Monday, August 25, 2008

New 'Cupid' is a go

A source close to the production on the "Cupid" remake confirmed what Nikki Finke and Kristin have reported: ABC just picked it up to series. (They're also reporting several other pick ups, which I don't know about.)

I've been excited for this ever since it was first announced, and especially once Bobby Cannavale was cast in the Jeremy Piven role. Now it feels like all that time I spent watching the original "Cupid" during the strike will come in handy when it comes time to look at the new series. I still don't know if it will work, but as I've said over and over since the new version was announced, the ABC of 2008 (or, in this case, 2009) is far better equipped to launch a show like this than the ABC of 1998 was.


Nicole said...


If Ted McGinley and Paula Marshall appear at the same time would their powers be neutralized?
(I see Paula Marshall guess starring on this, well, because she doesn't have much better to do)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Paula Marshall is on Gary Unmarried. Okay, that might not be "better," but she's still busy at the moment.

R.A. Porter said...


And I'm with @nicole. I'd *love* to see Paula M. and Ted M. get brought together by Trevor. Nothing could make my little popculture loving self laugh harder.

Anna said...

I'm pretty excited, but I'm still not sure how I'm actually going to react to this show with no Jeremy Piven. He was so absolutely made for that role; it's going to be freaking surreal to watch this new guy.

Parisjasmal said...

Ah, The Piv has to be hurt by this. Do you know if it will still take place in Chicago?
The Piv and Chicago were the whole show to me. One of my unsavory secrets is that I love The Piv.

I will tune in with an open mind, but I will not be able to get the original show out of my head.

I love your blog!!

Alan Sepinwall said...

Do you know if it will still take place in Chicago?

It'll be in New York. Originally, it was going to be based in LA, but Bobby Cannavale is New York-base and so they re-set it there. (Sarah Paulson, who plays the Paula Marshall part, is primarily a New York actress as well, her "Studio 60" year excepted.)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Rob Thomas will have a show on TV again, but given the folks that were cast in Good Behavior I was actually more excited for that. Does it still have a shot at being picked up, or is it dead?

karigee said...

I'm with the sandy llama -- "Good Behavior" was the one I was crossing my fingers for.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but: is it just me, or did anyone else think that the pic on the left was of "GOB" from Arrested Development? it keeps bothering me.