Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Friday Night Lights season 2 preview

I still haven't had a chance to transcribe my various "Friday Night Lights" interviews, but Maureen Ryan has done such a good job encapsulating most of the stuff that Jason Katims and the actors said that I'm going to take the lazy way out, link to her, then focus specifically on the Tyra/Landry stuff that my story (date TBD) will be about. Warning: lots and lots of spoilers, as Katims wasn't shy about talking up the new storylines, and the comments on this thread will no doubt be spoiler-y, so don't read if you don't wanna know.


The Engineer said...

I gotta say I am not encouraged by some of these items. Coach taylor coaching in San Marcos, great. Someone commits MURDER? Jeez...

Luna said...

Really, REALLY not looking forward to the stalker storyline. If there is one thing that I've never seen do anything but ruin a female character, it's a stalker storyline. Sigh.

Also not looking forward to Landry trying out for football, because he seems like he would've got that out of his system by junior year of high school or whatever.

The Smash and Lyla storylines each sound great.