Thursday, April 05, 2007

30 Rock: To the wig shop!

Spoilers for "30 Rock" coming up just as soon as I get this robe cut down to size...

I expressed a lot of my admiration for "30 Rock" in general and this episode in particular in this morning's column -- particularly Will Arnett's presence making the torch-passing from "Arrested Development" complete -- so I'll just list a few things that made me laugh and then open the floor to you:
  • Liz calling out Jack and Devin for their duelling husky voices, with the best of those exchanges being "You're goin' down." "No, Devin. I don't do that." (Baldwin's delivery is so understated and yet dripping with judgment and loathing.)
  • Kenneth's Buster Bluth-esque naivete about homosexuality, particularly "It's not really a team; it's just a bunch of guys who like to get together for gymnastics."
  • The increasing dismay of Toofer as he realizes the truth about his ancestor.
  • Tracy's explanation of how he couldn't be the father: "I never got out of the car and she never got all the way out of her toll booth."
  • Dr. Spaceman explaining, "Science is whatever we want it to be."
  • Floyd's drunken man on the street ad.
  • The use of Ennio Morricone's "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" score.
  • Liz's confessional about all her deep dark secrets, which was convincing in its ability to make Floyd forgive her.
  • Liz and Pete's matching outfits (though did I forget Pete getting kicked out by his wife, or did this happen between episodes?).
  • The closing credits for the 10-second web sitcom running longer than 10 seconds.
What did everybody else think?


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed there was no Jane Krakowski. And Jack suddenly getting a new assistant midway through the episode was a little weird.

And when was the last time Liz and Tracy shared a storyline? Or even any screen time? Is something going on over on the 30 Rock set?

Still laugh out loud funny though.

SJ said...

You forgot the Maury part! Instant classic, especially Baldwin flipping the bird as Jefferson to the crowd. Hilarious!

This show is the funniest show on TV no doubt.

Unknown said...

Dream Thomas Jefferson flipping the double bird at Maury Povich's audience. For the ages.

I actually missed Krakowski too. That's a good sign. And yeah, the Pete thing was explained (briefly, and I forget the particulars) in-show in a previous ep.

Not sure if the failed show climax is strong enough to be a running gag -- Gold Case, then the sprarkling swastikas, now Springtime for Hitler -- but a "salute to fireworks" is such a great idea I'll try not to think about it too much.

floretbroccoli said...

Pete's wife wasn't so happy with him when she found out she was pregnant after he said he'd gotten a vasectomy.

What, did he get together with Gilmore Girl's Jackson and come up with this brilliant plan?

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode - and sorry to say I did not really miss Jane Krakowski. This show is all about Liz and Jack for me. It was kind of weird to laugh at "some people are going to be upset" as 30 Rock was layered in smoke.

SJ said...

Btw, props to Tracy Morgan too. His character is also hilarious.

And yeah, I don't really miss Krakowski's character.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing.

Devin's "Touch the peacock" to Kenneth while he was dancing was also hysterical. All around a great episode that never slowed down. Arnett did a stand out job.

Office was also top-notch this week, Michael's woman-suit probably rival's Devin's cut-off robe for best outfit of the night.

Anonymous said...

"those jokes you wrote for my mitt romney fund raiser, those were top notch."
"those weren't jokes. that was an appeal for common sense and decency."
"well... they got big laughs."

Anonymous said...

One recurring gag I could use less of is the Liz eats too much/is fat jokes. It's given Fey and the rest of the cast some great lines, but it just feels like a re-tread of Will & Grace when Jack kept calling Will fat even though Sean Hayes was clearly burlier than Eric McCormack. I guess that was meant to be part of the joke but I didn't find it funny then, either.

Otherwise, great episode. One little touch I loved was the person coming to see Floyd as Liz is confessing her sins, hearing the part about Liz soiling herself at a buffet, and clearly expressing "...I'll just come back later" with her body language, all while in the background and out of focus.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a show about a teacher named Art. I call that Art School. And then theres one about a Jew who runs a ice cream parlor. I call that Ice Cream Cohen. And theres a drama with two cops named Cash and Kerry. I don't have a name for that one yet.

Anonymous said...

I know Arrested Development. And 30 Rock, you are no Arrested Development.

For NBC, that's probably a good thing. Arrested Development was so invested in its running threads and inside jokes, that it was on the verge of becoming inscrutable to new viewers.

30 Rock is certainly the best zany comedy on TV-- which says as much about the quality of TV comedy as it does about this show

Abbie said...

Great episode.

I watch SNL regularly, and I just did not recognize Jason Sudeikis on that show for the cutie-pie that he obviously is on this show. They are an adorable couple. I hope they don't break them up just to keep up the running "Liz Lemon can't keep a man because she wears dumpy clothes and eats too much" jokes.

I was hoping for a little more Arnett than we got- is there a chance that we'll see him again? I don't think that he trounced by the fireworks. Not that we need celebrity snuff films on our mobile phones, but maybe there's a middle ground?

Anonymous said...

Ice Cream Cohen!

Anonymous said...

alan said... Liz and Pete's matching outfits (though did I forget Pete getting kicked out by his wife, or did this happen between episodes?).

Yeah that was the last scene in the previous episode, Pete, Liz and Floyd were all in the elevator... Pete asked Liz for her apt key.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know that I watch 30 Rock right after The Office, but is it just me, or does Devin look like a male version of Jan?