitive as it is.

I don't actually *like* any of the characters except House, Cuddy and (especially) Wilson, so that's my theory on why the All Thirteen All the Time thing doesn't bother me too much. A strong focus on any of the other secondary castmembers would probably feel the same to me. But it does make me wonder WHY they're doing it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the trial will accelerate Thirteen's Huntington's and she won't be able to practice medicine anymore. Then she can GO AWAY.

House not letting go of Cuddy's breast, while asinine, was also funny. I didn't mind the Kutner/Taub subplot much, either, and the patient of the week was interesting. I thought Kutner's surprise that Taub would find any patient shallow, given Taub's plastic surgery background, was cute.

FWIW, I like Chase and Foreman, jerkiness and all. Never did care much for Cameron (she annoys me almost as much as Thirteen), so I don't mind not seeing her much, though I sympathize with the actress, as it must suck to be replaced in the writer's affections with the younger, skinnier model. I hate hate HATE that sexist crap!

Mrglass said...

No, the first and best flashback was the incredible second half of the fantastic Three Stories episode, which won an Emmy for writing.

Not a flashback at all (in a flashback people are supposed to look, you know, younger, and not talk to the camera), even though it was fantastic indeed.

Anonymous said...

Christy, Olivia Wilde was the chosen one from the start, way before Kal Penn and Peter Jacobson.

As much as I hate to say this, she's not going anywhere, the show will die with Olivia Wilde as the star of House.

Anonymous said...

I think the Kutner and Taub plot might have made for the starting place of a decent A-story: they screw up, and House and the rest of the team have to scramble.

Hatfield said...

The flashback was when we finally cut to House all sweaty and miserable in bed, with Stacy at his side trying to convince him to have the surgery, so it was a real one. Yeah, that episode was pretty great. Now? I missed last week and only caught half of last night, and I gotta say: Kill Thirteen! Quickly, so Olivia Wilde can go get naked and seduced (in that order) by Hank Moody on Showtime. Or maybe she can hook up with Jason on "True Blood" next season.

It kinda bums me out how much the show is letting me down. I still love, love, LOVE House and Wilson, but the new team is lame, and have been since they were finalized. Count me among the people who do miss Cameron and Chase, even if I admired the boldness of the Season 3 finale. Crossing my fingers that the writers find their way again, and soon.

Antid Oto said...

I've watched House from the start, and this week for the first time I didn't. I probably won't again, unless I read reviews that it's turned itself around. They should worry about viewers like me.

Mrglass said...

"Three stories" had a complex structure but I wouldn't describe the last half as a flashback at all, more like a reenactment. They certainly didn't try to make any of the actors look younger, or simply different. Plus, when House goes into cardiac arrest he sees the other two patients of the episode.

In any case, nothing like the classic and cliche 13 flashbacks here.

Anonymous said...

Why Kutner is teh stupid? Even he should have figured our House is the type to Google himself!


Anonymous said...

Agree with everything you said about Thirteen. Can we just get rid this character now? Or at least put her in the background?

As someone who doesn't think House and Cuddy should be together but was willing to see their relationship explored this season, I'm absolutely hating this. They are both acting unpleasantly immature. Cuddy is almost pathetic in wanting House, too scared to actually ask him out and too stupid to know it will never work and she should give up hope now. House is being incredibly self-centered and childish and -- dare I say it? -- unsexy. I'm losing interest in both characters with how this is playing you.

The best part of the episode was the 'C' story with Kutner. That's a sad statement.

Cameron very badly needs to come back because apparently no one cares about ethics or patient dilemmas except her. And Chase needs to come back too. If I have to put up with the childishness of House and Cuddy and the life story of Thirteen, I want something adult to balance it.

This show is starting to resemble Animal House more than St. Elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I actually fast forwarded and blipped through ALL the Thirteen storyline scenes, which, trust me, makes for a much better viewing experience, though I don't think this particular episode was that strong.(sorry Foreman the casualty. Actually, not really. He's been kind of a yawner these days.) While I did enjoyed Cuddy and House's flirtations and especially Wilson's reactions to them, I thought the whole Kutner and Taub storyline seemed a tad cheesy.

Pamela Jaye said...

