Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What are you laughing at?

I went with "Rock Star" over "Rescue Me" last night, so I won't get to Tommy and pals until sometime this afternoon at the earliest. In the meantime, the daily column link: the upcoming showdown between new sitcoms with laughtracks and those without.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alan, that link's not working for me - and when I just went to the NJ page and clicked on your column, that doesn't work either. I'm getting a Star-Ledger page, but there's no column there, just some blank space.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan, not that I ever doubt you, but are you sure that every "I Love Lucy" episode was filmed before a live audience.To me it always sounded like canned laughs. Some friends and I had a conversation about that series, and we talked about how there was always this lady that would go "UT-OH!" in the audience whenever Lucy was about to get into some big trouble. But it was always the same UT-OH everytime.Heard on many episodes.Just an observation. And of course, I can't discuss Lucy without that guy from Seinfeld in my head, telling me that I can watch Ilove Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy....Elaine you look scrumptious..
See ya. Tom

Anonymous said...

So have you watched Rescue Me yet? I'm curious as to what you thought of certain aspects of the show I won't mention so as not to spoil it for you :-)