Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scrubs, "My Nah Nah Nah": I'm all right, nobody worry 'bout me

Brief spoilers for the return of "Scrubs" coming up just as soon as I find my wedding ring (and don't forget; if you want to talk about "Better Off Ted," you can do that in the review post down below)...

While I'm glad to have a new episode after that long hiatus, "Scrubs" unfortunately came back with what felt like its flattest episode of the season. And with only one episode airing at a time now, it's not like I could just flip on the next one in hope of a better "Scrubs" experience.

"My Nah Nah Nah" featured all the regulars (though Elliot didn't seem to pop up until two-thirds of the way in), and yet I found myself wishing for the recurring characters who weren't there, like Ted and Denise/Jo. While the writers have at times been able to come up with new things to say, comedy and drama-wise, about the core cast even at this late date, it's obviously getting harder and harder. Other than Janitor's sweet moment where he invited Lady to let her freak flag fly, I felt like I'd seen most of these beats from everyone too often before to find them funny, or poignant.

Still, it's always nice to see Tim DeKay (as the dad of the paralyzed kid), and now that "Scrubs" is on a Disney-owned network, they can finally do unabashed corporate synergy with "SportsCenter" (and with two of the more likable/less annoying "SportsCenter" hosts), so there's that.

What did everybody else think?


Anonymous said...

If not for JD and Elliot's relationship being brought up, I would have thought that this episode was filmed last season and they simply never aired it. Just awful. Anytime Jordan gets a lot of air time it tends to be weak and predictable. Plus, who cares about hands and rings and some random kid and his father? None of these stories was interesting or something to emotionally invest in, and none of the resolutions were creative.

One question I had, does anyone know the details of Turk's cold therapy? I thought that part of how it works is that it has to be administered early (immediately after the accident and maybe through the surgery). By the time they tried it the kid had already been out of surgery for awhile. I know they have doctors on the set to confirm story ideas, so this seemed odd to me.

Anonymous said...

To my surprise I've been enjoying this season of Scrubs, but this definitely felt like a weak one. And I think it really probably is because the interns weren't around. I wouldn't want to see the show continue with only them, but I agree that too many of the relationships and scenarios with the regulars just feel played out. At least with the interns it feels a little fresh.

Anonymous said...

Interesting side note... the actress who plays Lady got a room makeover on HGTV's Rate My Space tonight. Check it!

Michael said...

i know this isn't the place for it but since there is a sportscenter tie in I thought I would ask:

What's everyone's final four? I have duke memphis louisville and oklahoma but I'm really just trying not to pick chalk. I'm not at all satisfied with it.

On a scrubs note, this was the first episode I've watched on ABC, tuned in waiting for Ted and lost. Did not love it, JD just kind of annoyed me the whole time. I know it's not a constructive comment but I figured I needed to say something about the show if I was going to comment.

Bobman said...

Bah, glad I'm not the only one that thought this episode sucked. Just boring and not very funny. Ah well.

r? I have duke memphis louisville and oklahoma but I'm really just trying not to pick chalk.

Dukies! Dukies!

My final four is Louisville Memphis Villanova and North Carolina. I'm debating bumping out North Carolina. It's all guesses anyway.

Theresa said...

(though Elliot didn't seem to pop up until two-thirds of the way in)

Because she actually didn't. About ten minutes in I commented to my boyfriend, "So Elliot's not in this one." Then she showed up, and we debated for a bit whether she had been added digitally in post. I would've been ok with her not being in this one at all, because she didn't really add anything. A very blah episode, which disappointed me after this season has been so much better.

Anonymous said...

I love the Janitor/Lady relationship.

Jordan is so annoying. I think we'd see much less of her if the actress wasn't married to a certain executive producer.

I liked it more than everyone else seems to have liked it, but still very familiar territory.

Final Four: Louisville, Purdue, Syracuse, Duke

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else so far I thought it was the weakest of the season.