Does Amber on the bus count as a flashback or does it have to be more than 3 days ago?

I'm not fond of the continuing obsession with 13, but this one i could take - with the revelation of how she felt about her mother, it felt as if a boil had been lanced and we could, perhaps, talk about something/someone else now.

Sort of like the first time Denny showed up (this season) it made sense and brought some closure. We can hope the House writers have more sense than Shonda and know when to stop milking a story.

If not, we can start comparing them to Shonda, publicly, and perhaps humiliate then into stopping this?

Is it ethical for House to profit from Kutner posing as House? I know it wasn't when he wasn't involved. I may need some Polite Dissent..

Mrglass said...

Ah, good point, Pamela, that scene with Amber in the bus was a flashback. Still, in that episode House had reconstructed in his mind the bus from scratch, starting with no passenger or outside view and building everything to this point, so the flashback itself was the point (and the revelation).

What I meant was: when House talked about his tough childhood, we didn't see him get mistreated by his dad. Or House and Cuddy hooking up in college. Or Cameron at her husband's deathbed etc... Real, soapy, teary flashbacks. Which in my opinion don't belong to a show like 'House'.

(OK I'm done now, sorry but that scene with 13 as a child really pained me, a first since House is my favorite show)

Bix said...

Even if there have been different forms of flashbacks on this show before, House has never had a never had a "character looks sad, we see their memory with a blue filter on the camera, cut back to the character looking sad" flashback as far as we know. That's why it was so jarring and ramped up the Thirteen hate (at least for me). While before I generally agreed with everyone about Thirteen's overexposure, I wasn't too concerned about it. Now that it's messing with the format of the show, I'm edging towards hate.

Anonymous said...

The worst part of Thirteen's story this ep was the utter waste of Lori Petty as a guest star.

Anonymous said...

dez, Lori Petty is back in NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE because surprise! THIRTEEN IS ONCE AGAIN GETTING THE B PLOT :(

Taleena said...

I used to like Foreman, he was my favorite of the Lackeys; now Chase is and I used to hate him. The sting was great and the sniping between House and Cuddy was fun. I didn't care about Gastric Bipass woman at all. I don't even remember why she was sick.

Anonymous said...

olivia wilde is only interesting when shes kissing girls.

Anonymous said...

Your frustration with 13 reflects what it seems like is the opinion of most of the audience, yet TPTB continue to shove her down the throats of the audience. And do they wonder why they've lost 10 million viewers since Season 3? Do we need a team of rocket scientists to connect those dots?

I DO care about Chase and Cameron (especially Chase) and I do miss him. Jesse Spencer is a great actor, easily the best among any of the "team" members. They need to bring his character back into focus and, for the love of all things Holy, please phase out 13 before she kills what's left of the viewership. The character is simply not as interesting as the writers seem to think she is. She's not sympathetic no matter how many times we hear that she's only got 10 years to live. In fact, I think they're terrorizing the audiece that she'll be around for 10 more years. Most of all, Olivia Wilde is just not a good actress so no matter what they give the character, she's not delivering. It's an injustice to the members of the cast who can actually handle their craft.

Pamela Jaye said...

And do they wonder why they've lost 10 million viewers since Season 3?

do you think they could run a storyline where they used to be the #1 diagnotic hospital in the US but have now dropped to number 13?

Pamela Jaye said...

hmmm.. they could write a storyline where Cuddy discovers that Chase isn't really a surgeon, not having done a residency, fellowship, or whatever they have in Oz, in *surgery*

Interestingly, Chase has the same estranged (and now dead) doctor father problem that Meredith Grey has.

(My apologies to any Grey's fans who didn't make it thru season 3)

Pamela Jaye said...

er.... um... I never thought 13 was an unlucky number but I've changed my mind.
Perhaps they could bring Amber back from the dead.

Also, yes, please, more Wilson

Anonymous said...

I was definitely disappointed to see those flashbacks. We didn't need flashbacks of a sullen teenager to know she was a sullen teenager. We didn't even need them for the sake of seeing what Huntington's looks like, when we had two actresses (including Lori Petty) demonstrating such in the clinical trial. And to be honest, we didn't need them to understand why Thirteen felt badly about what happened with her mother - Olivia Wilde communicated that perfectly well. It took away from what had finally started to feel like something fresh in this dull storyline. (Because it was effective in this episode, and if I hadn't felt like I'd been watching the Thirteen show for most of the season, I think I'd have been even more pleased with it.)

