Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I hab a code ib by dose

So, let's count the number of things going on in Casa Sepinwall:
  • All three of us are sick and not sleeping much, which in turn makes us barely awake during the daytime;
  • I didn't have the energy to sit through "Prison Break" and let Marian channel-surf during that hour instead of recording it (damn you, single tuner!);
  • I see that my UPN affiliate is showing a Nets game tonight, which means I won't be able to see "Veronica Mars" until sometime Wednesday night.
In other words, I'm basically useless for today. Maybe I'll have the energy to blog "Idol" tonight, but no promises. Anyone who wants to offer commentary on "Prison Break" or "24" (which I did watch but don't remember very well) or anything else, feel free to treat this as an open thread. I'll try to check in a few times today.


UCF Journalism Student said...

Feel better Alan.

I only watched 24 last night and I've got to say I'm about done with the show. I've been with the show since it started and have always been readily willing to suspend my disbelief - but come on! They had to go the last mile to the bank on foot because of military checkpoints, but Jack can drive to the airport without caution? Audrey tells her father that she has something important to say 50 times before giving up the secret? Get to the damn point.

Instead of giving the recording to Wayne and him handing it off to a media member [or God forbid making a copy] Jack gives it to Heller, who double-crosses him and his own daughter, and then - surprise surprise - is stuck without the evidence and is now, based on previews, a prime candidate for elimination.

And last, but certainly not least, Aaron. Oh Aaron, savior to Palmer, reluctant guardian of Logan, and the most beloved of characters [outside of Jack] is done in by Mrs. Logan. If he's not dead, we'll rejoice. But why on Earth would anyone trust either of the first couple? Chief of Staff to POTUS - dead. Assistant to FLOTUS [and her daughter] - dead. Former POTUS - dead.

Perhaps TiVo has made me a bad TV watcher, but I fastforwarded through so much out of sheer exasperation, so maybe I'm not the best reviewer. But, for a show that's supposed to be shocking and edge-of-your-seat entertainment, I feel like just waiting to the last episode and check to see that Jack's alive and everybody else is dead and move on with my life.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco critic Tim Goodman has a nice evisceration of last night's 24 here at his new blog. As he points out, "You know, giving '24' a good implausibility beat down--and yet still wanting to watch--is actually good therapy for me."

I somehow forgive 24 for screwy writing and time-killing and implausibilities that I would hammer any other show/movie/book for, because there's just something fun about the show.

Anonymous said...

24 was a lot of fun last night, and I refuse to believe Aaron is dead until I see his cold, dead body.

Of course, I said that about Tony, too...

As for Prison Break, you missed a doozy, Alan. First Michael shoves his fingers down Haywire's throat so that he barfs up his meds and gets nutty again, said nuttiness bringing with it his memory of Michael's tattoo. Of course, he also remembers what Michael did to him and wants in on the escape plan. Then Michael's escape buddies have to prevent his cell from being "sold" by C.O. Geary to the highest bidder (who also wants the leaky toilet fixed--oops!), so T-bag rigs the kitchen poker game for C-Note to win big, but Geary just takes all the money plus Westmoreland's special watch and says he already sold the cell to someone else.

Meanwhile, Veronica gets Linc a two-hour pass from Death Row so he can go see Linc Jr. in the other hoosgow. And we find out Nick is working for some bad guys and is about to give them Veronica. Yeah, I didn't really care about that last part, either.

Back in prison, Pope won't release Michael from the Whack Shack unless he gives up the name of the C.O. who burned him. With the help of Sucre's cousin who is now on the escape squad, they frame Geary for it and get him fired. As he's leaving, Geary tells Bellick how unfair it is and how Bellick is just as crooked as he is, and Bellick says, "I don't get caught." HA! Haywire tries to use the part of the "map" he drew to escape, but Michael apparently rigged it so that he gets caught and will mostly likely be heavily sedated, too. Michael is returned to his cell and gives Westmoreland back his watch--awwww.

In other news, Brinker (a surprisingly effective Michelle Forbes) takes Kellerman (hahahah) off the case, so he runs to the Veep and tattles. They decide to come up with some plan to do something to protect themselves from someone...sorry, I tend to lose focus when we're outside the prison. Except...

...as Lincoln is being transported to visit Linc Jr., a car comes out of nowhere (just like on Alias!) and creams the van. Are they all dead? Was Michael's plan really for naught? Well, thanks to the Fox promo monkeys, we know Linc survives the crash, bloodied but apparently unbowed. Okay, he looks a little dizzy and like he could actually keel over and die...


Anonymous said...

WRT Prision Break, how many people are they going to break out with them? Pretty soon, there's going to be no one left who's not in on the plan!

Alan Sepinwall said...

Well, if season two is going to be dealing with what all the escapees are doing on the outside, the more escapees, the more potential stories. Not that they'll be good stories, mind you -- just a lot of them.

As for "24," I'm not sure it was a coincidence that my greatest enjoyment out of this season came when I was having my DVD marathon of the first 8 or 10 episodes. When you can pop in another hour immediately, you don't dwell on the Idiot Plot elements nearly as much.

Anonymous said...

And in the long list of the things I have to thank TWoP/Tomato Nation for, we can add pointing me to your blog today, so I didn't find out about the Veronica Mars preemption tonight (for a completely meaningless Nets game, no less), and have an aneurysm right then and there. So tomorrow night I get 2 hours of Alias, Invasion, and then the Veronica Mars I'll tape. Good thing I was planning to take Thursday off work anyway.

(Of course, it would have been nice if the local newspapers chose to mention this fact today, hint, hint.)

As for 24, I wasn't really paying full attention last night, so it didn't bother me that much. Anyway, the season usually goes in cycles, and this is about the right time for a down cycle as they stall before they build up to the finale.

Anonymous said...

In Prison Break, part of the reason Abruzzi got his throat all slit was because he was supposed to take care of T-Bag because they had too many people and not enough time to escape. (That was when they were going through the infirmary window - are they still doing that?) But now, they are back up to seven with Sucre's cousin in on the plan. And now that Abruzzi's coming back, they'll have eight. This is two too many people, I can't wait to see how Michael deals with this little problem.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Welcome aboard, Devin! I tried e-mailing you about the blog back in the fall, but it bounced back. (For anyone who isn't me or Matt, Devin is our most prolific e-mailer; every month or so, he sends us a magnum opus about the state of all his favorite shows that reads not unlike a lot of these blog entries.)

Do we have Veronica listed in our TV grid today?

Anonymous said...

My local UPN channel is running Veronica Mars at 11:00 after the game, so if anyone really wants to see it tonight, you might want to check your TV guides, as your affiliates may be doing the same thing. (I know they re-run it a couple times a week but I love the show so much I hate waiting for it.)

Anonymous said...

"Oh Aaron, savior to Palmer, reluctant guardian of Logan, and the most beloved of characters [outside of Jack] is done in by Mrs. Logan."

Huh? She went to meet him by the stables, called his cell, and found it ringing on the ground nearby. Why would she do that if she'd killed him?