Monday, August 28, 2006

How race made its way onto the island

In a story that was originally planned for the Friday paper, then the Saturday, then the Sunday, and which finally wound up sitting right next to my Emmy column today, I talked to Jeff Probst and several "Survivor" experts about the segregation gimmick. Given some of the speculation, I figured I'd excerpt this quote from Probst:
"I think the notion of how long we keep them divided is a fair question," said Probst, "and I would say to that, you have to remember that there is a show we are putting together. If we leave people in the same tribes for a long time, they become so entrenched that there's no way they're ever going to leave their tribe, and that makes for boring television. We're already putting people in strong groups, you can't have much stronger an identification than your own ethnicity. We have strong tribes that are going to be aligned together from the beginning, we're not going to leave them like that forever."
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Anonymous said...

So that means an episode, an episode and a half before they're shuffled? :-D

I don't care what the pundits say (no offense, Alan), but I'll be watching. Of course, I'll be rooting for a total trainwreck, but I'll still be watching. And I wish those people who are trying to get the show shelved would freakin' watch it first before they criticize it! "Sounds like a bad idea" and "IS a bad idea" are quite different.

Mac said...

In the first episode of Exile Island, Jeff routinely referred to the tribes by their makeup ("younger women", "older men", etc.) rather than by their tribe names. He probably shouldn't do that this time.

I will say, in the show's defense, that minority women have done well and come off well (unlike on The Apprentice), with two winners out of twelve, plus Cirie who was one of the most popular contestants ever. It's been different with men, and the treatment of Nick in Australia was unforgiveable.

Anonymous said...

I don't really mind the segregation aspect, my worry has been -- like many of the people you talk with -- in how the show will write these contestants. The writing of Survivor has long been my complaint, with core conflicts and characterizations being repeated on too many seasons. Hopefully, this will shake things up in the editing room.

Anonymous said...

STILL no Entourage coverage?