It's a shame, because OW seems to be a pretty good supporting actress on the show, and capable of giving Thirteen sass and pique. But the character of Thirteen is not up to the all the weight they've opted to hang around her neck.

Anonymous said...

Number one: can we please stop having people saying that "everyone" hates Thirteen? I don't. I'm not crazy about her, but I hated Cameron and her crush being forced on us a hell of a lot more than this.

Second ... the problem, I think, was that they faulted in her introduction. She was forced too much too soon on the audience from the start. Now, her story is actually getting interesting to me, that she's actually dealing with her Huntington's diagnosis, rather than trying to hide from it or ignore it. Of course there's no way to go back and re-write last season -- or the marketing of her character -- but I'm not going to go all CAPSLOCK now that her story has some actual story to it.

Anonymous said...

I don't share in the 13 hatred that most of you have, but even in my neutral state, it is totally obvious the producers seem to favor writing for her. I wonder if the actress is the second highest paid cast member and they want her to earn it?

Someone mentioned Cuddy's wardrobe is causing her to lose credibility by the day. I completely concur. She didn't look like a hospital administrator last night, she looked like a stripper getting ready to turn on her boom box and bust out of that low-cut blouse and tight skirt. Honestly, she needs a consult from Joan Holloway on professional dress and decorum.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that Thirteen getting so much screen time has made me wonder if they're planning to kill her off and figure that focusing on her a lot is what will make the audience care about her and make her death powerful. Well, it's not working. But, more importantly, as someone else said it's a rehash of Amber's death. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate Thirteen. She just bores me. Let Them Eat Cake was the first episode of "Thirteen, MD" that I didn't hate. (People have timed it and there have been episodes this year in which Olivia Wilde had more screen time than Hugh Laurie did. That's just wrong.)

I do hate Foreman, thanks to Sleeping Dogs Lie, Euphoria and the loonnnng goodbye in Season 3. The best he can be, for me, is tolerable, as he was last night.

I have never understood why they under-utilize Jesse Spencer the way they do. He's one of the three most interesting actors on the show (for me) yet his part shrank in each of the first 3 seasons until, by Season 4, it was "blink and you'll miss him."

It wouldn't take much to return to the House I loved. They just need to bring balance back to the show -- less Thirteen, more Wilson, Chase (and Cameron). And, while they're at it, can we have some clinic patients again?

Anonymous said...

I howled when House grabbed her boob. I'm a two-year-old.

As for 13, she doesn't bother me as much as she bothers you. I'm pretty neutral on her.

But I have to say, just as an aside, the "Three Cases" episode from way way back. Not enough episodes are that good any more. And you know what? That one was light on the fellows, too, but watching him screw with a group of people who didn't know him was great.

Anonymous said...

I liked Thirteen until they started focusing so much of the plot around her. If they are really so desperate for people to love her then they should have eased her in gradually. Instead they've been continually revolving the show around her all season, and making the audience sick of her and resentful of all of the screentime she's getting while older characters get ignored. Thirteen's storyline is promising, and yet the writers seem to have gone out of their way to make sure nobody cares about her with all of the overexposure of the character. Introducing new characters is always tricky in a show, and the worst thing the writers can do is to come on to strong with a new character, giving them too much screentime or focus at the expense of the other characters. They are just setting the character up for failure that way.

Anonymous said...

We all should have known House was in trouble when 13 got more screen time than Hugh Laurie in the freaking season premiere. (Yes, some people do count the minutes.) There has been at least one other episode in which 13 had almost exactly the same number of minutes of screen time as House.

Face it. She is now the co-star of House Md. I wonder if she's going to demand more money for her starring role. I don't hate her. I just find her very pretty and completely uninteresting and regret the screen time that could be going to more interesting characters. This is the way TV shows die.

Anonymous said...

There were some good lines. I enjoyed this ep.

House: I broke Cuddy's toilet with a sledgehammer.

Wilson: In some cultures, that would be considered a marriage proposal.

