Monday, July 23, 2007

Holy Holly, holy (expletive deleted)

Today's column takes a look at tonight's debut of TNT's "Saving Grace," which has me oddly transfixed:

Is the world ready for an R-rated drama about angels? For a gritty crime drama that's one part "NYPD Blue" for every part "Touched by an Angel"? Since the show in question, TNT's new "Saving Grace," stars an acting force of nature, I guess we had better be.

Holly Hunter plays Grace Hanadarko, a detective with the Oklahoma City P.D., as self-destructive and charismatic as any fictional male cop you've met.

We meet Grace while she's having naked bucking bronco-style sex with her partner Ham -- her married partner, I might add. When Ham tries to bolt their latest assignation out of religious guilt, she tells him, "I don't believe in God, but I promise: you'll never have mind-blowing sex with me again."

So Grace sleeps with the wrong men -- and in bulk, too -- drinks far too much, curses like a sailor and is heading down the toilet when God decides to take a hand in her life.

You can read the full thing here.

UPDATE: Bumping this up to the top of the page so people can use this as the place to comment on tonight's premiere, as I won't have a chance to do a separate post. My column contains most of my salient thoughts on the pilot.


Taleena said...

Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

All I know is, Leon Rippy was awesome in "Kuffs."

Anonymous said...

F**k, I like her in The Wire, but do we really need more of Callie Thorne?

Edward Copeland said...

I really enjoyed Saving Grace. It already seems to be exploring with much more clarity and entertainment many of the same issues John From Cincinnati seems to be looking at.

Toby O'B said...

I enjoyed the first episode and hope the rough edges don't come off her character too quickly, as Grace is more interesting being a bad girl at present.

And I can't wait to see what the bleeps at the PTC will have to say about the show one way or the other. It's probably going to work them up someting fierce!

Anonymous said...

What was that? Joan of Arcadia Goes to Hell?