Thursday, October 04, 2007

Seinfeld makes a detour to '30 Rock'

Today's column previews Jerry Seinfeld's very special guest appearance on "30 Rock" tonight:
"What's happened to this network?" an incredulous Jerry Seinfeld asks NBC executive Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) in tonight's "30 Rock" season premiere.

What's happened? That's an easy one: Jerry left. He left to count his millions and make brilliant AmEx commercials and cut off his mullet, and NBC slowly but surely went into the toilet, much like Kristin Davis' toothbrush in that "Seinfeld" episode where she played his girlfriend.

And now he's back, trying to help the network out -- and plug his movie -- by guest-starring on "30 Rock," the reigning Emmy winner for best comedy and arguably the funniest show NBC's aired since "Seinfeld" ended.
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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think the problem is that not enough people are even aware of the show. In other words, if a lot more people sample it, a decent chunk of them will find it funny and want to watch it again. NBC Universal has a decent roster of cable networks, so if I was Ben Silverman, I'd try to replay this on USA and Bravo a few times a week. I'm not saying it'd be a "Seinfeld" or "Friends"-like success, but perhaps it'd gain enough viewers to make it a moderate hit.

afoglia said...

They did do a 3-hour marathon on Bravo on Sunday, so hopefully that'll help. Most cable networks, other than TBS and Comedy Central, are so accustomed to programming in hour-long segments. (I don't even think USA and Bravo have any regular half-hour shows, and most other networks that do simply repeat two episodes in a row.)

This is why NBC is fighting with Apple. They want to bundle shows with other purchases, so people who buy "The Office" automatically get a free episode of "30 Rock." That would be the best way (until NBC jacked up the price of "The Office" to $5 an episode).

(BTW, I just checked the schedule and USA is reruning "Friday Night Lights", "Life", "Journeyman", and "Bionic Woman" on Saturday. Silverman's definitely trying to get his shows watched.)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the AmEx commercial with Tina Fey helps too. I thought the ad was pretty funny (but then my funny bone isn't always reliable). Most likely it's a long shot, but maybe folks who know the show exists, but haven't made it a part of their TV diet, might be intrigued to give it another try.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing good things about 30 Rock, but like "The Office" my Thursday TV schedule is just to busy to include the NBC comedies.

Anonymous said...

Thursday night is packed with awesome shows.
8-9 My Name is Earl and 30 Rock
9-10 The Office
10-11 It's Always Sunny and Mad Men (which I'll catch on On Demand because I can see it in HD unlike the airing broadcast)

Anonymous said...

I rented 30 Rock's first season after they won the Emmy and I'm now absolutely obsessed with the show. I literally sat on my couch, by myself, and laughed out loud. I don't even do that with the Office. I'm doing my part to tell friends to watch it.

Anonymous said...

They did a marathon on Bravo on Sunday? Who knew? They certainly hid it well (unless you were a regular Bravo viewer, and then I'm sure they burned it into the bottom half of the screen for you...but I avoid Bravo like the plague, mainly because of things like that).

Anyway, I just have to say that I laughed at every joke Alan spoiled in his preview. "30 Rock" jokes are sometimes even funnier on the page than on the screen. I hope this show breaks out and becomes a hit this year--it may be the funniest thing on TV these days.

John said...

Chris w, Mad Men is available in HD on demand? News to me, and great news at that. What cable system are you on?

Anonymous said...


I use Comcast

Anonymous said...


Thank you for pointing out that Jerry Seinfeld had previously appeared on "Newsradio."

I love Tina Fey, but every time she said, "and he's never done a guest spot before," I would yell at my tv. I frightened my husband, my son, and my cats. I realize that she was given the misinformation, but someone dropped the ball.

And I've been singing "The Real Deal with Bill McNeal" all day, which no one wants to hear.