Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Comment problem

Hey all, when I changed the template of the blog a while back, for some reason that altered the comment settings without my knowing it. Thanks to somebody's e-mail today, I discovered about 200 comments that were waiting for approval, and they (other than the spam) have since been approved.

Apologies to anyone wondering why their comment never showed up.


Hatfield said...

What triggered the approval requirement? All of my comments have been showing up

Alan Sepinwall said...

If people posted comments on older posts, they suddenly required approval (which I guess is a filter for comment spam, since most of that tends to go to old posts where the spammers assume the moderator isn't paying attention), but since I didn't know about it, I wasn't approving any of them.

Pamela Jaye said...

thanks for answering this before I asked you why I had 50 comments in various threads from lots of different people - none of which I sampled were spam!! :-)

I thought you'd just suddenly gotten very popular.

also, I noticed the other day, one of my posts said it was going to the mod for approval.

Oaktown Girl said...

Hey - check out my last comment in the Rescue Me thread - maybe the glitch when using a block of text in italics got fixed, too! The space between the italicized text remained in tact, and didn't get mushed in with the other text. Hope it lasts!

fgmerchant said...

Yay I helped! I'm guessing that was my e-mail that informed you about the comment moderation!

555jay said...

I'm just happy to hear about Futurama.