Sunday, April 23, 2006

Think fast, Bacall!

"The Sopranos," episode seven. The opening of today's review:
My thought process while watching "Luxury Lounge" went something like this:

"An entire episode about Artie? Did they learn nothing from season four?"

"Hey, maybe they did. This isn't bad."

"Holy (bleep), did Christopher just punch Lauren Bacall in the face?"

Yes, "Luxury Lounge" spent most of its attention on the one character who historically gets less respect (from fans and wiseguys) than Bacala. Yes, it was fairly slow and quiet. No, it didn't move any of the season's major storylines forward much, if at all.

To put it in Artie's language, the first six episodes of this season were like that buffet at Da Giovanni: one amazing dish after the next, always something to savor and chew on and analyze exactly what the ingredients are. An all-Artie episode could have been a pit stop at Arby's for a roast beef, but it was better than that. Not the bountiful feast of the season so far, but a tasty side salad to let the stomach rest before the next course.
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Anonymous said...

Two of the show’s least used, best actors, John Ventimiglia and Kathy Narducci, as Artie and Charmaine Bucco were featured in a great way.
As soon as Artie shot that rabbit I knew someone would end up eating it by the end of the episode. I thought David Chase would maybe make an appearance during the luxury lounge scenes, so I
spotted him immediately on the plane. I love how some of the supporting players are getting their own showcase episodes before the show ends. I hope we get to see Furio again before the end.

Anonymous said...

loved "luxury lounge". Yes Alan, it was too much Artie, but ya know, any less than too much Artie would be not enough. That is Artie for you, and this episode was this show's aria to him -- pushy, driven, insecure, prideful, stubborn, tragic Artie, one of the show's richest most quintessential characters.

the 'chris in la-la land' subplot, on the other hand, was more of a guilty pleasure; "d-girl" was much funnier. though I admit I was alternately howling while wondering, little carmine has been reduced to this? Well, my time is less than limited, so...

Anonymous said...

Alan - a question for you. I think an interesting column for your blog would be what role new shows are filling in replacing old ones from the 90s. For instance:

LOST = New X-Files
The OC = Beverly Hills 90210
The OFFICE = Seinfeld
FAMILY GUY = the Simpsons

What are some other match ups? What shows from the 90s have yet to find their Aughts Equivalent but deserve to (the West Wing?) What shows are better left dead?