Friday, December 04, 2009

Reminder: Dollhouse is back tonight

Probably should have posted this earlier in the day, but I've been otherwise occupied. And if you're a "Dollhouse" fan (one of the few, the proud, the disappointed), you probably already know that the show is coming back tonight at 8 with back-to-back episodes (the first of three straight Friday double features, followed by the last three episodes being burned off in January) featuring a guest appearance from Whedon alum Summer Glau.

If I can, I'll get a review of the two episodes up sometime this weekend, Monday at the latest, so please save your comments on them until that post is up. In the meantime, you can go read Mo Ryan's exhaustive interview with Joss Whedon, which touches on everything from (once more with feeling) the show's early creative struggles to how he wants to (but may not be able to) wrap everything up with the 13th and final episode.


Germ said...

still makes me sad that i can't watch... Monk series finale takes more importance tonight :(

Hatfield said...

Wow, we really only got 4 before it got pulled for November? Thanks for the reminder, I think I may have taken it off the DVR at some point.

Alf said...

Oh, yay! I didn't know it was on tonight.

BigTed said...

I finally watched ep. 13.... It was the first time I've ever searched for unauthorized content on the Internet, but it's not as if there are that many legit ways of seeing it.

By the way, it was great, and made the entire first season seem better in retrospect. I still don't understand why Fox couldn't have shelled out a few extra bucks to air it. It might actually have raised this season's ratings.