Monday, December 22, 2008

His site is his site!

Dan Fienberg, referred to around these parts alternately as "my buddy Fienberg," "my evil twin Fienberg," "my bastard son Fienberg," "Mini-Me," etc., has left Zap2It and is now executive editor and all-around TV guy for a new entertainment news site called HitFix, which just launched in beta today. Among the other talent assembled: Drew McWeeny (aka Moriarty from Ain't It Cool?) as movie guy and Melinda Newman from Billboard as music gal.

Dan has migrated his Check the Fien Print blog and has been a posting fool of late, with thoughts on how the SAG Award nominations are the last time any awards show can ever snub "The Wire," and his desire (shared by me) that the phrase "ducking the shoe" work its way into our cultural lexicon.

Dan's a great writer and all-around swell guy; basically, a thinner, hairier version of your host. So give HitFix some clicks, eh?


Anonymous said...

for anyone else trying to find the rss feed for The Fien Print, try this url

Anonymous said...

I checked it out and it looks great. Nice job Dan! I've added it to my favourites.

See...Alan says click and I click. Cause I think Alan's cool.

Uh...did that come across as uncomfortably stalkerish? It did didn't it. I'm not a Canadian stalker Alan, I swear! Well...I'm Canadian but definitely not a stalker. Mostly.

Um...Merry Christmas Alan!


Pamela Jaye said...

i posted a comment. the site ate it and sent me to a 404.
oh right - beta

I'm with Kelly, also not stalkerish (I usually don't read Alans posts for shows I dont watch, but while complaining that he"s not gotten to the ones I do)

if Dan wants to read my comment, it's

Ben Silvermanization
I like it
Apparently this site decided that showing a cursor on the screen so you could know where you were typing was ...optional. not good.

So, The WC isn't going away - darn! My hatred of UPN was passed down to them.


Daniel said...

Thanks for checking out the site, y'all. We know about the comment bug (one of many in the system...) and somebody in a tech bunker someplace remote is working to fix the problem as soon as humanly possible!

Sorry it ate your comment, though, Pamela! Don't let that stop you from reading...


Anonymous said...

Beats "shoeing the duck," I suppose... Hey, did you notice that the guy had, like, shoes? Since his feet hadn't been ground into paste by an industrial shredder? Just one of those little details people sometimes miss.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the fix is up.

Also nice to see that Dan's Frost/Nixon review is up, as there are a buncha good movies out that I've been waiting to read Dan's take on. (Specifically Gran Torino, as after watching that I immediately wanted to get a case of PBR and watch it again)

But I don't see a Fien Rating for it, did that get lost in the transition?

Nicole said...

Knowing about the comment glitch now explains why there were no comments to some pretty good articles. I will definitely keep checking the site.

While I like "ducking the shoe" as the new jump the shark, I am trying to get "prorogue" into the lexicon north of the border. As in, if you don't do what I want I will "prorogue" you. For those who don't get it, the Daily Show explained it a few Mondays ago.

Anonymous said...

^And for those of us who missed that Daily Show, what does it mean? :-)

Myles said...

Prorogue is a term used (in this instance) to indicate the stoppage of the Canadian Parliament due to extenuating circumstances.

ex. The Governor General prorogued Parliament, purposefully postponing panicked prime minister Stephen Harper's prognosticated pummeling at the hands of opposition parties.

And don't worry, Nicole - I'll do what I can to do the same.

barefootjim said...

Oh, and be sure to click on that Medialoper link on the "Ducking The Shoe" post!

Just sayin . . .