Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cougar Town, "Stop Dragging My Heart Around": The ex file

I'm again mostly taking the day off to recover from press tour, but I thought last night's "Cougar Town" was another strong one. When I talked with Bill Lawrence last week about "Scrubs," he also said that he realized a few episodes into this show that the "attractive older woman dates hot younger guys" premise wasn't all that interesting, and that the show worked much better as an ensemble about this makeshift family Jules had created around herself. That was clearly the right way to go, and it's led to good recurring gags like Grayson's songwriting or Andy's role as secret-keeper/blackmailer, and it's allowed characters like Bobby and Laurie to get a little deeper without taking away all the funny things Brian Van Holt and Busy Philipps have been doing.

So just as soon as I jam out some lyrics and point out that Jules and Bobby were watching "Scrubs" in one scene, what did you guys think?


chrisis said...

Yeah, they were indeed watching Scrubs, to be specific it was the awesome season 8 episode "My Last Words". Also some minutes before that Andy was holding a Coffee Bucks cup in his hands.

Anonymous said...

Great show, plus They watched Scrubs and in a different scene used a "Coffee Bucks" mug - also seen in Scrubs.

Kate E. said...

I'm loving this show more and more. This and Modern Family are two of the only shows that we actually end up watching in "real time" because we just get excited.
Both are consistently funny and sweet and seem to finding a nice balance.

Busy Phillips, as we know is awesome, and I am loving her character even more as it gains some dimension.

CEK said...

I really like the way that they have fine-tuned Andy's character. They have dialed back on him being the emasculated husband/besotted hero-worshiper of Bobby. I enjoy how he has become a father-figure, source of mature male wisdom to Travis.

Mark S. said...

The last few episodes have done a better job in toning down Courtney Cox and making the women funnier. Usually the guys are much, much funnier than the women.

I started off watching it because my wife liked it, but I've grown to enjoy it also.

JanieJones said...

I enjoyed the episode. I saw "Scrubs" on the tv-had no idea what episode it was until I read the comments here.
I prefer Cox toned down a bit and a more rounded focus on the others/group at times.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more about the older woman dating younger guys comment. I found it boring and a little seedy in a comedy setting. I enjoy the show much more now.

Kimo C. said...

This show has really picked up in the last few weeks, and I like how the entire cast seems to have come together in a way that doesn't seem that far fetched and out there.

For me personally though, this show is all about Bobby and Andy. They both pretty much take over and force you to focus on them when they're in a scene. When Travis wanted to talk to his parents about what happened the previous night, Bobby's response and look on his face was hilarious.

Between this and Mo-Fam, ABC has the 9-10 hour block on lock down!

LA said...

I sincerely hope Bill L. puts together an EP of "original Cougar Town tracks," from Grayson. I get a smile on my face when I see his guitar lurking in the background.

Nice Coffee Bucks/Scrubs catches from you sharp-eyed eagles!

I love Andy so much. Ian Gomez makes everything better.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

"The last few episodes have done a better job in toning down Courtney Cox and making the women funnier. Usually the guys are much, much funnier than the women."

Oh yea... Andy and Bobby are the best part of the show. The only character that bugs me is Cox. She is trying too hard to be the lovable kook. So she comes off phony.

I have to say I am pleased that it looks like that she and the neighbor/best friend have laid off the botox.

I used to be so distracted by the fact their upper lips could not move.

Kelly said...

I am so enjoying this show. Much more than I ever thought I would.

I like Courtney Cox, always have, so I don't find her character annoying, I find her quite charming (but again, that's probably my unnatural love for her shining through) but I agree that the ensemble cast really makes the show.

The look on Bobby's face when Travis was trying to talk to them - awesomely funny. And then the look on his face when Jules was telling him they would never be together again. He captured the heartbreak and still a tiny bit of hope, perfectly with his facial expressions.

skittledog said...

Enjoyed this episode, and the balance between the male and female halves of the show is definitely being achieved at last. Favourite part: "I'm lying. Are you lying?" "No." "Neither am I..."

Stef said...

I'm happy to join the club of people who are surprised to find themselves loving this show. I agree, combined with MF it's a solid hour of tv that is now appointment tv. About midway through the fall I totally switched from watching Glee live and ABC later, and now I eagerly look forward to these 2 shows as a bright spot in the middle of the week.

Allison DeWitt said...

I didn't like the show in the beginning in part, because of the young boyfriend storyline and the ex-husband part seemed so shallow.

The ensenble cast won me over, after reading here and elsewhere that the show had improved.

And I love everything Busy Phillips does. She pulls off something that seems impossible.

forg/jecoup said...

May I just add since she does receive that much attention, Barb is in one scene per episode but those are always LOL moments for me. This is the case where a one-note character works.

Love this show along with Modern Family and The Middle, I hope ABC could find the 4th show to complement
(I love Better Off Ted but let's be realistic the show is not making it on a 3rd season as much as I wished this show was part of the Wednesday line up I don't think it will happen or work at all)

Anonymous said...

The less I see of Cox, the better the show is. Maybe they can get rid her character altogether?