Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Top Chef Masters' review, 'The Shield' season 7 on DVD - Sepinwall on TV

I don't do two-fer columns much anymore, but today I review both the debut of "Top Chef Masters" and "The Shield" season 7 DVD set.


Matt said...

I don't know whether I'm disturbed or pleased to know that there's such a thing as a "mediocre Padma Lakshmi impression."

Phil Freeman said...

My copy of the Shield boxed set is already en route from Amazon, so interesting to know about the extras.

JasonR said...

Michael Chiklis toasting his co-stars as each of their final scenes was filmed, at one point inducing Walton Goggins into a fit of sobs

I am a huge fan of Mr. Goggins. I loved how he was able to create a character that was tough, but emotional.

Based on the little I have seen of him outside of The Shield and the above comment, I picture him as the Dick Vermeil of actors - and I don't mean that as a negative.

Bitsy said...

You're right about Top Chef, Alan. Those particularly strange challenges like making them get all their ingredients from one aisle in the supermarket don't seem to prove much. I guess that's kind of why I prefer Hell's Kitchen. It's extreme, but it takes place in a kitchen environment and makes the contestants prove if they can run a restaurant.

Shari said...

The absolute worst cooking reality show is Chopped on the food network. They have to make their courses with a basket of ingredients designed to clash with each other. You don't get to "know" the contestants or see how they get along with one another either. Why Ted Allen left Top Chef for that mess is beyond me.

maura said...

I'm not thrilled with the format of Top Chef Masters. I would prefer fewer chefs all competing at once, instead of several eliminations rounds (they did essentially the same thing on AI this year, and I didn't like that either). I'd like to see Tim Love compete against Wylie Dufresne. Could there be two more different chefs?

I'm usually bugged by the contrivances they come up with for the chefs. I just want to see them cook. But it was pretty thrilling to watch their creativity and their improvisational skills come out. Hubert Keller was amazing, but Tim Love deserved a special prize for what he had to deal with.

Also, I miss Padma.

Even so, I enjoyed it and I'm in until the end.

eyeball Wit said...

I don't know whether I'm disturbed or pleased to know that there's such a thing as a "mediocre Padma Lakshmi impression."

I was about to type exactly the same thing.