Monday, August 04, 2008

All TV: 'Luke's Parental Advisory,' 'I Want to Work For Diddy' reviews

Today's column looks at two delightful, riveting, brilliant new VH1 series, "Luke's Parental Advisory" and "I Want to Work for Diddy."

Or is this just the introduction to the opposites?


Matthew said...

It's probably safe to say that this column was more entertaining than any of these shows. Just the idea of Heidi and Spencer complaining about how "nobody has a work ethic anymore" makes me laugh.

I wouldn't have even heard of 2 Live Crew if it wasn't for that court case you mentioned - I studied law at university, and while here in NZ we don't look at many US cases, the 2 Live Crew case was one case that we looked at a couple of times in different courses. I remember one class where the lecturer (who looked and sounded a bit like Ira Glass from This American Life) pulled out a copy of the CD to play us the Pretty Woman ripoff - and spent most of the time apologising to us for playing the track, repeatiing that he didn't endorse any of the lyrics, and insisting that he only bought the CD to assist the lesson. It was an amusing class, if only because the lecturer was probably the most uncomfortable person in the room.

Eric said...

The funny thing is, while there are places where you still can't buy "Nasty as I Want to Be," most of the album would probably be played on the radio today, in a heavily bleeped version. Except for the fact that it isn't any good.

I was working in the warehouse for a small CD chain when it was banned in Durham County, and I waited until after the stores had closed the night before it was banned and had someone ring one up for me so I could reasonably claim to own the last copy sold in the county. And after that, I believe we could still sell it in the store in Raleigh, but not in Durham.

Adam said...

Can we talk about From G's to Gents? Because that's vaguely amusing.

Anonymous said...

Props for the You Can't Do That On Television reference.