Monday, August 14, 2006

I'll be back in a jiffy!

Have to run into the city for a few hours, so I'll do the "Deadwood" write-up sometime this afternoon. In the meantime, go read Matt's review of "Weeds" season two.

UPDATE: I got roped into writing up my interview in the city for tomorrow's column, so "Deadwood" is being pushed back until the evening (say, 9-ish?). Fortunately, Matt's analysis was posted while I was in NYC, so have at it.


Anonymous said...

Can I come too?

Alan Sepinwall said...

[Silently rolls window back up.]

Anonymous said...

Hearst is really losing his shit, isn't he? I felt sorry for EB when Hearst took out his anger on him. Hearst enjoys picking on the weak, and it's both scary and sad to watch.

One thing that I have missed this year is more scenes with Bullock and the Mrs. to show how their relationship has grown (or not) since he stopped shtupping Alma. As much as I like Langrishe and his developing arc (and it's gonna kill me that we won't get to see where that was going), I wouldn't mind sacrificing some of his time so that we could have more Seth and Martha.

Al dispensing frontier justice on Barrett was intense. I think Barrett's balls were nearly up in his throat by the time Al was done with him.

I did like seeing both Ellsworth and Bullock having to be restrained in their emotions re: Alma's trauma, though I'm surprised Al didn't have Bullock trussed up as well. I think every muscle on Bullock was clenched!

Favorite tender scene: Jane ranting about her dream and then Joanie kissing her sweetly. Has Charlie picked up that Jane's getting from Joanie what he wants?

Favorite line of the night was Al's to Jewel: "Every step a fucking adventure!" Thank God "The Wire" and "Rome" are both coming back soon to take the sting out of losing "Deadwood" and "The Sopranos," at least temporarily (I've been following "Brotherhood," but it's really not cutting it for me).

Anonymous said...

I think "Brotherhood" is getting better. I'm getting a better sense of Michael Caffee, anyway. And their supporting cast is shines--Sunday's dinner scene with Annabeth Gish and Fionnula Flanagan sniping at each other was well done.

Anonymous said...

[Disappointed moan]