Pamela Jaye said...

well, at least I learned some new vocabulary:

Thirteen, MD is a keeper, as is "I'm not going to go all CAPSLOCK"

but I still miss Wilson.

also, when Cameron thought she had AIDS she did the self destruct route - but only for one episode.

the thing that truly annoyed me was when Foreman got the brain damage, and the next season when we saw him he was fine.

okay that wasn't totally on the current topic, but... it was just really annoying. it was like the writers had amnesia.

who's Lori Petty?

Anonymous said...

I`ve stopped watching this show because of 13.
If she goes away I`ll give it another chance.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I just watched Tank Girl, and was so excited to see Lori Petty's name on the screen when I turned on House.

How much did it stink that all we got to see was 13 staring rudely at her?

Bleh. One of my least favorite episodes of the season.

Anonymous said...

This show has gone from bad to worse this season; the list of what is wrong feels like it is never ending.

13 - meh. I have no interest in watching a sullen, unpleasant adult & I have even less in watching her as a sullen, unpleasant teenager, let alone her druggy habits. Foreman stalking her in her apt was seriously creepy, so I suppose they are well matched since Foreman's fundamentally a disgusting human being who just like 13 abandoned his mother. I've hated the character since he tried to kill Cameron & want him gone. Chase, in particular, marginalized, but also Cameron, Kutner & even Wilson now because its the only way the writers can make the cringe-worthy Huddy work. I was embarrassed for Lisa E this week - its completely unbelievable that this pathetic character with her boobs hanging out everywhere is the Dean of the hospital or the same person from s1 of the show. Cuddy now looks & behaves like a silly 13 year old with nothing but boys on her brain. I'm joining the ranks of the 10 million who have stopped watching the show.

olucy said...

An observation and a question.

Observation: Not that I look for reality in this show...but I found it odd that Cuddy's mother wouldn't know she was redecorating her office, since she was doing so because it had been the scene of a hostage crisis and was destroyed. She might want to protect her mom from something that frightening, but surely it was on the news. Oh well. Like I said. Not the best source of logic.

Question: What was everyone's take on that convo between House and Taub about Taub's philandering with impunity? What was House getting at there? Just curious what y'all think.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the Thirteen storyline more with each episode this season, and Olivia Wilde is doing a great job with it. I'm not fond of overexposure on any of the supporting characters and the writers do tend to fixate a bit long when they decide to develop something--see Foreman's storyline in late season three.

But there's nothing inherently wrong with Thirteen's story and I thought both last ep and this one were very touching in regard to her. I'd rather see this type of story than Cameron's crush any day, sorry, Alan. Maybe if you lift the anti-Thirteen spectacles for a moment and really watch the eps, you'll find some enjoyment.

Loved this week's ep, though my heart is sad for Cuddy. Oh, House. But that's my show!

Anonymous said...

I havent been watching HOUSE recently, but I've found it interesting to read how everyone seems to hate this character. but is it her bad acting, her bad plots, or just the idea that a character waiting to be hit by a fatal genetic disease doesnt make for great tv drama? she has an "expiration date". Its as if the writers have placed a bomb in the room that's set to go off in 10 years. theres just not so much to do with it dramatically as opposed to more interesting personality idiosyncrasies. Not to say that such a disease wouldnt be very hard to deal with in reality. but its a very private thing, which doesnt give the writer interesting situations to throw her into with the rest of the characters, if she doesnt have more of a personality.

Mark Jones said...

I liked 13 best when she was having casual sex with other cute girls. Otherwise, I don't care all that much. I don't hate her. But even so, yeah, the "13, M.D." show is getting old.

I'd like to see more of Cameron and Chase. I like them and Cameron's pretty (hey, I'm shallow--sue me). I like Taub, and Kutner's okay--but egregiously stupid given his (probably felonious) fraudulent use of House's name for his on-line diagnosis scheme. Cuddy should just have a dance pole installed in her office while she's at it and cut to the chase; all her credibility as an administrator, to say nothing of a doctor, was lost seasons ago.

Sarah D. Bunting said...

"Maybe if you lift the anti-Thirteen spectacles for a moment and really watch the eps, you'll find some enjoyment."

