Monday, September 07, 2009

'Sons of Anarchy' season two review - Sepinwall on TV

Happy Labor Day, everybody. Before I went on my vacation (which technically ends tomorrow), I wrote today's column, in which I review the new season of "Sons of Anarchy":
"Me fixing things doesn't happen quick or easy," Jax Teller warns a fellow motorcycle club member in the season two premiere of "Sons of Anarchy."

Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is talking about the mess from the end of the drama's first season [...] But Jax could just as easily be talking about that debut season, which started off flawed and, through fits and starts, was fixed until it became one of the most gripping dramas on television.
I've seen five episodes, and I'm very happy with them, and the show will be part of the blog rotation as it was last year, starting tomorrow night.


Chaz said...

Alan, can the show be picked up in Season 2 by a new viewer or should I track down DVDs of the 1st season?

Alan Sepinwall said...

Ideally, you'd have seen the latter half of season one, but it's doable. Not for nothing do FX dramas have incredibly long "Previously on..." segments.

Kimmy said...

Thanks Alan,

I have watched the DVDs of the first season several times, and finally watched to commentary for the finale of season one.

I can't wait for this season. I liked your comparison to the Sopranos. So many times, there were many fans who watched the Sopranos who were left with, "that's it? Nothing happened." Watching the Sons episodes, I never felt that after any of the episodes.

Now if I can only bribe someone for the House screener. I didn't even think about it until you teased us! Thanks again.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I love exactly two shows. Chuck and Sons of Anarchy.

If someone wanted to start watching... you only rob yourself, if you don't watch the entire season.

There was never a slow episode. It was full out crazy, every week... and so worth seeing in its entirely.

Otto Man said...

Great show. Right now, it's "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad" and "SOA" for me.

Chaz said...

Thanks for the advice guys.

Hatfield said...


I just rewatched Season 1, and while I disagree with how weak you seemed to think it was initially, I am fully with you in how much better it got, week to week, and I think it may be the top drama not on AMC currently. After I got through it again, I convinced my girlfriend to watch, and she had your same feeling at first, but she got angry after witnessing the tragedy you refer to in the review because she'd gotten completely sucked in by that point. I can't wait for tomorrow night...

Dan Coyle said...

Charming. Charming Never Changes.

(PLEASE someone get that reference...)

Anonymous said...

Alan, I found your blog BECAUSE of "Sons of Anarchy". Thank you for being one of the few folks out there who gave it a lot of thought and time. I cannot wait to start this new season.

cgeye said...

I'm still pondering a couple of bits from last season:

First, a previous commenter pointed out that Tig and Jax sprayed their DNA all over that crime scene, after attacking and/or killing two law enforcement officers acting for the Federal Government. RICO would be a walk in the park compared to the terroristic-threat justification Stahl, et al. could land on them, just for breaking open a safehouse. Because of the home invasion alone, Clay could cause even worse harm to SAMCRO that what he faced last season.

Also, I'm still bothered by the use of the Magical (Mute) Negro that was the Feds' witness. Why in the hell was a 17-year-old black girl living there, in a small town so racist that a white power motorcycle club could live without censure or prosecution? Was she living alone? If so, who signed the lease? Who rented the room? She's underage -- who signed her contract with WitPro? Did she place her relatives in harm's way, either by going into protection, then escaping?

It's a powerful choice -- someone who couldn't possibly depend on SAMCRO's kindness, actually getting a second chance -- but it really doesn't make sense.

In that part of the country, even if she makes it out of California, she's not going to find it easy to get a fake ID or go anywhere that requires fingerprints, with the Feds on her tail. That lack of forethought makes Jax's kindness dunderheaded, and the screenwriting short-sighted -- that is, if her fate's not dealt with this season.

Yes, I care about her. But they made me, so it's their fault.

JanieJones said...

Besides Mad Men and True Blood, this is the show I'm looking forward to the most right now. I caught the pilot early in August and was hooked. I can't believe I missed the 1st viewing. Chaz, Alan is correct in that the latter half of S1 is somewhat important to the start and shape of S2. I did pick up the dvd's of S1 recently.
Alan, I just started reading your blog late in the spring and am very glad that you will be blogging about SOA. I feel like I've been missing something by not reading your writing all these years. (Do not take offense, I rarely participated in anything tv related on the internet until this past nine months)
You are a gem!