Monday, July 16, 2007

NBC comedy tidbits

From the tour blog: various news and notes about NBC's four Thursday comedies (not surprisingly, the section on "The Office" is longest).


Anonymous said...

Great info! Any word on past "Scrubs" guest stars who may be coming back for the final year? Also, will there be any "ER" news shared by NBC tomorrow?

Kensington said...

The only thing that gives me pause is the news that Tina Fey wants to "slow down" 30 ROCK. Far be it for me to question her, but isn't comedy generally meant to be fast paced?

dark tyler said...

Joss Whedon will direct another episode this season

By the way, it just hit me. Not that I'm gonna be sad or anything, but how ridiculous is it going to be if Joss, a man who created some of the best TV for the last decade, ends up winning an Emmy for a work-for-hire directing gig on someone else's show?

Re: "30 Rock". I only cared about two things. a) Is Alec coming back and b) Is Will Arnett? Now that we know the answer to (a), someone please go and convince Tina Fey about (b). Thank you.