Doubtful. I don't loathe Thirteen or think Wilde is awful; it's the writers' foregrounding of her I dislike, because it seems to have come with a heaping helping of "let's have every patient parallel Thirteen's inner turmoil," and that's why I stopped watching ER.

The character isn't really the issue, nor is the actress, although I can totally see why some viewers hate either/both. It's that she's permitting some real laziness and soapy shortcuts in the writing that I'd hoped this show could avoid.

Also, I love Wilson but I feel like I still don't understand why he's even back at PPH, much less that invested in getting Cuddy and House together. I hated to see him leave but I felt like that worked for the character and I didn't buy the reversal; now every time he's in a scene, I'm like, why are you still speaking to House?

Alan Sepinwall said...

Sarah summed up my feelings nicely. I like Olivia Wilde, have enjoyed her work in other series, and I even liked Thirteen back during the candidate search when she was the only nut House couldn't crack.

But ever since the Huntington's diagnosis came out, I feel like she's taken over the show. I'd be just as irritated if the show was becoming "Kutner, MD" or "Foreman MD" or "Cameron MD," for that matter.

Mark Jones said...

now every time [Wilson]'s in a scene, I'm like, why are you still speaking to House?

I feel that way about everyone on the show, frankly. Unless I was depending on House's genius to save my life (i.e., I was a patient), I'd throw him out on his gimpy ass if he treated me or any of my friends the way he treats, well, everyone. Maybe I'm remembering earlier seasons with rose colored glasses, but didn't people at least occasionally stand up to him successfully? The way everyone invariably knuckles under has gotten really, really old.

Anonymous said...

I found one particular bit of this week's episode very irksome - the idea that Kutner and Taub would be fooled into thinking that a person wearing make-up was actually a dead body. Are these people doctors or not? Totally contrived.

I fall on the thirteen-is-annoying-please-get-her-off-my-screen camp. I would find her a lot more tolerable if she weren't the focus of most of the recent shows. I concur with the MORE WILSON sentiment. (Sorry to go all CAPSLOCK.)

I think the boob-grabbing scene was just stupid and poorly written and not amusing in the least. I now think the best thing that could happen is if House and Cuddy sleep together once, have a miserable experience, and both of them are no longer interested in each other. I do agree that Cuddy has never dressed like a senior manager of any variety that I've ever met. It would be very hard to be treated with respect wearing the outfits they dress her in. I did like the black dress with the bows on the sleeves that she wore this week, but only if you're going clubbing. I do like Lisa Edelstein a lot, though. Maybe they could pull of something that would rework her look into something more professional (a la Deanna Troi on ST:TNG.)

Unknown said...

I completely agree, Alan. The Thirteen Show is not what we want, or what we need. :-) We need more House on House. Can you believe it's gotten to the point where we have to say that?! And Wilson, as always. Amber should've stayed. She was very interesting and had great (non-romantic) chemistry with House. I don't mind Kutner. But somehow Thirteen has received a co-starring role, and she doesn't have the acting chops or the chemistry or the intrigue.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I gate Thirteen every week more and I'm not interested in this "Foreteen" romance.

But I'd like a House-Cuddy one. After 5 seasons I need a change on "House". But this has to be about the main character.

Anonymous said...

I also like Cameron and miss her dreadfully! I really don't get why 13 is that interesting. Yes she has a horrible disease But we are never going to see her going through that!! If they want me to feel bad for her give her a hand tremor or show me how she has to battle to get to work. Now, nothing. I see a pretty, kinda dull woman who Maybe will start to see symptoms 8 years down the road? If they are still writing this in 8 years...

As for House/Cuddy. I always love Wilson/House/Cuddy scenes but in moderation like a good spice. Too much it ruins the dish. I agree with Mark Jones, Cuddy has lost her credibility as a doctor as an administrator. I didn't feel bad for her cause that's House. She knows that and yet she keeps going back for a few more kicks. Not romantic, not fun just sad.

Anonymous said...

Someone has GOT TO convince TPTB that 13 HAS TO GO!!!!!
This show is called HOUSE and I want to see House and have stories about House and learn more about House......NOT 13!!!
I would also like to see more Cameron and Chase and way less of the new ducklings.
Writers, PLEASE DON'T RUIN MY FAVORITE SHOW. I would be heart-broken.