Although I will admit to loving Janitor and his "Lady" and the whole tongue-in-cheek thing about no one caring about JD and Elliot's relationship made me giggle.

Final four - huh, I'm slightly (but only slightly) ashamed to admit that I have no idea what you're talking about. Dukies? Picking chalk? Um... is my ignorance about the "final four" because I'm a girl or because I'm a Canadian?

Pamela Jaye said...

the "cold therapy" was also featured in the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy (i think part two of that is airing this coming weekend on Lifetime)
and yes, they did it rather soon after the accident but not until after the patient had already been in surgery with Derek. So, I would think you would be correct and they were wrong. Also, there were arythmias to be watched out for - I found it odd the patient was left alone. and also wondered what they used to cool him - but this is Scrubs so they had no time to say.
I'm also curious why cold works where steroids don't. It's not an inflammation thing?

Oaktown Girl said...

is my ignorance about the "final four" because I'm a girl or because I'm a Canadian?

Kelly - it's because you're Canadian. Very often women best men in predicting which teams win in this college basketball tournament. Me, I can't even think about the Final Four. I'm just so damn happy my team even made it in at all.

Scrubs - Hmmm...I see there's a lot of "Jordan" hate around here. I really like her - in moderation and when there's a good script. Yes, this was a pretty weak episode. Count me among those who wish the funny interns were there to spice things up.

Pamela Jaye said...
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Pamela Jaye said...

Therapeutic Hypothermia

Ross said...

final four - i'm canadian and i follow the final four. mine is louisville, pitt, memphis, and gonzaga, with the zags beating memphis to win the title. (you have to go off the board to win this thing because everyone overvalues the favourites. of course, the best thing about this tournament is that we all don't know what we are really doing. much like Kelly, it's okay not to know.)

scrubs - aside from Turk's frustration with JD not being able to hum the sportscenter theme, there was a big lack of laughs tonight. my girlfriend asked me to describe tonight's episode and all i could say was "it was on television." i didn't know what else to say about it.

cold therapy - i don't think the medical community will be singing the praises of this medical demonstration the way they did with the surgery checklist on last week's e.r. was the medical consultant for the episode the same sportscenter clip?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the cold therapy and its timing was off because Turk as a doctor and sports fan should have known that, but I guess it didn't fit with the narrative.

The episode was just flat all around. I usually love Krista Miller, but she was telling jokes she told five years ago. And I swear that JD/Turk conversation about SportsCenter was almost verbatim in an earlier episode.

Oh, well. Next week focuses on the interns so hopefully will be something to enjoy.

olucy said...

Yes, it was a weak ep. The Jordan/Cox storyline was *really* a retread. And I know this is a strange thing to focus on, but since they were calling so much attention to it because of the ring, what the heck was wrong with John C. McGinley's hand? It was red and blotchy and looked like it had been burned. Maybe I'm the only one who noticed.

Anonymous said...

I found myself bored halfway through and just waiting for it to end. Jordan was very whiny...she's lost something in the ease of delivering her lines that she used to have although that could be her trying to make up for the flat material.
(and it's hard for me to look at her with the bad plastic surgery she's obviously had done.) Some funny moments in between but plotwise the episode did not hold my interest. And the 2 minute Elliot appearance was odd although I didn't realize she wasn't in the episode until she appeared!

Anonymous said...

(and it's hard for me to look at her with the bad plastic surgery she's obviously had done.)

Yeah, Christa Miller did not look good last night. Her lack of expression was very distracting.

I thought Elliot not appearing until someone mentioned her was funny. Kinda like saying "Candyman" to the mirror five times.

Pamela Jaye said...

I noticed Elliot's absence shortly before she appeared.

Also on Grey's I don't think they did the hypothermia soon enough either. But maybe people who watch Grey's don't care.

Was the surgerey checklist a big deal? Where?

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

I found myself laughing a lot, but looking back, all my laughs came from Janitor lines. It's not news that the Janitor can make me laugh, but it's disappointing when other characters don't as well.